Fire altar (Flamtaer)

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Fire altar
Fire altar (Flamtaer).png
Released18 October 2004 (Update)
QuestShades of Mort'ton
LocationFlamtaer in Mort'ton
ExamineAn ancient Fire altar.
Advanced data
Object ID4091

The fire altar is found in Flamtaer in Mort'ton, and is the repaired version of the broken fire altar. It is part of the quest Shades of Mort'ton as well as the Shades of Mort'ton minigame.

The altar may be broken down by the shades, during this minigame, which requires players to repair it, and then light it. After doing so, the lit altar is used to create sacred oil, which is used to turn most types of logs into pyre logs used when cremating shades. The process for creating the oil is described on the minigame's page.

The altar can also be used to turn serum 207 into serum 208. Serum 208 can be used to permanently cure the afflicted villagers of Mort'ton.