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The Farming Guild is a members-only guild located within the Kebos Lowlands just north of the Kebos Swamp. The guild is a large greenhouse separated into three tiers, with each tier requiring a different Farming level to enter, and can be boosted to enter. In addition, 60% Hosidius favour is required to enter as well.

The guild was founded by Jane, who is the guildmaster, along with other fellow Hosidius farmers after the Shayzien army cleared out the lizardmen in the surrounding area. Despite the risks of the lizardmen just across River Molch, the discoveries made here, along with the heat coming from Mount Karuulm just north-east, allows the guild to grow flora that would never survive in Great Kourend's climate, such as the Hespori and the Celastrus tree.

Getting there[edit | edit source]

Features[edit | edit source]

Farming contracts[edit | edit source]

Seed pack detail.png

Because the guild needs to rotate the crops they're growing to stop the soil from tiring due to a lack of nutrients, Guildmaster Jane can assign farming contracts that require the player to grow certain crops within the Farming Guild. Players who complete them are awarded with seed packs, which contain an assortment of seeds, including Hespori, Celastrus and redwood seeds.

There are three tiers of contracts available, with each tier being restricted based on what players can grow with access to the beginner, intermediate and advanced tiers of the Farming Guild.

Beginner tier[edit | edit source]

The beginner tier comprises the guild's main area and east wing, requiring 45 Farming to enter.

Four volumes of Gielinor's Flora, a series of books which go into detail about the various flora of Gielinor, can be found in this area. Volume One can be found in the crate near the flower patch, while Volumes Two, Three and Four can be found by searching the shelves in the central area.

The main section of the Farming Guild, with three shops and a bank.

Central area[edit | edit source]

The guildmaster can be found here, who provides background on the Guild and assigns farming contracts.

The guild's bank can be found here, as well as three shops: Allanna's Farming Shop (which sells empty plant pots alongside filled ones), Amelia's Seed Shop, and the Garden Centre shop. A spade and bucket spawn can also be found here.

East wing[edit | edit source]

The east wing of the Farming Guild.

The following patches can be found within the east wing of the guild:

  • Cactus patch
  • Two allotment patches
  • Flower patch
  • Bush patch

The farmer here will look after the cactus, allotment, and bush patches. There is also a single Tool Leprechaun.

A big compost bin can be found here, which is able to make and store 30 buckets' worth of compost, twice as much as a normal compost bin. Converting this bin from normal compost to supercompost only requires one dose of compost potion, but converting it to ultracompost requires twice the normal amount of volcanic ash (50 instead of 25).

A Master Farmer can be found here for players to pickpocket.

Lastly, a ruby harvest butterfly can be caught here.

Intermediate tier[edit | edit source]

The intermediate tier comprises the guild's west wing, requiring 65 Farming to enter.

The following patches can be found within the west wing of the guild:

The west wing of the Farming Guild.
  • Herb patch
  • Tree patch
  • Hespori patch (through the cave entrance)
  • Anima patch

The farmer here will look after the tree patch. There is also a single Tool Leprechaun.

Two more volumes of Gielinor's Flora can be found here. Volume Five can be found in the crate near the tree patch, while Volume Six can be found in the crate near the anima patch.

A Master Farmer can be found here for players to pickpocket.

Lastly, two Snowy knight butterflies can be caught within the west wing.

Hespori patch[edit | edit source]

The Hespori patch, accessible via the cave entrance, is a patch where players with 65 Farming can plant Hespori seeds. These are randomly obtained when harvesting plants or completing farming contracts within the guild. This patch cannot become diseased, and therefore does not need to be watered, composted, or protected by an NPC.

A fully grown Hespori plant, ready to fight.

Once the patch has fully grown, the Hespori can be fought as a solo demi-boss. Killing the Hespori boss grants Farming experience and seeds, including the unique white lily and anima seeds. It can also drop the bottomless compost bucket, which can hold up to 10,000 compost of any kind and doubles any compost added to it. In addition, it has a chance to give the Tangleroot pet.

The Hespori fight is instanced but has an item reclaim service that works identically to other grave systems like the Grotesque Guardians, Zulrah and Vorkath. Players may reclaim their items should they die within the fight, but if they die in any dangerous area before claiming their items, any unclaimed items will be permanently lost.

Anima patch[edit | edit source]

The anima patch is a patch where players with 76 Farming can plant anima seeds, which can only be obtained as drops from the Hespori.

Unlike other seeds, these plants are active as soon as they are planted, and slowly wither and die through their various growth stages. The plants will last approximately 3.5 days, and require planting again to restore their benefits. An in-game message will state when the plants die, and they can also be checked via the Geomancy Lunar spell.

Planting a seed in the anima patch here has worldwide effects on all farming patches throughout Gielinor. There are three types of anima seeds:

  • Attas seed: Grows an Attas plant, which increases the yield of farming patches.
  • Iasor seed: Grows a Iasor plant, which decreases the chance of farming patches from becoming diseased.
  • Kronos seed: Grows a Kronos plant, which provides a chance for farming patches to skip a growth stage, effectively making them grow faster.

Advanced tier[edit | edit source]

The advanced tier comprises the guild's north wing, requiring 85 Farming to enter.

The following patches can be found within the north wing of the guild:

The north wing of the Farming Guild.
  • Fruit tree patch
  • Spirit tree patch
  • Celastrus patch: Players with level 85 Farming can plant Celastrus seeds here. Taking 16 hours to grow, it grows into a Celastrus tree, which can be harvested for Celastrus bark, which can be crafted into battlestaves with level 40 Fletching, and chopped for Farming experience.
  • Redwood patch: Players with level 90 Farming can plant redwood seeds here. Taking 106 hours to grow, it grows into a redwood tree that can be climbed on and chopped akin to those in the Woodcutting Guild. Players cannot remove the tree on their own; they must pay Alexandra 2,000 coins to remove the tree.

The farmers here will look over all patches in this area. There is also a single Tool Leprechaun.

The last volume of Gielinor's Flora can be found in the crate near the Celastrus patch.

A Master Farmer can be found here for players to pickpocket.

Lastly, two Sapphire glacialis, two Ruby harvest, and five Black warlock butterflies can be caught throughout the north wing.

If the player uses a boost to enter the advanced wing without 85 Farming, they can use the Spirit tree patch here to re-enter the advanced wing without having to boost again.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
11 January 2019 (update) Due to player complaints over misclicking, the poll booth was moved two tiles west, while the bank chest and bank deposit box switched places.
17 January 2019 (update) To prevent bottlenecks, doors within the Farming guild were changed to now remain open with invisible barriers instead.