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Allotment/Flower/Herb patches[edit | edit source]

Types Location Closest teleport Image
South of Falador
Gardener: Elstan
Falador Allotment location.png
West of Port Phasmatys
Gardener: Lyra
Morytania Allotment location.png
North of Catherby
Gardener: Dantaera
Catherby Allotment location.png
North of Ardougne
Gardener: Kragen
Ardougne Allotment location.png
South-west corner of Hosidius
Gardener: Marisi
Hosidius Allotment location.png
Harmony Island Harmony Allotment location.png
Farming Guild
Gardener: Alan
Farming Guild Allotment location.png
Gardener: Oswallt
Prifddinas Allotment location.png
Roof of the Troll Stronghold
Gardener: My Arm or Drunken Dwarf's Leg

(requires completion of My Arm's Big Adventure)

Troll Stronghold Herb location.png
Harmony Island

(Elite Morytania Diary required)

Harmony Allotment location.png
Gardener: Boulder

(The Fire of Nourishment must be built)

  • Icy basalt
  • Fairy ring code DKS, then travel on Larry's boat on the coast north-west, then run to the patch on the west side of Weiss.
Weiss Herb location.png
Farming Guild

(Farming 65 Farming and 60% Hosidius favour required)

Farming Guild Herb location.png

Hops patches[edit | edit source]

Location Closest teleport Image
North of Lumbridge farm
Gardener: Vasquen
Northern Lumbridge Hops location.png
North of McGrubor's Wood
Gardener: Rhonen
Seer's Village Hops location.png
Gardener: Selena
Yanille Hops location.png
Gardener: Francis
Francis location.png

Bush patches[edit | edit source]

Location Closest teleport Image
West of Champions' Guild
Gardener: Dreven
Dreven location.png
Gardener: Taria
Taria location.png
South of Ardougne
Gardener: Torrell
Torrell location.png
South-west Etceteria
Gardener: Rhazien
Rhazien location.png
Farming Guild
Gardener: Alan
Farming Guild Bush patch location.png

Tree patches[edit | edit source]

Location Closest teleport Image
West of Lumbridge Castle
Gardener: Fayeth
Fayeth location.png
Varrock Castle courtyard
Gardener: Treznor
Treznor location.png
Falador Park
Gardener: Heskel
Heskel location.png
Gardener: Alain
Alain location.png
Tree Gnome Stronghold
Gardener: Prissy Scilla
Prissy Scilla location.png
Farming Guild

(Farming 65 Farming required)
Gardener: Rosie

Farming Guild Tree patch location.png

Fruit tree patches[edit | edit source]

Location Closest teleport Image
Tree Gnome Stronghold
Gardener: Bolongo
Bolongo location.png
East of Catherby
Gardener: Ellena
Ellena location.png
West of Tree Gnome maze
Gardener: Gileth
Gileth location.png
North of Brimhaven
Gardener: Garth
Garth location.png
Gardener: Liliwen
Liliwen location.png
Farming Guild

(Farming 85 Farming required)
Gardener: Nikkie

Farming Guild Fruit Tree Patch location.png

Spirit tree patches[edit | edit source]

Players can grow a single spirit tree at level 83 Farming, two at level 91, and an unlimited amount at level 99.

Location Nearby activities Closest teleport Image
South-east Etceteria
Gardener: Yulf Squecks
East of Port Sarim
Gardener: Frizzy Skernip
North of Brimhaven
Gardener: Praistan Ebola
South-west of Hosidius
Gardener: Lammy Langle
Northern section of the Farming Guild
(85 Farming required)
Gardener: Latlink Fastbell

Special patches[edit | edit source]

Level Sapling Location Closest teleport Image
23 Seaweed Underwater
Gardener: Mernia
Mernia location.png
36 Grape Hosidius Vinery
Gardener: Gallow
Vinery map.png
53 Mushroom West of Canifis Mushroom patch location.png
63 Belladonna Draynor Manor Draynor Manor patch location.png
65 Hespori Farming Guild
Gardener: Arno
Hespori map.png
76 Anima Farming Guild
Gardener: Felfiz Yaryus
Farming Guild Anima patch location.png

Special tree patches[edit | edit source]

Level Sapling Location Closest teleport Image
35/55 Hardwood
Teak and Mahogany (3 patches)
Fossil Island Mushroom Forest
Gardeners: Squirrels
Hardwood patch location.png
72 Calquat North of Tai Bwo Wannai
Gardener: Imiago
Imiago location.png
74 Crystal Prifddinas
Gardener: Pennant
Pennant location.png
85 Celastrus Farming Guild
Gardener: Taylor
Farming Guild Celastrus patch location.png
90 Redwood Farming Guild
Gardener: Alexandra
Redwood tree patch location.png

Cactus patches[edit | edit source]

Cactus patches can grow cactus seeds (55 Farming) and potato cactus seeds (64 Farming).

Location Closest teleport Image
Al Kharid
Gardener: Ayesha
Al Kharid Cactus patch location.png
Farming Guild
Gardener: Alan
Farming Guild Cactus patch location.png

Activity patches[edit | edit source]

Patches used during minigames, raids and other activities.

Type Activity Location Seeds
Tithe patch Tithe Farm Hosidius Golovanova seeds, Bologano seeds and Logavano seeds
Herb patch Chambers of Xeric Mount Quidamortem Golpar seeds, Buchu seeds and Noxifer seeds
Weeds Chambers of Xeric Mount Quidamortem Can only be raked
Herb patch Managing Miscellania Miscellania Can only be raked
Flax patch Managing Miscellania Miscellania Can only be raked
Grass Big Cats & WWF World Wildlife Fund conservation area Grass seeds

Quest patches[edit | edit source]

Type Quest Location Map
Unferth's patch A Tail of Two Cats Burthorpe
Magic beans Grim Tales Taverley
Kelda hops Forgettable Tale... Keldagrim
Gardener: Rind the gardener
Elder cadantine Song of the Elves Lletya
Gardener: Elena

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
28 April 2016
(update | poll)

It is now possible to add compost or supercompost to any farming patch during any growth stage of a crop.

8 October 2015

Left-click pruning farming patches now checks for held magic secateurs.

28 May 2015

The tool leprechaun at the farming patch just south of Falador has been moved slightly to be closer to where players are when using the farming patch.

16 April 2015

Farmers will no longer protect Poison Ivy bushes, as they are immune to disease.

5 March 2015
(update | poll)

You now receive 10% more experience from the Falador farming patch if you have completed the Falador Medium Diary.

The tree patch in Falador will no longer become diseased if you have completed the Falador Elite Diary.

You now receive increased yields from the Catherby herb patch for the completion of Kandarin Diaries:

18 September 2014
(update | poll)

The cactus patch found in Al-Kharid now has an accompanying NPC to protect your cactus for the small cost of 6 cadava berries.

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