Fairytale I - Growing Pains

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A Fairy Tale I - Growing Pains is a quest following Lost City set in Zanaris, the fairies' world and Gielinor's moon. The quest is focused on the Fairy Queen's encounter with a dangerous tanglefoot and her replacement, the Fairy Godfather.

Details[edit | edit source]

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Beginning the quest[edit | edit source]

Items required: None.

Martin the Master Gardener chathead.png
The start point.

Talk to Martin the Master Gardener.

He's walking around the pig pen north-west of the bank in Draynor Village. He'll mention that his roses haven't been doing as well as they used to, and he suspects something's wrong. He wants you to ask the other members of G.A.G. (Group of Advanced Gardeners) if they're having the same problems he's having.

Gathering information[edit | edit source]

Items required: 5 coins (if you don't have secateurs already), Falador, Lumbridge and Varrock teleports (optional but recommended), dramen staff. (If you plan on using a canoe, bring an axe.)

The locations for the nearest 5 G.A.G. members.

You can choose any of the gardeners near the farming patches (allotments, hops, trees or fruit trees, anywhere you could pay a farmer to watch your crops) around RuneScape. Ask if they are a member of the Group of Advanced Gardeners. The easiest ones to reach are:

(If you use Heskel, Elstan, or Frizzy, you can pick up the spade in the Estate Agent's home behind the door when you pass it if you use the Falador teleport.)

You need to talk to five of them.

  1. Frizzy Skernip, next to the bar in Port Sarim, just south of the Falador cabbage patch
  2. Elstan, at the allotment patch just south-east of Falador (You can purchase farming related items, such as secateurs for 5 coins, from Sarah in the large house south-west of Elstan. Speaking with her also completes an easy task in the Falador achievement diary.)
  3. Heskel, at the tree patch in Falador Park
  4. Dreven, at the bush patch near the Champions' Guild (Teleport with the Chronicle or use a canoe, or teleport there with a combat bracelet.)
  5. Fayeth, just west of the Lumbridge Castle
  6. Treznor, inside Varrock Palace grounds
  7. Alain, at the tree patch in Taverley
Note: Ayesha, the G.A.G. member that tends to cacti in Al Kharid, does not count toward your five person count during this quest.

All of them say the same thing. They've been having trouble with poor crops. They all have different explanations of what's wrong, though. However, the last person you ask will have a more interesting explanation. They will suggest maybe the fairies have something to do with it. While it does seem to be a bit fantastical, that would only be if it weren't for the fact that you know a few of them.

Go back to Draynor, and talk to Martin again. After telling him about the different ideas, get your Dramen staff and head south-east to Zanaris.

To enter Zanaris, equip your Dramen staff and open the door on the unmarked house in the centre of Lumbridge Swamp.

Note: If you have not gotten a spade yet, do not wield your dramen staff, and take one from inside the shed before teleporting into Zanaris.

Trouble in Zanaris[edit | edit source]

Items required: A Dramen staff or Lunar staff.

Fairy Nuff's Grotto Map Location
Fairy Nuff's room just north of the bank.
Fairy Godfather chathead.png

Head to the Fairy Queen's throne room. It's just south of where you enter the city, in the room with the Slayer master, Chaeldar. However, something's wrong. The queen herself is missing. Instead, someone called the "Fairy Godfather" is here. He'll tell you that the queen has fallen to some sort of illness. She's under the care of Fairy Nuff.

To find the queen, head west and go to the room to the north of the bank. Talk to Fairy Nuff, and she'll tell you the details of the queen's illness and give you a list to take to a wizard named Zandar Horfyre.

Investigating the illness[edit | edit source]

Items required: Symptoms list, a spade (can be found inside Draynor Manor), Falador teleport, and a charged amulet of glory (both optional but recommended).

Zandar's location.
Malignius's location.

To save time, it is recommended to go to Draynor Manor, and get the draynor skull first by digging the grave behind the manor, if you're walking from Zanaris. If a player has at least 31 agility and has a Chronicle, they can teleport to the Champions' Guild and use the shortcut west of the Champions' Guild to get to Draynor Manor quickly.

Go to Falador and head west, or to save time use a Skills Necklace teleport to the Crafting Guild and travel north-west to the Dark Wizards' Tower. Be aware that you will need to walk past several level 11-23 dark wizards that can be aggressive. Head up to the top floor and talk to Zandar. He'll take the symptom list and then suggest you talk to Malignius Mortifer.

The grave where you will find the skull

He can be found east of the Crafting Guild and directly south of Falador, along with a few elemental wizards. Talk to him, and he'll tell you he could probably help, but he wants something from you first. He wants a Draynor skull from a grave near Draynor Manor. Go to the manor and around to the back (north side, inside the fencing). Dig up the grave there. If you need a spade, there is one that respawns in the manor.

Blessed secateurs[edit | edit source]

Items required: 3 assigned items (possible items listed below), secateurs, an amulet of ghostspeak and the Ectophial (optional, but saves a lot of time).

Once you have the skull, go back to Malignius, and give it to him. He'll tell you that the queen's problem has to do with a creature called a Tanglefoot. In order to kill it, you need to enchant a pair of secateurs. To do this, Malignius will tell you to take a pair of secateurs and three additional items to the Nature Grotto. The items are randomly chosen from the below list. While most of the items are tradeable, ironman accounts will need to obtain the items from their normal sources.

Note: Be sure to read your quest description to ensure you pick the correct combination before leaving.
Item How to obtain Notes Tradeable?
Babydragon bones.png: Inventory image of Babydragon bones Babydragon bones Dropped by baby dragons Yes 839
Blue dragon scale.png: Inventory image of Blue dragon scale Blue dragon scale Spawns in Taverley Dungeon and Corsair Cove Dungeon Bring antifire protection from nearby blue dragons Yes 903
Charcoal.png: Inventory image of Charcoal Charcoal Various general stores, notably Jiminua's Jungle Store. (for 67, or 58 with Karamja gloves 1 or better) Yes 407
Avantoe.png: Inventory image of Avantoe Clean avantoe The grimy herb can be dropped by a variety of monsters, or grown from an avantoe seed (with 50 FarmingFarming icon.png), then cleaned (with 48 HerbloreHerblore icon.png[1]) Yes 2,029
Irit leaf.png: Inventory image of Irit leaf Clean irit leaf The grimy herb can be dropped by a variety of monsters, or grown from an irit seed (with 44 FarmingFarming icon.png), then cleaned (with 40 HerbloreHerblore icon.png[1]) Yes 912
Snapdragon.png: Inventory image of Snapdragon Clean snapdragon The grimy herb can be dropped by a variety of monsters, or grown from a snapdragon seed (with 62 FarmingFarming icon.png), then cleaned (with 59 HerbloreHerblore icon.png[1]); snapdragon is also a reward from the Brimhaven Agility Arena Yes 9,637
Volencia moss.png: Inventory image of Volencia moss Clean volencia moss The grimy herb can be gathered from rocks at Karamja Jungle Mine, then cleaned Requires partial completion of Jungle Potion to obtain No
Crushed gem.png: Inventory image of Crushed gem Crushed gem Fail to cut an opal, jade, or red topaz These gems can be obtained from pickpocketing H.A.M. members (15 ThievingThieving icon.png), or mined from gem rocks (with 40 MiningMining icon.png and completion of Shilo Village) Crushed gem is not tradeable on GE; uncut gems are
Edible seaweed.png: Inventory image of Edible seaweed Edible seaweed Spawns on Fossil Island and Mos Le'Harmless, or dropped by a variety of monsters [2] Yes 19
Fat snail.png: Inventory image of Fat snail Fat snail Dropped by bruise blamish snails and blood blamish snails Yes 1,383
Grapes.png: Inventory image of Grapes Grapes Spawn in Cooking Guild (with 32 CookingCooking icon.png) Yes 119
Jangerberries.png: Inventory image of Jangerberries Jangerberries Free spawn on an ogre island near Yanille, or grown from jangerberry seeds (with 48 FarmingFarming icon.png) Yes 319
Jogre bones.png: Inventory image of Jogre bones Jogre bones Dropped by jogres Yes 962
King worm.png: Inventory image of King worm King worm Free spawns in northwest Gnome Stronghold and in Taverley [2] Yes 414
Lime.png: Inventory image of Lime Lime Buy from Funch's Fine Groceries or Grand Tree Groceries (for 2) Yes 78
Mort myre fungus.png: Inventory image of Mort myre fungus Mort myre fungus Use the "Bloom" option of a silver sickle (b) in Mort Myre Take care not to accidentally add this to a druid pouch Yes 695
Mort myre pear.png: Inventory image of Mort myre pear Mort myre pear Yes 676
Mort myre stem.png: Inventory image of Mort myre stem Mort myre stem Yes 239
Nature talisman.png: Inventory image of Nature talisman Nature talisman Dropped by a variety of monsters, including monsters with access to the rare drop table A more reliable way to obtain the talisman is to kill abyssal leeches in the Abyssal Area Yes 789
Oyster.png: Inventory image of Oyster Oyster (unopened) Dropped by a variety of monsters, or caught using a big fishing net, or through panning at the Digsite Make sure not to open the oyster Yes 97
Potato cactus.png: Inventory image of Potato cactus Potato cactus Grown from potato cactus seeds (with 64 FarmingFarming icon.png), or collected from spawns in the Kalphite Lair Beware of monsters in the Kalphite Lair Yes 664
Proboscis.png: Inventory image of Proboscis Proboscis Dropped by mosquitos encountered during Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup Completion of Jungle Potion is required to access Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup Yes 188
Raw cave eel.png: Inventory image of Raw cave eel Raw cave eel Caught in the Lumbridge Swamp Caves (with 38 FishingFishing icon.png) Bring a light source for the caves Yes 601
Red spiders' eggs.png: Inventory image of Red spiders' eggs Red spiders' eggs Various spawns Yes 1,009
Red vine worm.png: Inventory image of Red vine worm Red vine worm Dug up in McGrubor's Wood Bring a spade, and watch for the aggressive guard dogs No
Raw slimy eel.png: Inventory image of Raw slimy eel Raw slimy eel Caught in Mort Myre and Lumbridge Swamp Caves (with 28 FishingFishing icon.png) Bring a light source if fishing in Lumbridge Swamp Caves Yes 320
Snape grass.png: Inventory image of Snape grass Snape grass Grown from snape grass seeds (with 61 FarmingFarming icon.png), or collected from various spawns Yes 195
Supercompost.png: Inventory image of Supercompost Supercompost See main article A quick way for ironman accounts to obtain supercompost is to buy 15 pineapples from a Trader Crewmember and place them into a compost bin. Yes 697
Uncut diamond.png: Inventory image of Uncut diamond Uncut diamond Randomly obtained whilst mining, particularly from gem rocks; also dropped by various monsters, including from the rare drop table; may also be randomly obtained from opening caskets or bags full of gems, or by completing certain random events Yes 2,942
Uncut ruby.png: Inventory image of Uncut ruby Uncut ruby Yes 1,320
White berries.png: Inventory image of White berries White berries Grown from whiteberry seeds (with 59 FarmingFarming icon.png); or dropped by a variety of monsters; or obtained from various dangerous spawns Yes 313
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Players without the Herblore level to clean this herb can pay Zahur in Nardah 200 coins per herb to clean them.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Bring a druid pouch when taking this item through Mort Myre to the Nature Grotto, as ghasts can turn this into rotten food.
The Nature Spirit enchants the secateurs using the spell Phasma Phasmatis Natura.

When you finally have the items you need, grab your Amulet of Ghostspeak and secateurs and go to the Mort Myre Swamp (you can use the Kharyrll Teleport, your Ectophial and then go west, the Salve graveyard teleport, or the Shades of Mort'ton minigame teleport), and talk to the Nature Spirit. He'll bless your secateurs, at which point they'll take on a green glow.

Killing the Tanglefoot[edit | edit source]

Attacking the Tanglefoot.

Items required: Dramen staff, magic secateurs, food, and armour.

WARNING: If you die during the fight, any items that you lose will be permanently destroyed!

Head back to Zanaris. Grab your armour and food, and make sure to bring your magic secateurs. From the fairy ring, travel south-west, below the Puro-Puro field, to the mysterious ruins of the Cosmic altar. (You can take one of two shortcuts if your Agility is 66 or 46.) At one side of the room is a gap through the wall you can climb through. The "Gatekeeper" there should let you through.

Inside the tunnel are a couple of Baby tanglefoots, and at the end of the tunnel will be a level-111 Tanglefoot - wield your magic secateurs to kill it. If you have the Protect from Melee prayer, it is recommended to use it.

It's also possible to flinch Tanglefoot using the mushrooms in his chamber.

Note: The Tanglefoot can be a tough fight due to the restriction of using only magic secateurs; however, by employing a hit-and-run strategy, you can avoid getting hit, as the enemy seems to avoid certain parts of the cave. A ring of recoil can be used to speed up the fight, however the killing blow must come from the secateurs. The Tanglefoot has a maximum hit of 11. With full rune armour, 50 Attack and 50 Strength, this boss can be easily defeated with a full inventory of decent food, no prayer, and 1 Farming. If you have Protect from Melee, you won't need any food. However, if you do die during the fight, the area is instanced, so you will lose your items! Once you have defeated the Tanglefoot, make sure to grab the Queen's secateurs before leaving the tunnel.
Flinching Tanglefoot using the mushrooms.
Note: The second row of tiles north after the big mushroom in the big room where Tanglefoot is situated, is the row that resets its aggro, which you use for the Hit and run strategy.
Important note for low level players: Even with magic secateurs equipped due to the formula that calculates the damage you deal against Tanglefoot, if your combined Strength level, Farming level and equipment strength is too low, you will not be able to damage the Tanglefoot and will keep hitting 0s (this is not you missing; this is your damage dealt being less than 0.5 and as a result rounded down to 0). It is recommended that your Strength and Farming levels add up to at least 30+ and to use easy to obtain Strength-boosting equipment such as an Amulet of strength, Climbing boots, etc.

Once you have defeated the Tanglefoot (some Baby tanglefoot level 45 might start to attack you), and have the Queen's secateurs in your inventory, head back to the Fairy Godfather, and speak with him once again.

Congratulations! Quest completed!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Fairytale I - Growing Pains reward scroll.png

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

Completion of Fairytale I - Growing Pains is required for the following:

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
26 November 2015
Typo correction: A double space in the Fairytale I quest.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • If completing this quest at level 1 Farming, the experience reward is enough to get you to level 17.
  • Fairy Nuff put the Queen in the "Tempus fugit" state, which will make the time slow down for the Queen. "Tempus fugit" is latin, and can be translated to "Time flies".
  • Before handing the Symptoms List to Zandar Horfyre, he gets mad at the player for attacking his fellow Dark Wizards, even while having never done so or set foot into his tower beforehand.
  • Martin the Master Gardener will also recognise the player as a pickpocket, even if the player has never picked his (or anyone else's) pocket.
  • Martin the Master Gardener will not let the player start Fairytale II - Cure a Queen directly after completion, upon speaking with him he says that he needs to plant some crops and wait for them to grow before he rewards the player, and will then scold the player for impatience in the dialogue following, instructing the player to come back later.