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Fedora detail.png
Fedora chathead.png

A fedora is a rare drop from the Crazy archaeologist, it being the hat he wears. It is purely cosmetic and has no bonuses. The fedora can be stored in a costume room's armour case.

Players wearing a fedora can right click it via the Worn Equipment tab in and selecting "Tip" to perform an emote where the player tips their fedora.

A player tips their fedora.

Item sources[edit | edit source]

For an exhaustive list of all known sources for this item, see here (include RDT).
Crazy archaeologist204 Multicombat.png11/128

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
20 August 2015

The fedora now renders in the correct order on the player's chathead.

30 October 2014
(update | poll)

Players wearing a fedora can now right click it and select "Tip" to perform an emote.