Feldip Hills Civil War

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The Feldip Hills Civil War was a major conflict between Bandosians living in the Feldip Hills near the beginning of the Fourth Age. After the end of the God Wars, Bandos was banished from Gielinor[1] and the remaining followers of Bandos were left without guidance, causing them to fall into a bloody civil war.[2] Soon enough, the much more powerful ogres united against the weaker goblins living in the area and effectively began a mass genocide of the goblins, prompting them to retreat north.[3]

It was at this point that King Baxtorian and his Cadarn Clan began to settle in what is now Kandarin, having crossed the Galarpos Mountains. After establishing peace treaties with the Tree Gnome Stronghold and local human tribes, the elves approached the ogres, but quickly left the Feldip Hills after realising the warring nation could not be reasoned with.[2] Although the elves soon established a stable kingdom, they suffered on a small scale due to raids from the goblins fleeing northwards, which apparently lasted several decades.[4] Eventually, the goblin tribes, minus the Dorgeshuun,[5][6] all came together in what is now Hemenster where the scarce food and constantly diminishing living space triggered the events that would lead to the Battle of the Plain of Mud around the middle of the Fourth Age.[7]

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