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This thread was archived on 12 May 2019 by Scuzzy Beta.

With our new Template:Subject changes, there's been some effort to better track changes to certain items, NPCs, activities, etc. over OSRS's history. For an example, take a look at Barbarian Assault, which recently had an excellent "Changes" section added to it by Spineweilder and Gau Cho.

Somewhat recently there was a discussion in the Discord about how to handle (or not handle) release updates in the "Changes" section. The question comes down to whether the release update that added something counts as a change to be logged in these sections. If so, it might mean adding a "Change" section to almost every page on the wiki. On the other hand, most things haven't been changed (at least not since OSRS was started) and the release date info is usually found in the infobox already.

There's at least a few ways to approach this, so in my usual style of offering copious options to spur discussion, here's a few ways I can see us going:

Option 1 - add release dates in the "Changes" section for all pages (oftentimes repeating from the release date in the infobox), even if that's the only thing in the "Changes" section. This leads to the following split:
Option 1A - the changelog release update should match when the thing in question was added to RSC or RS2
Option 1B - the changelog release update for old stuff should just be the release of OSRS in 2013
Option 2 - add release dates in the "Changes" section only for things that were added to OSRS since its launch in 2013, because adding new stuff like Robert Boss was a "change" to OSRS
Option 3 - add release dates in the "Changes" section only if there are other entries in the changelog. Thus, we wouldn't be adding a "Changes" section to pages where the only "change" was it being added to the game. Same split as in option 1:
Option 3A - "Hans was released in 2001"
Option 3B - "Hans was released in 2013"
Option 4 - Do not add release dates to the "Changes" section at all. "Changes" section thus reserved only for "changes" to the thing in question

There might be other ways to handle it I haven't included here, but hopefully those are enough to at least get us started.


Support 4 - Keeping the "Changes" section on a page restricted to just actual "changes" to the thing in question is the most straightforward and consistent way to do it. Adding changelogs to things that haven't actually changed just to repeat the release info in the infobox seems like a lot of unnecessary work and clutter, and selectively adding release dates (as outlined in Option 3) would just seem inconsistent across the wiki. Thus, I think limiting the scope of the section to only mention changes is the best option. BigDiesel2m (talk) 07:15, 30 April 2019 (UTC)

Support 4 - Too much clutter and unnecessary information if pages only had release dates as well (since the navbox already contains them). This will also limit the amount of work it will take to get them on all the pages versus just digging for changes on specific big pages. Jakesterwars (talk) 13:40, 30 April 2019 (UTC)

Support 4 — What's been said. --laagone talk 13:48, 30 April 2019 (UTC)

Comment/Counter option - I've already expressed favour for having the section on every page on discord, that way even if no changes have been made, readers will be able to identify such, instead of it being ambiguous as to whether or not we've writen the section yet or a piece of content simply hasn't seen any updates.

Since people have already voted for 4, and don't like the idea of repeating release date information, we could alternatively have a "No changes have been made to {{PAGENAME}}."

Another thing to note is option 4 doesn't indicate whether people want to include ALL changes from both post-osrs and before. iN008talk 18:52, 30 April 2019 (UTC)

I had already assumed we wouldn't be including changes that came out before OSRS did, though I guess we could also technically include changes from 2001-2007 if we wanted. Personally, I'd prefer to leave that to RSW, and use this wiki to just document changes since OSRS was released. BigDiesel2m (talk) 19:14, 30 April 2019 (UTC)

Closed - Release dates will not be added to the "Changes" section. --dDbvitC.png Scuzzy Beta hib8CAd.png 20:35, 12 May 2019 (UTC)