Fossil island note book

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Fossil island note book
Fossil island note book.png
Released7 September 2017 (Update)
Quest itemBone Voyage
ExamineSome notes of information found around fossil island.
Value10 coins
High alch6 coins
Low alch4 coins
Weight0.01 kg
Advanced data
Item ID21662
Fossil island note book detail.png

The Fossil island note book is a book used to document any findings on Fossil Island. It is obtained from the Junior Navigator after completion of Bone Voyage.

In order to fill the notes, players must participate in a number of activities that can be done around the island, such as building utilities for the Museum Camp and unlocking the Mycelium Transportation System. In addition, inside the House on the Hill, there are a number of stone chests that the player can insert 100 numulite for a chance at receiving notes (or receiving damage). Any notes that a player receives can be added to the Fossil Island note book and will appear after the player's personal notes of their activities on the island.

If lost, it can be reclaimed by speaking to the Fossil Collector in the Museum Camp bank, or from a bookcase within a player-owned house.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

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Information and things I found on Fossil Island.

by <player name>

Activity Text unlocked
Building utilities in the Museum Camp I helped put together some of the researcher's camp today. They aren't very competent at construction it seems. Plus I had to make it possible to use the barge to bring all the supplies over. What would they do without me?
Cleaning an unidentified fossil I seem to have found some really old fossilised stuff. I'm not sure what it is yet, but it sure got the museum staff excited. They said I should clean it like I did the ones in the museum.

It wasn't too difficult, though I did scuff a few bits. I'm sure the museum folk won't notice it though.

Dismantling a full bird house trap Couldn't stand the stuffy old professors today so I went into the mushroom forest and trapped some birds. Good fun, especially when the trap springs. It is a bit messy to clean up though.
Using a Magic Mushtree Wow! Today I found some really weird mushrooms. It must have been some kind of transportation system in the ancient past, but it's still working! This will make it much easier to get around the island now.
Using the rowboat in the north-east corner of the Mushroom Forest Today I discovered a way to row around the island. It was hard work, but rewarding as I now have some way to get around quicker.
Obtaining enriched bones from the mycelium pool Who knew that fossilisation was reversible? Apparently with this slime pool I found, and some chemicals, I have managed to turn fossils back into bone! I wonder if I can find something useful to do with them. Burying them doesn't seem to do much, like other bones.
Using enriched bones on the eastern strange machine in the House on the Hill I have no clue what it was originally used for, but there's a weird machine in the ruins here on the island that I found and it definitely likes those re-calcified fossils from the slime pool.
Dive into the underwater area Went diving today. There's so much under there it's going to take me a while to discover everything. I did see somewhere that looks like a good place to grow seaweed though.
Loot a clam shell or treasure chest in the underwater area east of Mairin There are massive clams and sunken treasure chests down here just waiting to be plundered. The problem is, there's a really strange mermaid who goes on about her sister and I have to collect tears. Tears! Underwater! Whatever next?
Creating ultracompost Found that the volcanic ash on this island makes REALLY great compost. This should boost my crops no[sic] end!

The following are some notes I found from one of the ancient structures on the island. It looks to have been inhabited by a creature far larger than a human, but I have no idea what it was.

Notes Text unlocked
Scribbled note The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Similar to that observed in the birthing pool, the spore on this island have the potential to inhabit the host, creating a symbiotic relationship fungus and creature.
Partial note I have witnessed this first hand. The young are deliberately left beneath colonies of the spore until they pass out, choking. A violent affair, but one I have grown to understand is necessary. Perhaps my own concern of the treatment of subject 1 were invalid. Pain has its place in the needs for advancement.
Ancient note I have been impressed how quickly my creatures have evolved, the others will have to listen now! Again, the similarities to the garic are so frequent, there must be an academic explanation. Several have formed territories based on the spore colonies that inhabit them, and the mutations are consistent based on geography. Much like ourselves, it was only a matter of time before a divide formed.
Ancient writings The Zygomite experiment and its effect on location could be explored here, if the spore colonies could be removed in part. Part of me is jealous of the union, I feel alone. My work keeps me sane.
Experimental note I have noted that my language, or beauty of writing, has improved tremendously since being alone. The opposite of what would be expected. I enjoy the flourish of description, opposed to the blunt, practical methods of my education. It eases my mind.

There is nothing a mother wouldn't do to ensure the safety of her children.

Paragraph of text Despite several attempts, I have failed to find a way to encourage the spore to inhabit my own body. Ingestion, airborne saturation, each leads to involuntary, forceful expulsion and hallucinogenic stupor. Permanent damage will likely follow if I continue to experiment.
Musty smelling note A miraculous discovery today - a pool, capable of rapid calcification. One of the young stumbled into it, looking for refreshment. The look of terror in its eyes chilled me to the bone as its soft tissue grew rigid - it reached down to free its feet and it drowned in its own, solidified saliva. Its body serves as a powerful marker of the dangers of this island. We have witnessed such things before, but never at this rate.
Hastily scrawled note I discovered more eggs today, deep beneath the surface. Smaller than the first, but white hot, the colour not diminishing when cooled. What am I to do? Release more for research, or hide them so they may avoid the fate of the first? I am torn. He must not know. His arrogance cannot save us.
Old writing I believe my presence here is causing unrest in the creatures. Whilst at first they kept distance, they are beginning to display violently towards me, no doubt linked to the growing conflicts between their tribes. Perhaps I am a trophy to prove dominance? Nevertheless, they are not yet evolved to penetrate my skin.
Short note Is this chemical warfare? Observations recorded today included a bizarre sight - a spore clump used a weapon of sorts which blinded and paralysed. I must be careful.