Fence (Construction)

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Fences are built using the Construction skill in a Formal Garden of a player-owned house. There are seven different types of fences that can be built into a Player-owned house:

Item Image Level Materials Experience
Boundary stones Boundary stones icon.png 56 10 Soft clay 100
Wooden fence Wooden fence icon.png 59 10 Planks 280
Stone wall Stone wall icon.png 63 10 Limestone bricks 200
Iron railings Iron railings icon.png 67 10 Iron bars, 6 Limestone bricks 220
Picket fence Picket fence icon.png 71 10 Oak planks, 2 Steel bars 640
Garden fence Garden fence icon.png 75 10 Teak planks, 2 Steel bars 940
Marble wall Marble wall icon.png 79 8 Marble blocks 4000

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
13 August 2015

Removing fences in the PoH no longer allows the player to walk through walls when in build mode within the house.