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Not to be confused with Firepit.
A fire pit with the Fire of Unseasonal Warmth lit.

Fire pits are interactive scenery in which special permanent fires can be lit using a combination of salts. These fires grant the player certain conveniences, such as being an inextinguishable light source, removing the need for a player to bring one themselves.

Fire pits can only be built and lit after the completion of the quest Making Friends with My Arm. Players cannot cook on these fire pits. There are six fire pits, initially labelled as old fire pits, that can be built and lit. To build all six fires, players will need a hammer, saw and tinderbox (A crystal saw may also be used) as well as a spade and light source for the Falador Mole Lair, in addition to the following:

Item Quantity GE Price
Mahogany plank.png Mahogany plank 12 25,428
Steel bar.png Steel bar 12 4,452
Efh salt.png Efh salt 750 44,250
Te salt.png Te salt 1,100 72,600
Urt salt.png Urt salt 700 45,500
Total 192,230

Fire of Eternal Light[edit | edit source]

Main article: Fire of Eternal Light

These fires act as an inextinguishable light source in various locations. In the Lumbridge Swamp Caves, it also removes swamp gas so that any light source is safe.

Fire of Nourishment[edit | edit source]

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This fire allows the Weiss herb patch to be used.

Fire of Dehumidification[edit | edit source]

This fire prevents the swamp decay effect of the Mort Myre Swamp as well as preventing ghasts from rotting food in that area.

Fire of Unseasonal Warmth[edit | edit source]

This fire prevents the Stat-draining effect of the area near God Wars Dungeon.

Fire of Domination[edit | edit source]

Main article: Fire of Domination

This fire cannot be built, but was the fire in Mother's arena during the quest.