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Released6 April 2001 (Update)
Also calledFarradorn,[1] Fally, City of the White Knights
InhabitantsHumans, Dwarves
Teleports Falador Teleport
Skills necklace
MusicFanfare, Arrival, Workshop
Location on World Map
Ice Mountain
Dark Wizards' Tower Falador Draynor Manor

Falador is the capital city of the Kingdom of Asgarnia. It is one of the largest and most major cities, slightly smaller than Varrock. It plays a key role in the Gielinor ore trade because it houses the Mining Guild, the Motherlode Mine, and a portion of the large Dwarven mine underground.

Entrances/exits[edit | edit source]

The north and south gates are popular training spots for low level players hoping to level up on guards.

Transportation[edit | edit source]

There are several ways to reach the city:

Banks[edit | edit source]

Falador has two banks (Bank icon.png). There is a west bank which is located south-west of the north gate, and an east bank which is located south of Falador Park. They are great places to buy and sell items as many players tend to congregate at the two banks.

East bank[edit | edit source]

The east bank.

The east bank is in a great spot for Mining. It is relatively close to the entrance to the Mining Guild and the Motherlode Mine, making it useful for players mining there. Prior to the release of the Grand Exchange, this bank used to be very crowded and used to buy a wide variety of items from armour and weapons to skilling items.

West bank[edit | edit source]

The west bank is in a great spot for smelting ores. The furnace is fairly close to the bank, making it a quick place to smelt ores for free to play players.

Points of interest[edit | edit source]

White Knights' Castle[edit | edit source]

The White Knights' Castle

Falador's centre is White Knights' Castle, home of the White Knights. The quest The Knight's Sword can be started here, and the Sir Rebral also starts the Falador Diary.

Park[edit | edit source]

Falador's park.

Falador has its own park north of the east bank. The garden is home to moles (The dungeon icon.), where moles can be killed for Herblore purposes (a light source is needed) and is also a key part in the Pirate's Treasure quest, as well as Sir Tiffy Cashien. The house in the east part of the garden contains a spade that slowly respawns when taken. Wyson the gardener, who can be found walking around the park, will sell one woad leaf to a player for 15 coins or 2 for 20 coins. Members can buy bagged plants here for use in the Construction skill. In the past, World 2, Falador Park was also an important trading centre.

Rising Sun Inn[edit | edit source]

Falador has one bar, the Rising Sun Inn (Pub icon.png). Here, players can purchase Asgarnian ale, wizard's mind bombs, and dwarven stouts. Each temporarily boosts a skill, or in the latter case, two skills, at the cost of temporarily lowering other skill(s). All of the beers cost three coins, and empty glasses can be returned for two coins. This is one of the locations for the Alfred Grimhand's Barcrawl miniquest.

Party Room[edit | edit source]

Previously located in Seers' Village,[2] the Party Room was relocated to Falador in response of needs for the King's Ransom quest. This also allowed F2P players to access it. It is a popular place which people play host to drop parties without the interference of telegrabbing. It contains the chest and lever for drops, a bar upstairs, and a table in the centre for the dancing "Knights of the Party Room." It is now located in the north-eastern corner of the city.

Mining Guild[edit | edit source]

The entrance to the Mining Guild.

South of the east bank is the popular Mining Guild. It is very close to the bank, making it a convenient guild. The guild is also attached to the Dwarven Mines. The Mining Guild requires level 60 Mining to enter (boostable).

Dwarven Mines[edit | edit source]

North-east of the east bank are some stairs that lead down to the Dwarven Mines. These stairs are fairly far away, although it is the entrance to the mine that is closest to a bank.

Motherlode Mine[edit | edit source]

The Motherlode Mine is a popular mine released on 24 April 2014, located south-east of the Dwarven Mines. Players are able to train the Mining skill here, with access to some new training methods. A bank is also located within the Motherlode Mine.

Agility course[edit | edit source]

Players with 50 Agility can use the rooftop course, by climbing the southern wall of the house directly east of the Mining Guild. The course finishes near the entrance of the Mining Guild.

Other features[edit | edit source]

  • Furnace: South of Cassie and her shield shop is a furnace (The furnace icon), one of four available to free players. It is very close to the west bank, causing many players to use it, although most players prefer the furnace in Al Kharid. On the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] of the building that houses the furnace, a bronze hatchet respawns on the floor and a hammer respawns on a table.
  • Trees: Falador is home to various trees, including normal trees, oak trees, and even yew trees (The rare trees icon) outside its walls.
  • Estate agent: In the small building east of the furnace, members can talk to an estate agent (The estate agent icon) for Construction. A spade also respawns in the same building.
  • Spinning wheel: East of Wayne is a building which contains a spinning wheel.
  • Shortcuts: Members have access to some Agility shortcuts (The shortcut icon).
  • Tree patch: Members have access to a farming patch north of the east bank where they can grow trees.
  • Ranges: Ranges (The range icon) are located all over Falador and are not difficult to find.
  • Water sources: Fountains (The water source icon) can be found east of the east bank, and a well can be just west of the south-east gate by the armour shop as well as a water pump near Flynn's Mace Market.

Stores[edit | edit source]

Falador General Store[edit | edit source]

Falador's general store General store icon.png is fairly popular, though mainly consists of low level items sold by other players. It is the first building on the west side when entering through the north gate. The ground floor[UK]1st floor[US] of the general store contains the shop keeper and the shop assistant. Players can climb ladders to the top of the building on the 3rd floor[UK]4th floor[US] and look at a large portion of the city. Players can often find crafting items, woodcutting items, and smithing and mining items at this general store.

Flynn's Mace Market[edit | edit source]

Flynn owns a small building on the west side of the general store; the mace market Mace shop icon.png. Here, players can purchase bronze maces, iron maces, steel maces, mithril maces, and adamant maces. Steel maces and mithril maces are often high in stock.

Cassie's Shield Shop[edit | edit source]

The first east building a player will see when entering through the north gate is Cassie's two story shop Shield shop icon.png. It is the only shield shop in Gielinor, but has a very limited stock. Cassie can be found on the ground floor[UK]1st floor[US] offering wooden shields, bronze square shields, bronze kiteshields, iron square shields, iron kiteshields, steel square shields, steel kiteshields, and mithril square shields. On the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] of her shop is a room where a cooked chicken respawns.

Herquin's Gems[edit | edit source]

In a small building south of the west bank is Herquin and his gem store Gem shop icon.png. Players can purchase uncut sapphires, uncut emeralds, uncut rubies, uncut diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and diamonds from him. However, the gems do not restock, meaning players have to sell their gems to him, which rarely happens. Because of this, players are uncommon in Herquin's store. For rangers, in the south-west corner of Herquin's store spawns 2 bronze arrows, which are hardly collected.

Wayne's Chains[edit | edit source]

In the far southern part of the city is Wayne and his chainmail store Chainbody shop icon.png. Players can purchase bronze chainbodies, iron chainbodies, steel chainbodies, black chainbodies, mithril chainbodies, and adamant chainbodies. He occasionally has the higher metal chains in stock, though not always.

Hairdresser salon[edit | edit source]

North of the west bank is the hairdresser Hairdresser icon.png. Males have to pay 1,000 coins to have their hair or beard changed, while females have to pay 2,000 coins for their hair to be changed.

NPCs[edit | edit source]

The official ruler of Asgarnia is King Vallance, but he has recently retired from public life and no one has seen him for many years. Now, Sir Amik Varze rules in his stead.

Surroundings[edit | edit source]

  • Yew trees: There are many yew trees outside the east and south walls. The east bank is nearby, making the trees popular for woodcutters.
  • Farm: South of Falador is a farm. Here, players can kill chickens and cows. There is also a rather large cabbage patch east of the building, which can be teleported to with an explorer's ring 2 or higher.
  • Doric's anvils: North of Falador is Doric and his anvils. Players can start Doric's Quest by speaking to him.
  • Mine: West of Falador is a small mine, to the south of which are dark wizards.
  • Allotment Patch: South of Falador (north of the cabbage patch and east of the cow pasture of the aforementioned farm) is an allotment patch where players may grow allotment, flowers and herbs to train Farming.
  • Crafting Guild: The Crafting Guild is south-west of Falador. Falador is the nearest bank.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Free-to-play quests[edit | edit source]

Members quests[edit | edit source]

  • Recruitment Drive may be started by speaking to Sir Amik Varze, in the castle.
  • The Slug Menace is started by speaking to Sir Tiffy Cashien, who sits on a bench in the park.
  • Wanted! may be started by speaking to Sir Tiffy Cashien, who relaxes on his bench in the park.
  • Witch's House is started by speaking to the crying boy, north-west of the Falador north gates.

Events[edit | edit source]

Falador's main square located north of the White Knight's Castle has become a centre for riots, bug abuse, and other "player-made" events. Some of the events that have taken place there:

  • On 6 June 2006, the infamous Falador Massacre occurred in Falador. It occurred as a result of the Construction update the week before. After expelling guests during a party in a house, a member accidentally caused a glitch that allowed others to attack anybody, anytime, without retaliation. Falador was the site of many of the killings (see the article for further information). This event was commemorated on its 10th anniversary with the World 666 event.
  • On 28 March 2007, there was another riot in Falador, this time caused by the change to Rule 2 that outlawed luring. There were also threads on the forums about luring, many of which were locked by forum moderators as spam.
  • On 17 July 2007, there was yet another riot, this time on world 99, to protest the changes to Pest Control that day. The protest was still ongoing nearly 20 hours after the update.
  • On 24 July 2015, there was another riot on world 366 in Old School RuneScape, due to the fact that the Twitch pk tournament was DDOS'ed that day.
  • On 7 September 2021, there were riots on multiple worlds, primarily 302 and 301, in response to Jagex preventing the release of the 117 HD RuneLite plugin.

Music[edit | edit source]

Inside walls[edit | edit source]

Outside walls (south)[edit | edit source]

Outside walls (north)[edit | edit source]

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
17 January 2019

Pathing relating to the level 26 Agility shortcut tunnel on the southern Falador wall has been improved.

8 October 2015

Some bushes have been added near east Falador Bank to improve routefinding to the bankers.

23 July 2015

The 10% increase in XP at the Falador farming patch will now only apply after completing the Falador Medium Diary (rather than the easy diary), as intended.

5 March 2015
(update | poll)

You now receive 10% more experience from the Falador farming patch if you have completed the Falador Medium Diary.

30 January 2014

Routefinding at Falador west bank has been improved.

11 July 2013
(update | poll)

Perdu, a travelling dwarven merchant, can now be found in Lumbridge, Falador, Catherby and Edgeville. He will return certain reward items to you if he thinks you've lost them, although his prices are higher than you'd have paid elsewhere.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Falador fence, relatively unchanged since 2001.
  • In issue #25 of God letters, Guthix mentions the name 'Farradorn' as a forgotten name. Although some players, quite reasonably, assume it is a reference to Falador, the letter actually does not specify what Farradorn currently is called.[1] That name will be mentioned again in the upcoming Siege of Falador event, via a Banner of Farradorn.
  • Despite the citizens of Falador being strong Saradominists, no altars can be found in Falador.
  • One of Falador's most recognisable features is the sterling white walls. The walls were actually normal grey stone back in RuneScape Classic and the early days of RuneScape 2.
  • Falador was already mentioned in the original, hand-drawn map of DeviousMUD, RuneScape's first test version. The city was located right next to a volcano.
  • The fence outside the north-west exterior wall has not been graphically updated since its release during RuneScape Classic.

References[edit | edit source]

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