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There are several ways to train Fishing in free-to-play. Depending on the desired goals of the player, they can choose between methods favouring experience rates or profit. If you choose to go with making a profit, be sure to sell your catch at the Grand Exchange and not a General store in order to maximize your profits. Keep in mind, since the Grand Exchange acts as an in-game stock market, that means the prices are always changing. You can find the latest prices on the Grand Exchange here.

Methods with the highest experience rates[edit | edit source]

Levels 1–20 – Raw shrimps and raw anchovies[edit | edit source]

raw shrimps raw anchovies Fishing raw shrimps and raw anchovies with a small fishing net at a net fishing location is the fastest way to train fishing until level 20 with experience rates of 1,500–3,000 experience per hour. The small net fishing spot is the only possible fishing location at level 1. Players must reach level 15 Fishing before there is a chance for them to receive a raw anchovy while fishing, which will increase their experience rates. To achieve the most optimal experience rates, players would want to drop the caught fish, instead of banking. Alternatively, the raw fish can be cooked for small amounts of Cooking experience. If planning on banking the fish, players should fish at Al Kharid, due to its proximity to a bank, however there is an aggressive level 14 scorpion that occasionally wanders near the southern fishing spots. For players that don't want to have to deal with combat, and want to sell the fish, the fishing spot South-West of Port Sarim is ideal as it is a somewhat short run away from Gerrant's Fishy Business.

Levels 20–40/99 – Raw trout and raw salmon[edit | edit source]

raw trout raw salmon Fishing raw trout and raw salmon with a fly fishing rod at a fly fishing location and dropping it offers the fastest way to train Fishing to 99 as a free-to-play. At level 20, players can expect to achieve around 15,000 experience per hour. Players must reach level 30 Fishing before there is a chance for them to receive a raw salmon while fishing, which will increase their experience rates to around 50,000 experience per hour at higher levels. Fly fishing can be done in Lumbridge or in the Barbarian Village, and consumes a feather per every fish caught. Around 600 feathers would be consumed from levels 20-40, and 225,000 feathers from 20-99.

At the expense of experience per hour, players can cook their raw fish on the permanent fire in Barbarian Village next to the fishing spot, providing them with Cooking xp and a food source if players choose to bank the cooked fish.

Alternatively, players can bring an axe and tinderbox to Lumbridge, chop some logs near the fishing spot and make a fire at the fishing spot. They can use the fire to cook the fish directly after catching them (and then click the spot to continue fishing). The cooked fish could be used for tick manipulation by eating them, resulting in significantly higher experience rates (around 80,000 experience per hour) at the cost of intensity.

Profitable methods[edit | edit source]

Levels 15–39 – Raw anchovies[edit | edit source]

Raw anchovies inventory imageRaw anchovies are sold for 48. Drop any shrimp you catch, banking only the anchovies. Expect to catch between 150 and 280 anchovies an hour between levels 15 and 39, with an hourly profit range of 7,200 to 13,440. The best place to catch them is Draynor Village, but if under combat level 15 one of the Dark wizards may attack.

Levels 40–49 – Raw lobster[edit | edit source]

For the full guide on catching lobsters, see here.

raw lobster Fish raw lobsters at Musa Point. Players can expect to make ~43,194 Coins inventory imageCoins and 19,980 Fishing experience per hour. To bank the caught raw lobsters, use the boat to travel to Port Sarim, costing 30 coins one way. In Port Sarim, walk to the docks with the monks and use the bank deposit to deposit the raw lobsters. If you have completed both The Corsair Curse and Dragon Slayer I, you can also use the Corsair Cove Resource Area to avoid paying the fare back and forth to use the deposit box.

Levels 50–99 – Raw tuna/swordfish[edit | edit source]

For the full guide on catching tuna/swordfish, see here.

raw tuna Fish at the harpoon spot at Musa Point. Players can expect to make ~36,955 Coins inventory imageCoins and 36,955 Fishing experience per hour.


  • More clicks: Drop the raw tuna (47 each), since they are worth a lot less than raw swordfish (236 each).
  • Less walking and coins, more experience per hour: Sell fish at the Karamja General Store.
  • More total experience and clicks, less walking and coins: Cook the fish after caught.
    • An axe can be wielded to save an inventory slot.
    • Logs can be obtained from trees near the charter ship.
    • A tinderbox can be brought or purchased at the Karamja General Store for 1 coin.
    • Depending on the amount, trading burnt fish at the Karamja General Store (0 coins) can be quicker than dropping them one at a time.

Other methods[edit | edit source]

Levels 7/20/33–99 – Ruins of Camdozaal[edit | edit source]

After the completion of Below Ice Mountain, players can fish in the Ruins of Camdozaal. This is generally slower to train Fishing than fishing for trout and salmon (even when dropping Camdozaal fish) but this method will also help train both Cooking and Prayer. In other words, this training method is only recommended if you plan on training Prayer.

It requires 7 Fishing and 7 Cooking to fish and prepare guppy but 33 Fishing and 33 Cooking are recommended to fish and prepare Tetra. Purchasing the Fishing buff from Ramarno's shard exchange slightly increases the xp rates for lower Fishing levels.

  1. Use a small fishing net to catch fish in the fishing spot nearby. A small fishing net is provided in the space north of the preparation table and altar.
  2. Prepare these fish at the preparation table using a knife. You'll gain Cooking experience. A knife lies on the floor nearby the table.
  3. Offer the prepared fish at the altar for Prayer experience.
Fish Fishing Fishing Cooking Cooking Prayer Prayer
Level Exp Level Exp Level Exp
Guppy inventory image Guppy 7 8 7 12 1 4
Cavefish inventory image Cavefish 20 16 20 23 1 7
Tetra inventory image Tetra 33 24 33 31 1 10

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Depending on the method, Fishing uses one or two types of items; divided into tools and consumables. Consumables are used up at the rate of one item for each fish caught and are stackable, while the tools are non-stackable and reusable.

Method Tools Bait
Net fishing Small fishing net inventory image Small fishing net N/A
Bait fishing Fishing rod inventory image Fishing rod Fishing bait inventory image Fishing bait
Fly fishing Fly fishing rod inventory image Fly fishing rod Feather inventory image Feather
Lobster pots Lobster pot inventory image Lobster pot N/A
Harpooning Harpoon inventory image Harpoon N/A

Tradeable fish[edit | edit source]

Fish Fishing Fishing Cooking Cooking Caught with Heals GE Price
Level Exp Level Exp Raw Cooked
Raw shrimps Shrimps Shrimp (cooked) 1 10 1 30 Net 3 90 42
Raw sardine Sardine Sardine (cooked) 5 20 1 40 Bait 4 56 16
Raw herring Herring Herring (cooked) 10 30 5 50 Bait 5 111 12
Raw anchovies Anchovies Anchovies (cooked) 15 40 1 30 Net 1 48 54
Raw trout Trout Trout (cooked) 20 50 15 70 Fly 7 84 35
Raw pike Pike Pike (cooked) 25 60 20 80 Bait 8 146 26
Raw salmon Salmon Salmon (cooked) 30 70 25 90 Fly 9 52 61
Raw tuna Tuna Tuna (cooked) 35 80 30 100 Harpoon 10 47 110
Raw lobster Lobster Lobster (cooked) 40 90 40 120 Lobster pot 12 164 209
Raw swordfish Swordfish Swordfish (cooked) 50 100 45 140 Harpoon 14 236 279