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This thread was archived on 12 July 2019 by Scuzzy Beta.

Heya, so recently there's been an influx of editorial articles on the wiki as well as (as far as I'm aware) some renewed interest in updating articles like MMGs/Strategy guides that are editorial in nature, and I have some concerns that I wanted to bring up in regards to these.

For the purpose of this thread I'll try to keep it laser focused as it's one specific area that I think needs improvement: visibility.

This is pretty simple enough: I don't think some pages, such as editorial articles and calculators are visible enough, especially ones that may not be tied to a specific item, NPC, or minigame. This puts a big damper on articles with strong use-cases that should exist on the wiki, but because there's no way to link them directly from an item/NPC/minigame, they see very little traffic or just aren't created at all. For an example, an editorial article (that would actually be fairly objective) that would be nice to create is one that talks about how pathfinding works in OSRS, as it's integral to the highest level of PvM and has very sparse written documentation (mostly in videos). However, there's basically nowhere to link it from, and so the page would see very little traffic, which makes it a bit unappetizing to want to create.

Here's an example of the kind of page I'm talking about. Given how common it is that people ask about herb profit/farming run profit, this calculator should see much more traffic, but (anecdotally, in fairness) very few people seem to know about the existence of this calculator.

That being said, pages like the optimal quest guide show that demand for broad-use case pages like these is high, but I don't think the root cause is exactly clear: is it because googling for "OSRS quest guide" returns it as the result? Is it because a lot of people quest super efficiently? Is it because the "recommended quests" section is really good? The only conclusion that I think you can definitively draw is that there's high demand for editorial articles like this.

I don't have a specific solution to present here, unfortunately. I'm mainly just hoping you guys will read this and agree that article visibility should be something that should be worked on, though it might take something like a rating system to work. It might sound hopeful, but I think contribution to editorial articles, etc as well as overall wiki interaction/visibility will increase a lot if it's easier to find high quality editorial articles - and currently you just have to know they exist, or luck out on the article title.

Kanga (talk) 08:09, 23 June 2019 (UTC)

Closed - Closed per lack of activity and by author request. Expect the sequel, in theatres this summer. --dDbvitC.png Scuzzy Beta hib8CAd.png 00:53, 12 July 2019 (UTC)