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This thread was archived on 14 September 2019 by Scuzzy Beta.

I am currently pursuing a Masters in Voice and Linguistics, and I've been noticing some pronunciations were off. I'd like to go over them. 2605:E000:1703:E436:4DB6:A5C8:EE4F:2651 07:06, 4 September 2019 (UTC)


Comment - We don't really have guidelines for when and when not to add pronunciations - mostly they're only added on tough to pronounce words like Ardougne. While IPA is preferred, it's not exactly easy for everyone to add. Thus when we do, I'm sure there will be some inconsistencies. If you're interested in correcting them, please be bold and do so. Otherwise, what exactly is it you'd like to discuss? --dDbvitC.png Scuzzy Beta hib8CAd.png 12:47, 5 September 2019 (UTC)

Closed - We have yet to hear a reply from the IP who started this thread. If they have any unanswered questions, they may feel free to contact me on my talk page, or create another thread if it involves a proposal. --dDbvitC.png Scuzzy Beta hib8CAd.png 02:48, 14 September 2019 (UTC)