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A Forum Moderator post on the Official RuneScape Forums.
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A Forum Moderator is a regular player selected by Jagex staff to enforce and promote the community on the RuneScape Forums. As of 2017, there are around 60 Forum Moderators.[1] Forum Moderators have a green glow around their posts and green avatar background when they comment on the Forums; they have no powers in-game and do not receive any further benefits. Other types of moderators include Player Moderators and Jagex Moderators.

If a player is selected to become a Forum Moderator, they will be notified only via a message in their account inbox. Forum Moderators are chosen primarily on the quality (not quantity) of their posts.[2][3] When selected, new Forum Moderators undergo a training period. Several applicants have failed such training. There is also a section of the RuneScape Forums that can only be accessed by Forum Moderators and Jagex Moderators.

Forum Moderators used to have green crowns beside their names on the Forums (similar to Player Moderators' in-game silver crowns). These have been removed at some point in 2011, and replaced with a "Forum Mod" title below the avatar. A redesigned green crown returned after the Forums revamp in 2015.

FAQ - Forum Moderators[edit | edit source]

What is a Forum Moderator?

Q.: What is a Forum Moderator?

A.: A Forum Moderator is a volunteer player who has been hand-picked by Jagex staff to assist them on the forums. They post on the message boards just like any other forum user, except that they have the added responsibility of using a set of editing tools to remove any inappropriate content that they happen to come across.

Q.: Are there Forum Moderators specifically designated to the French, German, Dutch and Brazlian forums?

A.: Yes. When you go onto your specific forum for your language or country, there will be a 'Forum Moderator' button on the homepage of the forums, if you click that button you'll get a list of the Forum Moderators on your particular forum. All Forum Moderators have the same powers regardless of what forum they moderate, and they can all access the same private forums area to communicate amongst one another.

Known abilities and privileges[edit | edit source]

  • Forum Mods have their own private forums for moderating-related discussions.[4]
  • Forum Mods have a green glow around their posts and green avatar background when they post. Before the Forum revamp, in Private Clan Forums, their posts appeared with the regular coloured background.[5]
  • Forum Mods can lock and unlock threads.[4]
  • Forum Mods can hide threads.[4]
  • Forum Mods can move threads.[4]
  • Forum Mods can hide/unhide posts.[4] Hidden posts have a purple glow around them, and their contents are visible to Forum Mods and Jagex Mods (with the exception of posts hidden automatically, which are only visible to Jagex Mods).
  • Forum Mods can edit thread titles.[4]
  • Forum Mods can issue forum mutes that are quickly reviewed by a Jagex Moderator.[4]
  • Forum Mods have more ways of contacting Jagex Mods than regular players.[4]
  • Forum Mods have regular private surgeries with Jagex Mods.[4]
  • Forum Mods can "escalate" threads so that they will quickly be viewed by a Jagex Mod. This escalation is the same as regular players' "highlight" option.[4]
  • Forum Mods have a section of the website which provides guidelines and procedures for what they do.[4]
  • Forum Mods can post on locked threads. Threads are often locked and then posted on especially when dealing with spam.
  • Forum Mods used to have a system to add notes to a player, that other moderators could view.
  • Forum Mods have been given the ability to sticky threads (which then get reviewed by Jagex).
  • Forum Mods can see how many times a thread has been bumped using the "Bump" feature by the thread's creator. However, after the Forum revamp this feature is now available to all users.
  • Forum Mods can edit and remove forum signatures if they break a rule, the "catch all" rule also applies.
  • Forum Mods can post on "maxed" threads (threads that reached the 2000 post limit).[6]

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