Final Pillar

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Final Pillar
Final Pillar.png
Released17 October 2005 (Update)
QuestMourning's End Part II
LocationTemple of Light
ExamineA good place for light to merge.
Advanced data
Object ID9980

The Final Pillar is a pillar found in the Temple of Light that is used during the Mourning's End Part II quest. During the light puzzle part of the quest, three beams of light of the correct colour must be directed to the correct sides of the end crystal to open three light doors that lead to the Death Altar.

The colours of the beams have to be targeted at the side of the pillar such that these two colours add up to white in the RGB colour model, as explained with the in-game colour wheel. This means:

  • Cyan has to be combined with a red beam
  • Magenta has to be combined with a green beam
  • Yellow has to be combined with a blue beam
The final pillar has been lit correctly, and the light doors are opened.