Falador Park

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The Falador Park is a large, fenced-in park found in Falador. Several gardeners maintain the plants and ponds located here. It is the entrance to the lair of the Giant Mole, and is a key location in the members' quest Wanted!, as well as the free-to-play quest Pirate's Treasure which requires the player to dig the ground at Falador Park. There is also a Treasure Trails clue scroll which may lead the player here.

Farming[edit | edit source]

Falador Park has a tree farming patch for oak, willow, maple, yew and magic trees. Like all patches, it contains a tool leprechaun, along with a gardener, Heskel, who can look after crops. Just east of the farming spot, the garden supplier can be found. She sells bagged plants, which can be planted in the Garden or Formal Garden of a player-owned house.

The Falador Mole Lair[edit | edit source]

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Directly under Falador lies a lair, which contains the fearsome level 230 Giant Mole. A player can enter the mole's dungeon by digging up one of the mole hills with a spade. A light source is needed to survive in the lair, and a tinderbox is recommended in case the light is extinguished. The Giant Mole always drops mole claws and mole skins. The player can trade the claws and skins with Wyson the gardener for bird nests, which can contain valuable tree seeds.