Free-for-all portal

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Free-for-all portal
Free-for-all portal.png
Released19 June 2014 (Update)
LocationClan Wars
ExamineStep through here to bash people around in safety.
Advanced data
Object ID26645

The Free-for-all portal is a white portal that can be accessed from the western end of the Clan Wars building in Ferox Enclave. It can teleport players to the free-for-all area of the Clan Wars minigame.

This portal is often used by players during quests, slayer tasks and bossing, as it will fully restore a player's health, stats, prayer and cures poison and venom upon entering and leaving, as well as resetting item cool down timers (ex. imbued heart). Players can leave via teleportation, through the Exit portal or Death; the same stat regeneration effect will occur with all three methods.