Falador Teleport

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This article is about the teleport spell. For the teleport tablet, see Falador teleport (tablet).
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Falador Teleport is a Magic spell that teleports the caster to Falador. It requires a Magic level of 37 to use, and grants 48 experience points, but it is unusable above level 20 Wilderness or when teleblocked.

Cost[edit | edit source]

Spell cost
1Water rune.png3Air rune.png1Law rune.png175
Combo runes
1Water rune.png1Law rune.png3Dust rune.png178
3Air rune.png1Law rune.png1Mud rune.png326
1Water rune.png1Law rune.png3Smoke rune.png337
3Air rune.png1Law rune.png1Steam rune.png235
1Law rune.png3Mist rune.png410
1Water rune.png1Law rune.pngStaff of air.pngAlt160
3Air rune.png1Law rune.pngStaff of water.pngAlt170
1Law rune.pngMist battlestaff.png155
Main and off-hands
3Air rune.png1Law rune.pngTome of water.png170
1Law rune.pngStaff of air.pngAltTome of water.png155