Fear reaper

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Level 42Level 55
Fear reaper
Fear reaper (Level 42).png
Released3 April 2006 (Update)
Combat level42
Combat info
Max hit5
Attack styleSlash
Attack speedMonster attack speed 4.png
Combat icon.png Combat stats
Hitpoints icon.pngAttack icon.pngStrength icon.pngDefence icon.pngMagic icon.pngRanged icon.png
Attack icon.png Aggressive stats
Monster attack bonusMonster strength bonusMagic icon.pngMonster magic strength bonusRanged icon.pngMonster ranged strength bonus
Defence icon.png Defensive stats
White dagger.pngWhite scimitar.pngWhite warhammer.pngMagic icon.pngRanged icon.png
PoisonNot immune
VenomNot immune
CannonsNot immune
ThrallsNot immune
Advanced data
Monster ID1066
Fear reaper face.png

Fear reapers are creatures encountered during and after the A Soul's Bane quest. During the quest, they will only appear after peeking into the various dark holes throughout the room. After the quest, they roam freely, and are a fair bit stronger. Fear reapers can easily be safespotted using magic, ranged, or a halberd.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Location Levels Members Spawns Map
Tolna's rift55Member icon.png9Maplink