Fishing Crane

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Fishing Crane
Fishing Crane (broken).png
Released7 January 2016 (Update)
LocationPort Piscarilius
ExamineIt looks like the crane is in need of repair.
Advanced data
Object ID? (edit)

Reparing Fishing Cranes is a favour activity in Port Piscarilius, requiring at least 30 Crafting. For each fishing crane repaired, 0.5% favour is earned with the city. Repairing a fishing crane also grants the involved players three times their Crafting level as experience for that skill. Several seconds after repairing a fishing crane, it will break again.

Broken fishing cranes require a hammer, three regular planks and at least nine nails (of any type) to be repaired. Nails will bend easily when fixing a fishing crane. The chance to bend them depends on the player's Construction level and the type of nails used, although there are no Construction requirements for this activity. The more people are repairing the same fishing crane, the faster it is fixed. This includes the dock workers.

Due to the expenses of repairing fishing cranes, it is recommended to instead complete the Client of Kourend quest and spend the Kourend favour certificate on Port Piscarilius, to skip this activity entirely.