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Released23 October 2002 (Update)
Sells itemsFancy Clothes Store
QuestEagles' Peak
OptionsTalk-to, Trade, Fur Clothing
ExamineFor the interesting clothing items you just can't find elsewhere.
Advanced data
NPC ID2887
Asyff chathead.png

Asyff Bymajique, the fancy dress shop owner, runs the Fancy Clothes Store in Varrock. Players can bring Hunter furs or hides to him to have him make Hunter clothing for a small fee. He is also involved in the Eagles' Peak quest.

Stock[edit | edit source]

Sells at: 130.0% • Buys at: 40.0% • Change per: 2.0%
in stock
sold at
bought at
Chef's hat.pngChef's hat01m Coins 2.png 2Coins 1.png 0Coins 250.png 359
Blue wizard hat.pngBlue wizard hat31m Coins 2.png 2Coins 1.png 0Coins 100.png 164
Yellow cape.pngYellow cape11m Coins 25.png 41Coins 5.png 12Coins 100.png 200
Grey wolf fur.pngGrey wolf fur31m Coins 25.png 65Coins 5.png 20Coins 25.png 57
Bear fur.pngBear fur31m Coins 5.png 13Coins 4.png 4Coins 100.png 103
Needle.pngNeedle31m Coins 1.png 1Coins 1.png 0Coins 25.png 43
Thread.pngThread1003sCoins 1.png 1Coins 1.png 0Coins 5.png 6
Leather gloves.pngLeather gloves101m Coins 5.png 7Coins 2.png 2Coins 5.png 22
Leather boots.pngLeather boots101m Coins 5.png 7Coins 2.png 2Coins 25.png 25
Priest gown (bottom).pngPriest gown (bottom)31m Coins 5.png 6Coins 2.png 2Coins 25.png 55
Priest gown (top).pngPriest gown (top)31m Coins 5.png 6Coins 2.png 2Coins 25.png 63
Brown apron.pngBrown apron11m Coins 2.png 2Coins 1.png 0Coins 100.png 246
Pink skirt.pngPink skirt51m Coins 2.png 2Coins 1.png 0Coins 25.png 82
Black skirt.pngBlack skirt31m Coins 2.png 2Coins 1.png 0Coins 25.png 34
Blue skirt.pngBlue skirt21m Coins 2.png 2Coins 1.png 0Coins 25.png 65
Red cape.pngRed cape41m Coins 2.png 2Coins 1.png 0Coins 100.png 138
Right eye patch.pngRight eye patch320m Coins 2.png 2Coins 1.png 0Coins 100.png 132
Red feather.pngRed feather012sCoins 5.png 13Coins 4.png 4Coins 5.png 8
Yellow feather.pngYellow feather012sCoins 5.png 16Coins 5.png 5Coins 100.png 127
Orange feather.pngOrange feather012sCoins 5.png 19Coins 5.png 6Coins 5.png 9
Blue feather.pngBlue feather012sCoins 5.png 20Coins 5.png 6Coins 25.png 54
Stripy feather.pngStripy feather012sCoins 25.png 26Coins 5.png 8Coins 5.png 6

Custom Fur Clothing[edit | edit source]

Custom Fur Clothing

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Changes[edit | edit source]

Gallery (historical)[edit | edit source]

Asyff (historical).png Asyff (historical).png Asyff.png
Asyff chathead (historical v1).png Asyff chathead (historical v2).png Asyff chathead.png
29 March 2004 –
January-June 2005
January-June 2005 –
29 May 2007
29 May 2007 –

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The fancy dress shop owner may be based on a 1970's British children's cartoon series Mr. Benn. In the cartoon, there is a shopkeeper who wears nearly identical clothing and also runs a fancy dress shop.
    • The fancy dress shop owner's name is a play on "as if by magic", the motto of the shopkeeper in Mr. Benn.
  • Unlike most NPCs who are members only but are in free-to-play areas, the shop owner will not inform you that he can only be talked to in a member's world. Instead, a message will appear in the chatbox.
  • The shop owner is one of few humans with a non-standard height (he is taller than a dwarf, but shorter than a human).