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This article contains information on free-to-play Ironman chat badge.png Standard Ironman, Hardcore ironman chat badge.png Hardcore Ironman and Ultimate ironman chat badge.png Ultimate Ironman Mode training which differs significantly from normal skill training.

Group ironman chat badge.png Group ironmen and Hardcore group ironman chat badge.png hardcore group ironmen can take advantage of training together in various ways such as collecting resources from one training method for another teammate's training session for faster experience. Hardcore group ironman chat badge.png Hardcore group ironmen share lives with the number of players in the group and may take risks that solo hardcore ironmen may not take but hardcore group ironmen should be cautious doing what would be safe-death activities as their lives are not protected from safe deaths.

Early game[edit | edit source]

Quests[edit | edit source]

Quest rewards are an efficient early-game training method. Large experience rewards skip low-level grinds. For example, the reward from The Knight's Sword levels Smithing from 1 to 29, giving access to iron bars and high-requirement bronze equipment.

Free-to-play Quests that reward experience:

After completing all of these quests except for Dragon Slayer I, where 10 Mining and 10 Cooking are required for The Knight's Sword, the players other stats can be: 20 Attack, 8 Crafting, 10 Magic, 9 Prayer, and 29 Smithing

  1. ^ Iron bar spawn: head to the trees located in level 18 Wilderness next to the bears west of Graveyard of Shadows. (Hardcore ironman chat badge.png Not recommended for hardcore ironmen.)

Moneymaking[edit | edit source]

Early moneymaking can be from the Stronghold of Security one-time reward of 10,000 coins: 2,000 from level 1, 3,000 from level 2, and 5,000 from level 3. This is dangerous, so fish and cook food like shrimps. Alternatively, there are two cooked meat on the tables in Barbarian Village's Long Hall that you could take, hopping worlds to stock up on them.

If that is too dangerous or the reward is being saved for Ultimate Ironman rebuilds, complete Sheep Shearer for 60 coins then start Pirate's Treasure and repeatedly fill the crate with 10 bananas for Luthas in Musa Point for 30 coins each. Do this seven times to afford a steel axe or 17 times for a steel pickaxe. Pirate's Treasure can then be completed for the reward of a gold ring, an emerald and 450 coins.

With Quest points 12 Quest points you can complete Black Knights' Fortress, which comes with a reward of 2,500 coins.

Completing The Knight's Sword early will level Smithing from 1 to 29, allowing you to smith iron equipment to sell.[1]

A risky method involves looting the steel platelegs in the Wilderness ruins north of Graveyard of Shadows. Players can hop worlds to pick up additional steel platelegs without waiting for them to respawn, and they can be banked in Ferox Enclave nearby. They can be sold to Louie Legs in Al Kharid for 650 coins each, and a full inventory can net up to 18,200 coins.[1]

  1. ^ 1.0 1.1 Sell to specialty shops in small amounts and hop worlds to maximize profit.

Combat training[edit | edit source]

Melee[edit | edit source]

Attack and Strength are the main melee skills, but Defence is trained with melee for free, and Hitpoints is passively increased.

In order of levelling priority, Strength to increase damage per second, Attack to increase it slightly more, and finally Defence for later. Train Strength and Attack to 20 before Defence. There is a bronze scimitar on the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] of the eastern house in Rimmington to get started from level 1 Attack. Scimitars up to mithril can be purchased in Al Kharid at Zeke's Superior Scimitars.

Prior to 89 Smithing and boosting with a dwarven stout to make a rune scimitar, the best weapon is the barronite mace, requiring 40 Attack to wield. Completion of the Below Ice Mountain quest is required to start collecting a Barronite head, Barronite handle, and Barronite guard with 1,500 Barronite shards to give to Ramarno for the completed mace. Until a barronite mace can be acquired, a rune sword is a good alternative, also requiring 40 Attack to wield. It is purchased from Scavvo's Rune Store in the Champions' Guild, requiring 32 quest points to enter.

1–15 Cows or chickens: Collect cowhides for Crafting or feathers for Fishing. Bury all bones as Prayer is a long training process.

15–30 Minotaurs: Collect iron arrows for Ranged training, sell bronze full helms in Barbarian Village for early money making, and optionally collect rune essences and right skull half (for skull sceptre teleport charges) for later Runecraft training from body runes.

(15–50) Giant frog/Big frogs: Rock crab equivalents for F2P, low defensive stats and high Hitpoints meaning they are the highest experience per hour. They lack drops other than big bones but that is good Prayer experience. Only use these for pure experience when not concerned about drops.

30–99 Hill giants: Big bones for good Prayer experience and low defence make hill giants the best training from 30 onwards, but they can be crowded. Occassionally drops giant keys to be able to challenge Obor to obtain a rune kiteshield and other rune equipment.

(40–60) Flesh crawlers: No Prayer experience and few drops, but good for AFK training due to aggressiveness. They drop gems for amulets and bottom of sceptres to help Runecraft training with skull sceptre teleports.

(45–99) Moss giants: Big bones for good Prayer experience, but in a multicombat area of the Varrock Sewers means others can steal loot. If hill giants are crowded, but moss giants are not, it can be better to use these. After completing Dragon Slayer I, Crandor isn't a multicombat area, is less crowded but much farther from a bank; teleports are recommended. They occassionally drop mossy keys to be able to challenge Bryophyta for a chance of obtaining a Bryophyta's staff, and a rune square shield as an alternate shield upgrade before obtaining a rune kiteshield obtained from Obor.

(50–99) Body golems: Barronite mace will deal accurate and strong damage to golems, making it a fast training method with that weapon. The player will have +5 Defence if the Charm of Defence is bought and the Charm of Luck will increase barronite guard drops to make a barronite mace or high-level alchemized for 5,119 coins. Noted essence and body core drops will help train Runecraft and iron ore drops will help train Smithing. However, they don't drop bones or ashes for Prayer experience. Requires the completion of Below Ice Mountain and may take a while to obtain the parts to create the barronite mace.

(60–99) Giant spiders: Great for multitasking and playing in the background due to aggressiveness to all levels but no Prayer experience will be gained and they only drop beginner clue scrolls. Almost no effort is needed to train combat skills to 99 with this method but you'll miss out on any profit along the way, ignoring beginner clue scrolls.

(60–99) Ankou: Drop law runes, noted essence, adamant arrows, mithril ore, and left skull halves for building or recharging a skull sceptre. However in terms of prayer training, ankou only drop bones instead of big bones that are dropped by giants. Ankou are a good combat training alternative, though ankou may prove tough.

(80–99) Ogress Shamans and Ogress Warriors: Excellent drops for High Level Alchemy, nature runes, law runes, death runes, and cosmic runes. Be sure to flick prayer protections for longer trips.

Ranged[edit | edit source]

It is recommended to collect iron arrows from minotaurs beforehand. All arrows can be bought at Lowe's Archery Emporium in Varrock.

1–10 Cows or chickens: Collect cowhides for Crafting and feathers for Fishing. Bury all bones as Prayer is difficult to train otherwise.

10–30 Dark wizards in Draynor: Drop nature runes and law runes, they attack with magic so equip the best available ranged armour and upgrade whenever possible.

15–30 Minotaurs: Safespot them, at 25 Ranged, iron arrow drops break even with those lost while training. At 30 Ranged, arrows will begin to stack up.

30–50/99 Hill giants: Safespot them. Big bones for good Prayer experience and low Defence make hill giants the best training from 30 onwards, but they can be crowded.

40–99 Moss giants or Ice giants: Safespot them. They provide decent drops but Prayer training from their big bones will be slower than killing hill giants.

(50–99) Ankou: Safespot them. Drop law runes, noted essence, adamant arrows, mithril ore, and left skull halves for building or recharging a skull sceptre. However in terms of prayer training, ankou only drop bones instead of big bones that are dropped by giants. Good way to collect noted essence for ultimate ironmen.

(50–99) Ogress Shamans and Ogress Warriors: Safespot them (5+ tiles away from Shamans, who have slightly lower Ranged defence than Warriors). Excellent drops for High Alchemy, nature runes, law runes, death runes, and cosmic runes. Also drop iron, steel, and mithril arrows.

Magic[edit | edit source]

Do not use defensive casting. Defence experience is free through melee training minus food supplies, Magic experience is comparatively expensive. Every 30 minutes, the Magic combat tutor in Lumbridge provides 30 air runes and 30 mind runes and if you wish to stack on those, drop all of your air and mind runes first.

1–13 Cows, Chickens, Goblins, Minotaurs: Fast and cheap levels from air strikes provided by the free 30 air runes and 30 mind runes from the Magic combat tutor in Lumbridge. Collect cowhides for Crafting and feathers for Fishing. Bury all bones as Prayer is difficult to train otherwise. Collect all iron arrows for Ranged.

13–99 Greater demons: Wilderness only. Low magic defence and drop rune full helms and vile ashes for Prayer training. Demonic Ruins provides infinite Prayer points. Use Mystic Will, Mystic Lore, and Mystic Might to increase Magic accuracy. For Ultimate ironman chat badge.png ultimate ironmen, kill them as early as possible before accumulating wealth to get the rune full helm and mithril kiteshield.

13–99 Ice giants: Safespot them. Big bones for Prayer experience. Use an ice giant to block ice warriors, then wait 10 minutes for them to lose aggressiveness.

(13–99) Lesser demons: A safer alternative to greater demons with lesser drops, but still good for Prayer training from scattering vile ashes.

(13–99) Hill giants: Safespot them. Big bones for good Prayer experience, but they can be crowded.

(19–99) Curse splashing: Cheapest option for 99 Magic not including drops. Equip full plate armour and green d'hide vambraces to stay below -64 magic attack with an elemental staff. To add another skill training method, this could be done in the Boneyard while getting Prayer experience but beware on the amount of runes you bring in case if player killers appear.

(39–99) Ankou: Crumble Undead does a lot damage very quickly and provides the most experience among the spells that use chaos runes. You can use a skull sceptre (i) to autocast Crumble Undead or you can use a staff of air/earth to save runes but it will be click intensive as elemental staves cannot autocast Crumble Undead.

(59–99) Fire Blasting Ogress Warriors and Ogress Shamans: Death runes are expensive but should all be obtained from and used on Ogress Warriors to be most efficient. Shamans have slightly more magic defence but they are still do-able and the player should stay 5+ tiles away from them. Fire Strike can be used too but takes much longer, especially at low levels. Excellent drops for High Level Alchemy, nature runes, law runes, death runes, and cosmic runes. The cost of death runes can be recovered by high-level alchemizing big drops but will still come at a loss if buying them from a rune shop.

Prayer[edit | edit source]

Complete The Restless Ghost first, the experience reward levels Prayer to 9. From here, it takes 448 big bones for Protect Item at 25 or 3281 for Protect from Melee at 43.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Bury and scatter every bone/ash drop as Prayer experience accumulates slowly. Kill:

Save time burying bones or scattering ashes by burying/scattering them just as the character begins the attack animation and then quickly clicking on the target again, this skips the burying/scattering animation without losing time between attacks.

Wilderness[edit | edit source]

Alternatively for Ironman chat badge.pngUltimate ironman chat badge.png non-hardcore ironmen, go to level 33 Wilderness and bury big bones that spawn in the boneyard, for between 4,000–9,300 experience per hour with world hopping. Decent Defence is important, including armour or an amulet of defence, or wait 10 minutes to make skeletons lose aggressiveness. For Ultimate ironman chat badge.png ultimate ironmen, get rid of expensive equipment and store coins in the Last Man Standing coffer before doing this.

A safer alternative in the Wilderness is at the Chaos Temple in level 11 Wilderness for piles of bones to be picked up and buried for 6,000+ experience per hour if hopping worlds. There are no monsters, but there is still a possibility for player killers. At 6,000 experience per hour, it takes just over an hour for Protect Item and more than 8 hours for Protect from Melee.

Camdozaal[edit | edit source]

For Hardcore ironman chat badge.png hardcore ironmen or any ironmen in general, completing the quest Below Ice Mountain will allow access into the Ruins of Camdozaal. Fishing, preparing, and offering prepared fish to the Offering Altar will provide the player with free Prayer experience without combat or risk involved. Players can start this training method at Level 7 Fishing and Cooking but 33 Fishing and Cooking is recommended to fish and prepare tetra, granting 10 prayer experience for each offer. There is now a small fishing net spawn and a knife is provided near the Preparation Table.

Buying the Fishing and Preparation buffs from Ramarno's Shard Exchange would help the experience rate of Prayer training as well.

Fish Fishing Fishing Cooking Cooking Prayer Prayer
Level Exp Level Exp Level Exp
Guppy inventory image Guppy 7 8 7 12 1 4
Cavefish inventory image Cavefish 20 16 20 23 1 7
Tetra inventory image Tetra 33 24 33 31 1 10

Equipment progression[edit | edit source]

All free-to-play capes, team capes, and the cabbage cape in the cape slot have the same stats and the same weights.

Melee[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 Gold decorative armour pieces (besides the legs) are more effective than their adamant counterparts as they weigh less. Decorative armour (gold platelegs) weighs the same as an adamant plateskirt but weighs less than adamant platelegs.
  2. ^ Holy symbol provide no offensive bonuses but it provides a +8 Prayer bonus that is useful for using prayers for a longer period of time.
  3. ^ 3.0 3.1 3.2 Chainbodies are recommended to use when fighting enemies that use crush attacks, such as hill giants, moss giants, ankou, ogress warriors, etc.
  4. ^ 4.0 4.1 4.2 Platebodies are recommended to use when fighting enemies that use stab or slash attacks, such as giant spiders, lesser demons, mind golems, body golems, etc.
  5. ^ The barronite mace is the best weapon use to against runecrafting golems in the Ruins of Camdozaal, even greater than rune scimitar, due to its golembane effect, otherwise this is the second best weapon against anything else.
  6. ^ Rune sword has faster attack speed than the rune longsword, and therefore produces higher damage per second (DPS). It is recommended to train with a rune sword from Attack 40 Attack and onwards until a barronite mace can be obtained in the Ruins of Camdozaal after Below Ice Mountain or until a rune scimitar can be smithed at level 89 smithing with a dwarven stout.
  7. ^ Gilded d'hide vambraces that can only be obtained by completing elite or master clue scrolls in Members offer slightly more defence than green d'hide vambraces (due to the gilded d'hide vambraces' stats being unaffected during the equipment rebalance update) but its rarity and slight defence increase isn't worth obtaining for just free-to-play melee training.
  8. ^ Decorative boots (gold) provide a +1 Strength bonus, equivalent to the adamant boots. It is the only piece of melee armour in free-to-play that provide a Strength bonus. No other pieces of free-to-play melee armour provide Strength or attack bonuses.

Obtaining a suitable melee shield will provide free-to-play ironmen with a challenge. Whereas up to adamant is offered in the NPC shops for the helmet slot (and up to rune is offered in the NPC shops for the body, legs, and weapon slot), the highest-level shield the NPC shop offers is an iron sq shield, and mid-level/beginner-level players would not be able to grind ogresses for a mithril kiteshield drop, never mind being able to grind Obor for a rune kiteshield (or Bryophyta for a rune square shield/adamant kiteshield). These are lower-level alternate shield options for free-to-play ironmen before one can acquire a higher-level shield:

If planning on (temporarily) playing in Members, completing hard clue scrolls can possibly reward the player with pieces of rune god armour with the same defence bonuses that give a +1 Prayer bonus that can also be used in free-to-play. They can replace rune full helm, rune platebody, rune plateskirt, and rune kiteshield on this table.

Ranged[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 These pieces of equipment are optional as they only provide defensive bonuses and no offensive ranged bonuses. They are not required when safespotting enemies and will reduce weight when not using them.
  2. ^ Holy symbol provide no offensive bonuses but it provides a +8 Prayer bonus that is useful for using prayers for a longer period of time.
  3. ^ 3.0 3.1 3.2 If playing in Members, completing elite or master clue scrolls may reward the player pieces of the gilded dragonhide armour set (at a very rare chance) that can be used in free-to-play (with the exception of gilded coif) that were not affected by the equipment rebalance update that has the original stats of green dragonhide armour, making gilded dragonhide armour the best-in-slot for its defences, but they have the same ranged attack bonuses as green dragonhide armour.

Magic[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 These pieces of equipment are optional as they only provide defensive bonuses and no offensive magic bonuses. They are not required when safespotting enemies and will reduce weight when not using them.
  2. ^ Holy symbol provide no offensive bonuses but it provides a +8 Prayer bonus that is useful for using prayers for a longer period of time.

Prayer melee[edit | edit source]

If your desire is to maximize prayer bonus to be able to use prayers for a longer period of time in melee combat, this is the best-in-slot for prayer bonuses. This also suggests that the player has protection prayers unlocked to negate damage (Prayer 37 Prayer for Protect from Magic, Prayer 40 Prayer for Protect from Ranged, and Prayer 43 Prayer for Protect from Melee), otherwise, use the best-in-slot melee table to fill in the rest of the slots for defence bonuses.

  1. ^ 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 Rune god armour is unobtainable in free-to-play and can only be obtain by completing hard Treasure Trails in Members but they can be used in free-to-play. While sharing the same defensive stats as their regular rune counterpart, they provide +1 Prayer bonus.
  2. ^ Holy symbol provide no offensive bonuses but it provides a +8 Prayer bonus that is useful for using prayers for a longer period of time.
  3. ^ Amulet of power provides +1 Prayer bonus but it also have offensive and defensive bonuses.
  4. ^ 4.0 4.1 4.2 These pieces of equipment provide no Prayer bonus but do provide offensive melee bonuses.
  5. ^ 5.0 5.1 These pieces of equipment are optional as they only provide defensive bonuses and no offensive melee bonuses.
  6. ^ Barronite mace has a Prayer bonus of +2 (same Prayer bonus as steel mace and black mace) but it is the strongest and most accurate mace in free-to-play.

When fighting against greater demons in the Demonic Ruins with melee while sustaining prayer with the Demonic Ruins' passive ability of restoring prayer, it is recommended to only bring at best a holy symbol, monk's robe top, monk's robe, and rune mace, and optionally two other items (three other items if using Protect Item) you can protect from death but rune full helm drops obtain from killing greater demons may take up protection slots. Monk's robes are always easily replaceable should the player die by another player. A holy symbol can be remade from scratch should the player lose it but to reduce time from remaking them, multiple holy symbols should be crafted and blessed by Brother Jered in one inventory. Rune mace will often be at least protected be upon death if not an Ultimate ironman chat badge.png Ultimate Ironman or skulled.

Skilling[edit | edit source]

Fishing/Cooking[edit | edit source]

Cook everything you catch with Fishing. Cooking will always be higher level than Fishing unless power levelling. Gerrant's Fishy Business, located in Port Sarim, has all the supplies needed to do any fishing.

Raw shrimpsRaw anchovies 1–5/20: Small fishing net for raw shrimps, then at Level 15 Fishing will also obtain raw anchovies. Best spot is in Draynor Village if the combat level 7 Dark wizards are not aggressive, otherwise the best spot is south of Lumbridge by the Fishing tutor.

Raw sardineRaw herring 5–20: Requires a fishing rod and fishing bait, better experience rates bait fishing raw sardine at Level 5 Fishing, and at Level 10 Fishing, raw herring. Both raw sardine and raw herring can be fished in Draynor Village. If the combat level 7 dark wizards in Draynor Village are too aggressive, then raw sardine and raw herring can also be fished south of Lumbridge by the Fishing tutor.

Raw troutRaw salmon 20–99: Requires a fly fishing rod and feathers. The best free-to-play experience, fly fishing raw trout, and at Level 30 Fishing, raw salmon. It is recommended to fish in Barbarian Village because the spots are on average closer and there is a nearby permanent fire. Can bank raw fish/cooked fish from Barbarian Village using Edgeville bank. Collecting feathers from chickens is also good for training Prayer since chickens have a 100% drop rate of bones but if you just need feathers, you can either buy feathers from Gerrant's Fishy Business. in Port Sarim or kill the Evil Chicken at the Champions' Guild (Protect from Magic recommended along with prayer armour; prayer points can be restored at the Altar of Chaos south-east of Varrock).

Raw guppyRaw cavefishRaw tetra (7/20/33–99): Requires a small fishing net and the completion of Below Ice Mountain. Fishing and preparing Camdozaal fish will provide less Fishing and Cooking experience than fishing for trout and salmon but will provide Prayer experience. Buying the Fishing and Preparation buffs from Ramarno's Shard Exchange is recommended and buying one-hour Boosts would also increase XP rate.

Mining[edit | edit source]

For free-to-play solo ironmen, Mining naturally becomes the most levelled skill since Crafting, Runecraft, and Smithing rely on it.

Doric's Quest 1–10 Doric's Quest: Kill dwarves, flesh crawlers, guards, or white knights for iron ore, otherwise it requires 15 Mining.

Tin oreCopper ore 1/10–15 Tin rocks/Copper rocks: Can be skipped if you complete Rune Mysteries and mine rune essences. Requires 138 tin ore/copper ore or, with the completion of Doric's Quest, only 64 tin ore/copper ore.

Rune essence (1/10–15) Rune essence mine: Mining rune essence is slower than mining tin or copper rocks but its useful to train Runecraft. Requires 483 rune essence or, with the completion of Doric's Quest, only 223 rune essence. The closest bank is Varrock east bank.

Iron ore 15–99 Iron rocks: Power levelling by Mining and dropping iron ore is the fastest experience per hour. However, it is recommended to train Mining by training other skills unless planning to access the Mining Guild at Mining 60 Mining as soon as possible. Using tick manipulation, experience rates of 65,000-76,000 per hour are obtainable using an alternate account to attack the player with auto-retaliate on in the Wilderness at the Bandit Camp mine.

Iron oreSilver oreGold oreRune essence (15–99) Iron, silver and gold rocks or rune essence rocks: Passively level Mining while Smithing iron equipment, Crafting with silver bars, requiring Mining 20 Mining, and gold bars, requiring Mining 40 Mining, or mining rune essences for Runecraft.

Barronite shardsBarronite deposit (14–99) Barronite shards and deposits: Requires the completion of Below Ice Mountain. Mining barronite shards give 16 experience each and mining barronite deposits give 32 experience. This is slower than mining iron ore but less click intensive. Buying the Mining buff from Ramarno's Shard Exchange is recommended and buying one-hour Boosts also increase XP rate.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Crafting is one of the most important skills for making money. Crafting also provides ironmen players amulets with improved stats over the amulet of accuracy, and also early-game ranged gear. Edgeville furnace is the closest furnace to a bank. With 40 Crafting, use the Crafting Guild then Teleport to Falador with law runes for efficient Crafting training. The Al-Kharid furnace also has silver and gold rocks to the north without the need for law runes.

Group ironman chat badge.pngHardcore group ironman chat badge.png Group ironmen of a team could train together to acquire better equipment for other teammates in a shorter amount of time. One teammate could mine silver ore while a second teammate can smelt them into silver bars, and a third teammate could craft them into tiaras for fast Crafting experience. The third teammate (or second team member if a third teammate is not part of the team-based training method) with the higher Crafting level will be the one to create ranged armour and jewelry for other teammates.

Quest points 1–8: Complete Sheep Shearer, Goblin Diplomacy, and Misthalin Mystery for 8 Crafting.

Leather 1/8–16 Leather: Train combat on cows, collect cowhide, tan it at Ellis in Al Kharid and craft the highest level leather equipment possible.

Crafting#Pottery 8–16/40+ Pottery: Pottery is much faster, but does not train Smithing or yield useful items. There are two possible routes for 16 Crafting: The first is clay rocks in south-west Varrock mine, water in Varrock centre fountain, craft in Barbarian Village, canoe or run back down to the mine. The second route is to mine in Dwarven Mine, water at Falador waterpump near the hairdresser, then craft in Barbarian Village. With 40 Crafting, the Crafting Guild can be accessed for a better training method as the Guild contains clay rocks, a sink, a potter's wheel and a pottery oven. With 7 water vessels, it is about 10,000 Crafting experience per hour.

Unstrung symbol 16–23 Unstrung symbols: Crafting unstrung symbols is the second fastest experience available as silver is much quicker to mine than gold and symbols sell for decent money. Use the Al-Kharid mine and the furnace to the south, or the South-west Varrock mine and either bank in west Varrock bank or canoe to Lumbridge for ultimate ironmen, or use the Crafting Guild then teleport to Falador. The fastest method teleporting to Falador, but requires law runes. For ultimate ironmen Falador is still the best option, however standard ironmen should hop at Varrock south-west mine and bank. For standard ironmen, sell to the bandit store in the Wilderness. For hardcore and ultimate ironmen, sell to the Al-Kharid General Store.

Tiara 23–99 Tiaras: Crafting tiaras is the fastest experience available sacrificing money earned.

Gold necklaceGold amulet (u) (6/8–99) Gold necklace/Gold amulet (u): Requires 40 Mining and 40 Smithing. Gold is better money and Smithing experience, but at the expense of Crafting experience. The best way to do this is world hopping at the Dwarven Mine or Al-Kharid mine, or teleporting to Falador from the Crafting Guild. Gold items also maximise Smithing experience per law rune used so it is only recommended for ultimate ironmen due to lack of bank access.

Runecraft[edit | edit source]

Acquire rune essences from Mining at the rune essence mine after completing Rune Mysteries or from killing ankous, catablepons, minotaurs, or runecrafting golems. The rune essence mine closest to a bank is accessed by Aubury in Varrock.

A member of a Group ironman chat badge.pngHardcore group ironman chat badge.png Group Ironman team could have one teammate mine and collect rune essence for other teammates' Runecraft training. Teammates can also do altar runs together for faster Runecraft training for one teammate with one or more teammates collecting rune essence or talismans from the bank to trade to the teammate training Runecraft.

Alternatively, craft tiaras then make them into Runecraft tiaras with talisman drops, or use the drop trick after starting Rune Mysteries to collect air talismans from Duke Horacio.

Air rune 1–9 Air runes: Requires 194 rune essence. Air runes are useful for spells and the Air Altar is close to a bank. Do not craft mind runes, they are generally not worth the time. Combination training with Mining, Crafting, and Smithing in the Crafting Guild and Falador can be efficient to train these four skills: With an air tiara/talisman, brown apron, Falador Teleport runes, and a pickaxe, mine ores in the Crafting Guild, teleport to Falador, craft jewellery, sell/bank/drop crafted jewellery, withdraw essence from Falador's east bank, enter the Air Altar and craft air runes, exit altar and repeat. For Ultimate ironman chat badge.png ultimate ironmen who complete Rune Mysteries, get level 9 before dropping the air talisman, or you will have to get another from the air wizard, mine rune essence at the Wizards' Tower and walk to the altar.

Earth rune 9–14 for standard/hardcore or 9–99 for ultimate Earth runes: Requires 175 rune essence. Earth talismans can be obtained from earth wizards, men, or Al-Kharid warriors. This is the best option for ultimate ironmen until 99 since it is the closest altar to a rune essence mine. 2,005,148 essence are needed if exclusively runecrafting earth runes from Runecraft 9 to Runecraft 99 Runecraft.

Fire rune 14–20 for standard/hardcore Fire runes: Requires 338 rune essence. For standard ironmen, this is slightly faster than earth runes, only if the essence is already mined. Fire talismans can be obtained from fire wizards or dark wizards.

Body rune 20–99 for standard/hardcore Body runes: This is the best experience per hour for standard ironmen. Body talismans drop from hill giants and guards. Combination training Mining in the Al Kharid mine can be more efficient. 1,737,329 essence are needed if exclusively runecrafting body runes from Runecraft 20 to Runecraft 99 Runecraft. Collecting right skull halves and bottoms of sceptre from killing minotaurs and Flesh Crawlers respectively will sustain teleport charges for the skull sceptre, which will speed up Runecraft training.

Ultimate ironman chat badge.png Ultimate ironmen attempting to train Runecraft via crafting body runes can kill minotaurs, catablepons, or ankou for noted essence as well as pieces of the skull scepter cut into bone fragments to recharge a skull scepter. Additionally, after running out of noted essences, law runes for Varrock Teleport or the chronicle will get the player to Varrock to teleport to the Rune Essence Mine.

Tiara (1–99) Tiaras: An alternative method to crafting runes, all tiaras can be made at Runecraft 1 Runecraft. Collecting talisman drops, craft tiaras, then make tiaras at the appropriate altar. Infinite air talismans can also be obtained at the very beginning of the Rune Mysteries quest by drop tricking the air talisman, then requesting a new one from Duke Horacio. Do not progress through the quest if you plan on training via this method otherwise this training method will permanently become unavailable.

Doing air tiara runs with a teammate in a Group ironman chat badge.pngHardcore group ironman chat badge.png Group Ironman team will increase Runecraft experience rates for the runecrafter: One player that hasn't finished Rune Mysteries can drop trick air talismans and bank them in group storage on the 2nd floor[UK]3rd floor[US] of Lumbridge Castle while the runecrafter will collect them from Falador's east bank.

Mind core (2–20) Mind cores: Another way to train Runecraft involves fighting Mind Golems for their mind cores. Mind cores can be used in place of rune essence at the Mind Altar, and act as if the player was carrying ten essence instead of one, meaning each core gives 55 Runecraft experience and ten mind runes. 80 mind cores are needed to get from Level 2 Runecraft to Level 20 Runecraft.

Body core (20–99) Body cores: Another alternative way to train Runecraft is by fighting Body Golems for their body cores. Body cores can be used in place of rune essence at the Body Altar, and give 75 Runecraft experience and ten body runes each. 173,733 body cores are needed if exclusively using this method from Runecraft 20 to Runecraft 99 Runecraft. Having teleport charges for the skull sceptre will speed up the process.

Smithing[edit | edit source]

This is a difficult skill to train, especially for ultimate ironmen. However, in order to have best in slot gear, 89 Smithing is required, with a +1 boost from a Dwarven stout, to smith a rune scimitar.

The Edgeville furnace is the closest free-to-play furnace to a bank. The anvil south of west Varrock bank is the closest anvil to a bank.

For ironmen or players smithing for money, always favour smithing platebodies, then platelegs, then shortswords, then daggers and sell to specialty shops. For ultimate ironmen, this is very slow unless superheating or teleporting from the south-west Varrock mine to Falador's furnace and then back to Varrock each trip.

Group ironman chat badge.pngHardcore group ironman chat badge.png Group ironmen will have a faster time training Smithing and make better equipment for teammates in a shorter amount of time if one player mines ore, another player smelts ore traded to them into bars, and a third player smiths equipment from the bars traded to them from the second teammate. The third teammate (or second teammate if a third teammate does not exist in this team-based training session) will be the one with the high Smithing level to smith better equipment for other teammates.

The Knight's Sword 1–29 The Knight's Sword: Standard and ultimate ironmen: Obtain 2 iron bars by killing dwarves or going to the Wilderness spawn west of the Graveyard of Shadows, it is not worth getting 15 Smithing unless you are a hardcore ironman. In that case, mine copper ore and tin ore in East Lumbridge Swamp mine near the Mining tutor, and smelt the bars in Lumbridge furnace. Purchase a hammer from the Lumbridge General Store and use the rusted anvil nearby until 15 Smithing. Iron ore can then be mined and made into iron bars.

Barronite deposit (14+) Barronite deposits: Requires the completion of Below Ice Mountain. Mining barronite deposit in the Ruins of Camdozaal and smithing them on the Barronite Crusher give 30 Smithing XP each. It is a short distance away from the Camdozaal Mines. Buying the Mining buff from Ramarno's Shard Exchange and one-hour Boosts are recommended.

Iron bar 15–99 Iron bars and iron equipment: This is the fastest method for standard ironmen because iron ore is so quick to mine and each bar requires an average of 2 ores unless you have rings of forging.

Silver bar (20+) Silver bars: Great Crafting experience by making tiaras with a tiara mould.

Steel bar (30+): Superheating steel bars at the Dwarven Mine or Edgeville Dungeon mine then making steel equipment. This is only viable for ultimate ironmen that don't mind using nature runes for superheating. Standard ironmen earn about equal experience with iron Smithing, but don't have to spend nature runes.

Gold bar (40+) Gold bars: For ultimate ironmen, this is good money and decent Smithing and Crafting experience. The best method is to Teleport to Falador from the Crafting Guild.

Superheat Item (50+): Superheating mithril equipment, adamant equipment, or rune equipment is profitable but not efficient for training. Use a staff of fire to reduce spell cost.

All rubies and uncut rubies, save one for an amulet of strength, should be dedicated to making rings of forging. Take a ruby ring and 250 coins to Murky Matt in the south-east corner of the Grand Exchange, selection option 3, to upgrade them all to rings of forging. The cost of this is offset by not losing any iron ore during the smelting process. Each ring of forging smelts 140 iron ore (5 trips of a full inventory of iron ore) before disintegrating. The requirements to make a ruby ring are 34 Crafting, 40 Mining, and 40 Smithing.

Training locations[edit | edit source]

The Edgeville furnace is free-to-play and it is the closest furnace to a bank. The anvils south of the western Varrock bank are the closest anvils to a bank and the Varrock Teleport spell can get the player there quicker. This is not a full list of free-to-play mining locations but a list of viable mining locations for training Mining, Crafting, and/or Smithing.

Locations Rocks Training methods and notes
Al Kharid mine Copper oreTin oreIron oreSilver oreCoalGold oreMithril oreAdamantite ore
  • Smelt bars or craft items at the Al Kharid furnace and bank them, then run back to the mines.
  • There are 3 iron rocks together but the iron rocks are often occupied in many worlds for power mining training, usually making it not a reliable source to mine iron ore from.


  • Good way to train Crafting from mining silver until the Crafting Guild becomes an option.
  • Hop worlds if necessary until silver ore repletes in the rocks.
  • Walk back to Al Kharid after a full inventory, smelt and craft either unstrung symbols (slightly less Crafting experience than tiaras but more profitable) or tiaras (most Crafting experience but halves the profit).
Crafting Guild ClaySilver oreGold ore
  • Requires level 40 Crafting and a brown apron equipped to enter.


  • Bring 7 jugs or buckets (jugs weigh less), mine the rest of the inventory with clay, fill the jugs with water from a nearby sink, soak the clays, fire the soft clays into bowls, and drop the bowls.


  • Mining silver is faster than mining gold.
  • Hop between two worlds (or three worlds if mining ores quickly) when mining silver ore and perhaps stay with one or two worlds for gold ore.
  • Staff of air, law runes, and water runes to teleport to Falador after acquiring a full inventory of silver or gold ore to get back to Falador to smelt and craft items at a faster pace. Then run back to the Crafting Guild.
  • If you want more Crafting experience over Smithing experience, mine silver ore and craft either unstrung symbols (for more profit) or tiaras (for the most Crafting experience).
  • If you want more Smithing experience, less Crafting experience, and more money (if selling), mine gold ore and craft either gold necklaces (less Crafting experience than gold amulet (u) but more profitable) or gold amulet (u) (more Crafting experience but less profit and cannot be sold to Grum's Gold Exchange. unless stringed).
Dwarven Mine ClayCopper oreTin oreIron oreCoalGold ore

Northern Dwarven Mine

  • Mine and Superheat iron ore, smithing iron platebodies at the Dwarven Mines' anvil with a hammer, and dropping them is perhaps the fastest way to train Smithing as a free-to-play ironman but requires a lot of nature runes. Very viable for Ultimate ironman chat badge.png ultimate ironmen trying to get rid of unneeded nature runes.

Southern Dwarven Mine

  • Low levels, beware of scorpions (level 14) and the two King Scorpions (level 32). As long as you are over twice their combat level (29 and 65 respectively), they will not be aggressive.
  • Closest bank from the southern Dwarven Mines is Falador's east bank. There is a staircase east of the southern Dwarven Mines and north-east of Falador.
  • After acquiring an inventory of ore, it's faster to either superheat ore or Falador Teleport and smelt at Falador's furnace than run to the bank and back.
Mining Guild Iron oreCoalMithril oreAdamantite ore
  • Requires level 60 Mining to enter.
  • Due to level requirements, they usually aren't as populated as other iron rock locations, making this a great way to mine iron ore.
  • Closest bank is Falador's east bank. Still, it is faster to Falador Teleport after a full inventory, smelt at Falador's furnace, bank, and return to the Mining Guild.
South Wilderness mine Iron oreCoal
South-east Varrock mine Copper oreTin oreIron ore
South-west Varrock mine ClayTin oreIron oreSilver ore


  • Hop at least between three worlds when mining silver until they replete.
  • If you have a staff of air, law runes, and water runes, you could alternatively teleport to Falador, smelt and craft silver items at Falador's furnace for faster experience, then Chronicle teleport back.

Woodcutting/Firemaking[edit | edit source]

Firemaking is only useful for boosting total level. Woodcutting allows travel by canoe throughout Misthalin to save run energy and time. 12 Woodcutting is required for the log canoe which only travels one stop. The waka canoe, requiring 57 Woodcutting, can bring you to any distance including the Ferox Enclave, which has a Pool of Refreshment to replenish run energy and the Last Man Standing coffer where ultimate ironmen can "bank" their coins in thousands.

A steel axe from Bob's Brilliant Axes or lesser demons is your best option outside of smithing a mithril axe, adamant axe or rune axe at 51, 71, and 86 Smithing respectively. Note that dwarven stout gives a +1 Smithing boost.

Logs 1–15: Normal trees are the only option.

Oak logs 15–40: Oak trees. Because a steel axe is the best non-Smithing option, it's recommended to get more than the level 30 requirement for willows. The best spots are by northern Lumbridge, east and west of Varrock, and north and west of Draynor Village and right outside of the Champions' Guild.

Willow logs 40–99: Willows. Best locations are Draynor Village, Champions' Guild, south of Rimmington, and north of Seth Groats farm. A mithril axe is recommended for further training.

Maple logs (45–99): Maple trees, only accessible in the Corsair Cove Resource Area unlocked by starting The Corsair Curse and completing Dragon Slayer I. Less XP rate than willow trees but more afk-able.

Yew logs (60–99[d 1]): Yew trees may be the most afk-able tree to cut in free-in-play but they are never worth cutting in free-to-play for training woodcutting and firemaking unless if you have access to a rune axe, but experience rate will still be slower than willow and maple.

  1. ^ For Ironman chat badge.pngHardcore ironman chat badge.png non-ultimate ironmen planning on becoming a member: Cut yew trees if you plan on collecting yew logs for later Fletching training. It will take 163,958 yew logs or 81,979 yew logs + bow strings to reach from Fletching 70 to 99 Fletching and you'll be at Woodcutting 99 Woodcutting before reaching the Fletching 99 Fletching goal from yews (72,919 yew logs from Woodcutting 60–99 Woodcutting).

Boosts[edit | edit source]

Item Boost Heals Deboost Notes
Beer inventory image Beer Strength +1–2
Hitpoints 1 Attack 1–6
3 spawns in Barbarian Village longhall
Cabbage (Draynor Manor) inventory image Draynor Manor cabbage Defence +1–2
Hitpoints 1 N/A 7 spawns near Draynor Manor, north of the compost heap
Dwarven stout inventory image Dwarven stout Mining Smithing +1 Hitpoints 1 Attack Defence Strength 2–5
Purchased from Rising Sun Inn
Strength potion inventory image Strength potion Strength +3–12
N/A N/A Trade Apothecary 5 coins, a limpwurt root, and red spiders' eggs
Wizard's mind bomb inventory image Wizard's mind bomb Magic +2–3
Hitpoints 1 Attack Defence Strength 1–5
Purchased from Rising Sun Inn
Energy potion inventory image Energy potion Restores 10% run energy N/A N/A Trade Apothecary 2 limpwurt roots and 1 chocolate dust

Moneymaking methods[edit | edit source]

In addition to the early game moneymaking methods, these are other common methods:

Combat[edit | edit source]

Use combat training and pick up drops, pick up drops in between attacks to be efficient. Profitable monsters include:

FAQ[edit | edit source]

Q: I just started. What should I do?

A: In addition to the early game moneymaking methods, completing quests such as Cook's Assistant, Sheep Shearer, Imp Catcher, Witch's Potion, Vampyre Slayer, Misthalin Mystery, Goblin Diplomacy, The Restless Ghost, and X Marks the Spot are all great early experience.

The quests to be cautious of at low combat level are Demon Slayer, Shield of Arrav (if you choose Black Arm Gang), Vampyre Slayer, Below Ice Mountain, The Corsair Curse, and Dragon Slayer I. The Knight's Sword does involve evading scary Ice giants and warriors, but does not require combat.

Completing The Knight's Sword quest early gives enough Smithing experience to go from Smithing 1 Smithing to Smithing 29 Smithing to allow you to smith iron equipments that would help in early melee combat training but could also be sold to specialty shops or the general store for money.

Completing the Imp Catcher quest will give the player the amulet of accuracy, which is an excellent amulet in the early game with offensive accuracy bonuses, and is easy to obtain compared to every other F2P amulet. It is easiest to go to the southern Falador gate and kill all the imps that spawn there. In contrast to the ease of obtaining an amulet of accuracy, a holy symbol can be made for increased Prayer bonus, requiring Mining 20 Mining, Smithing 20 Smithing, Crafting 16 Crafting, and Prayer 31 Prayer.

The following all require a gold bar, which can be obtained by completing Goblin Diplomacy, Captain Arnav random event, mined and smelted with Mining 40 Mining and Smithing 40 Smithing or Magic 33 Magic to cast Telekinetic Grab on the gold bar in the basement of Varrock West Bank.

  • Amulet of magic requires Crafting 24 Crafting and Magic 7 Magic (5 Magic with +2 boost from wizard's mind bomb), better for training Magic.
  • Amulet of defence requires Crafting 31 Crafting and Magic 27 Magic (25 Magic with +2 boost from wizard's mind bomb), better for taking less damage. Convenient to have if planning on mining iron ore and coal by the skeletons north of Edgeville or burying bones in the Boneyard for Prayer experience.
  • Amulet of strength requires Crafting 50 Crafting and Magic 49 Magic (47 Magic with +2 boost from wizard's mind bomb), better for melee training.
  • Amulet of power requires Crafting 70 Crafting and Magic 57 Magic (54 Magic with +3 boost from wizard's mind bomb), better for melee training (if maximum damage is the same as amulet of strength) and ranged training.

Q: How do I re-acquire the amulet of accuracy if I lose it?

A: Give Wizard Mizgog another set of beads. Imps are commonly found south of Falador. Once you can start crafting better amulets, the amulet of accuracy becomes obsolete and can be thrown away once you can create an amulet of power.

Q: How do I get a mithril/adamant/rune axe or rune scimitar?

A: Smithing: 51, 71, 86, and 90 Smithing are the required levels respectively. Use a dwarven stout for a +1 Smithing boost.

Q: How do I acquire law/nature/cosmic runes?

A: There is a nature rune spawn south-east of Demonic Ruins that must be telegrabbed. There is a cosmic rune spawn in Frozen Waste Plateau by the ice warriors. However, there is no spawn for law runes. As for monsters that drop these runes, from best to worst drop count and drop rate:

Q: Where can I get gems?

A: All gems can be obtained while mining anything at a rare rate, fighting enemies with the gem drop table (ogresses commonly drop gems), or completing certain random events and quests. Sapphire and emerald (cut or uncut) can be bought from the Gem Trader in Al Kharid and sapphire can also be bought (cut or uncut) from Herquin's Gems. Completing Pirate's Treasure rewards a cut emerald. Completing Misthalin Mystery rewards an uncut sapphire, an uncut emerald, and an uncut ruby. The best way to get more rubies or diamonds is by killing ogresses (uncut) or wait for certain random events that reward them including evil twin (uncut), Prison Pete (uncut), Pinball (cut), Quiz Master (cut), Pillory (uncut), Rick Turpentine (uncut), Mysterious Old Man (uncut when given directly), and Certer (uncut).

Q: For Ultimate ironman chat badge.png ultimate ironmen, what should we always have in the inventory?

A: Early game: Law runes, nature runes, coins, and pickaxe. Teleports and Superheat Item are important. Everything else is easily obtainable or should be equipped. Opt to equip ranged equipment at all times as it's relatively light and works for both ranged and melee.

Late game: As levels slow down, more time is spent doing one activity. Clear your inventory and plan ahead to maximise rates, collect coins or runes and then spend them in one go to clear your inventory and keep a light setup for activities like runecrafting, Wilderness training, mining, etc. All free-to-play items are easily obtainable at this point and coins can be safely stored in the Last Man Standing coffer in thousands of coins.

Tips: If you need to free your inventory space but don't want to lose all your items, you can purposely get killed by an NPC to create a deathpile for your items that will last on the ground for 60 minutes, giving you that much time to do activities with a clean inventory but be sure to return to your death location before then to pick up any items you don't want to lose. You can also set items on tables that will stay on the table for 10 minutes before despawning but be aware that they will be visible to all other players after the first minute. Dropping items last on the ground for 3 minutes but will be visible to all other player after the first minute.

Q: What do I spend my money on?

A: With a small excess, one can first go to Diango and purchase a Chronicle (300 coins) and teleport cards (150 coins each) to charge up your Chronicle. Right-clicking on the Chronicle and selecting the 'Teleport Chronicle' option will teleport you just east outside of the Champions' Guild, consuming one charge on your Chronicle. The Chronicle could also be used as a one-click emergency teleport in a dangerous situation; it can be wielded in the shield slot to save an inventory space.

After spending money on the best in slot items (pickaxe/axe/armour/weapon), spend money on arrows and runes. For ultimate ironmen, money is spent clearing inventory and re-obtaining items as needed. If an ultimate ironman is not using their money, they can place their coins in the Last Man Standing coffer in thousands of coins.

With a huge excess, the Edgeville and Ferox Enclave respawn points can be bought for 5,000,000 coins individually and up to 360 additional bank spaces can be purchased from a banker. The Edgeville respawn point is useful for unlocking a runecrafting strategy, requiring Prayer 31 Prayer, running from the Body Altar to the monastery, dying to the Kharid scorpion on the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] and respawning in Edgeville with 100% run energy. The Ferox Enclave has a praying altar, the Pool of Refreshment, minigames, and the Last Man Standing coffer for ultimate ironmen to "bank" coins.

Q: What skill do I put experience lamps in?

A: Smithing to get closer to rune equipment, otherwise Prayer 45 Prayer is needed for Mystic Might, or Runecraft for multiple runes.

Q: Are canoes available in free-to-play?

A: Yes. They are great transportation for saving run energy and quick transportation. An axe can quickly be obtained in Lumbridge from the Woodsman tutor, the tree stump near Seth Groats south of the Champions' Guild canoe station, or one can be bought from Bob's Brilliant Axes.

Q: Any other tips for saving run energy?

A: Keep your weight as close to 0 kg as possible, otherwise use the following transportation if possible:

  • Canoes and teleportation spells are the go-to transportation techniques. Use them when possible.
  • Minigame teleport has a cooldown of 20 minutes. Clan Wars and Last Man Standing bring you to the Ferox Enclave, a safezone in the Wilderness until you leave the barriers of the Ferox Enclave. Castle Wars is used in the same way, as leaving the castle's lobby doors brings you to the Ferox Enclave. It has a bank and a Pool of Refreshment that restores Hitpoints, Prayer points, and run energy. There is also a canoe station next to the teleport spot.
  • Home teleport can be used once every 30 minutes. It does not share the cooldown of the Minigame Teleport. This brings you to your spawning location. The Lumbridge spawn has a nearby bank, a nearby furnace with a rusted anvil for smithing bronze items, a Prayer altar, and canoe station. The Edgeville spawn (costs 5,000,000) has a nearby bank, a nearby furnace (fastest way to smelt ores and craft jewellery from a bank), the canoe station, and not too far away is a prayer altar with +2 Prayer boost to those that have access to the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] of the Edgeville Monastery. There is also a Ferox Enclave spawn (costs 5,000,000) and you may use either home teleport or minigame teleport to teleport there while the other teleport is on cooldown.
  • For Ironman chat badge.png regular ironmen and Ultimate ironman chat badge.png ultimate ironmen without values: If you have nothing of value to lose in your possession, take the advantage of "death" as a form of transportation and energy restoration. If you are lost or far away without energy, getting killed by an NPC or by a player in the wilderness will restore run back to 100% in addition to "teleporting" you back to your respawn point. Especially useful if you want to get back to Lumbridge for free while home teleport is on cooldown.
  • Chronicle: With a surplus of coins, go to Diango in Draynor Village and purchase a Chronicle for 300 coins. It is wieldable in the shield slot to save inventory space. It must be charged with teleport cards from Diango for 150 coins each. It teleports you just east outside of the Champions' Guild, next to a canoe station, and within walking distance of Varrock.
  • Skull Sceptre: For higher combat players, the skull sceptre teleports you to Barbarian Village. A skull sceptre is obtained by assembling one of each of four pieces that are rare drops from monsters in the Stronghold of Security: the right skull half from minotaurs, the bottom of sceptre from flesh crawlers, the top of sceptre from catablepons, and the left skull half from ankou. The skull sceptre is very useful when doing beginner clues.
  • Getting to Port Sarim, Asgarnian Ice Dungeon, Mudskipper Point or Karamja: Home teleport to Lumbridge, run to the Shantay Pass and talk to Shantay. Select 1. What is this place?, then 1. I am definitely an outlaw, prepare to die! If Shantay ends the dialogue prematurely, talk to him again until you see an option for further dialogue. The guards will arrest you, and you will be put in the Shantay Pass jail cell. Shantay will give you the option to stay or paying a fine. Refuse to pay 2. No thanks, you're not having my money., he will give you another chance or be deported to Port Sarim. Select 2. No, do your worst! You will end up in Port Sarim jail. Right-click ("Pick-lock Door") the jail cell door and you will attempt to pick the lock on the jail door until you succeed. The time saved in getting to Port Sarim/Asgarnian Ice Dungeon/Mudskipper Point/Karamja is mimimal unless you are very far away.
  • From Lumbridge to the Crafting Guild or Falador: The fastest way from Lumbridge to the Crafting Guild or Falador is walking unless you have Magic 37 Magic and runes for Teleport to Falador.
  • Agility levels continue to speed up run energy regeneration while being free-to-play, so levels trained while a member will continue to provide a benefit in free-to-play. Run energy regeneration rate increases with every 6 Agility levels, becoming twice as fast at Level 48 Agility, and three times as fast at Level 96 Agility.

Free-to-play to Members and back[edit | edit source]

Q: If I temporarily become a member, what should I do that will help my free-to-play experience after membership expires? Quickest way to obtain a rune axe/kiteshield/scimitar and enchanted amulets?

A: In addition to training Agility to help run energy regeneration rate in free-to-play, which is highly recommended to reduce the time spent walking and/or need of energy potions, you could obtain:

Q: What is a good moneymaking method to do in members before going back to free-to-play?

A: Agility: After obtaining a graceful outfit while training Agility (usually obtained around Agility ~57 Agility from training on Rooftop Agility Courses), continue your Agility training at the Agility Pyramid and you can earn 10,000 coins per lap by giving Simon pyramid tops. By Agility 70 Agility, you'll earn 200,000 gp/hr, and your run restoration rate in both members and free-to-play will more than double. It's possible to obtain the graceful outfit and reach this level within the first week of membership while grinding Agility. Be sure to wear heat-resistant gear, pieces of the graceful outfit, have waterskins, and jugs of wine from Pollnivneach's bar (if under Agility 75 Agility) when doing the Agility Pyramid.

Q: Are there items in members that can be used in free-to-play?

A: Doing Treasure Trails can reward the player many unique items that can be used in free-to-play. The more useful ones to obtain for free-to-play use are rune god armour and gilded dragonhide armour.

Q: I plan on becoming a member for the first time or plan on becoming a member again. What should I do in free-to-play that will benefit membership or save membership time?

A: Complete all free-to-play quests first and train skills in free-to-play until you are satisfied with their levels (recommended levels 40–60+ depending on skill and what you plan to do). Then for Ironman chat badge.pngHardcore ironman chat badge.png non-ultimate ironmen, collect resources (ores, bars, logs, food, etc.) that could be used to train member skills, survive in combat/activities, and save membership time collecting items for members' quests' item requirements.

Q: I plan on challenging Wintertodt in members to Firemaking 99 Firemaking as soon as possible. Should I hold off from training combat skills in free-to-play?

A: If so, it's best that you postpone free-to-play combat training so that you can use good low-tier food (like cakes stolen from the Ardougne market) for Wintertodt while at low Hitpoints. But you can at the very least attack dummies in the building north of Varrock's east bank to Attack 5 Attack (maximum level allowed from dummies is Attack 8 ; no Hitpoints experience is acquired from attacking dummies) to at the very least equip steel axe and steel pickaxe in hand without engaging actual combat. Steel axe is viable enough to chop bruma roots at a good speed.

  • Players with low-level Hitpoints (less than Hitpoints 15 Hitpoints recommended to keep damage low with higher Firemaking levels reducing damage) are able to do Wintertodt solo for the maximum 13,500 points as well as doing Construction training for free by fixing braziers that commonly break when Wintertodt's energy is low. However, as more Hitpoints levels are acquired, it becomes more difficult to do Wintertodt solo for maximum points and Construction experience.
  • Players that have mid-level Hitpoints (less than Hitpoints 50 ) can use mid-tier fish such as trout, salmon, and tuna collected from free-to-play Fishing/Cooking training. Ultimate ironman chat badge.png Ultimate Ironmen can collect noted raw fish from Tempoross, unnote them at the Wintertodt Camp's bank and cook them between rounds.
  • Players that have high-level Hitpoints can use high-tier food such as sharks or unneeded Saradomin potions to restore hitpoints and the Hitpoints cape (Hitpoints 99 ) and regen bracelet will increase health restoration rate. High-levelled Ultimate ironman chat badge.png Ultimate Ironmen are advised to get Fishing 82 Fishing to fish minnows for noted raw sharks.

Q: Should I save my mossy keys for members?

A: Since Bryophyta's essence can be obtained in free-to-play, this is not strictly necessary. The main difference in drops is that Bryophyta drops herbs, seeds and blood runes on members' worlds, but strength potions on free-to-play worlds. Furthermore, Bryophyta's poison only works in members' worlds, meaning you don't need antipoisons in free-to-play. At least one mossy key on members is necessary to complete A Slow Death.

Q: (Ironman chat badge.pngHardcore ironman chat badge.png Non-Ultimate) I have too many different items in the bank (bank space in free-to-play is always 400 less than the bank space in members) and my membership is expiring. What should I do with my excess items?

A: Consider adding a Bank PIN and enable two-factor authentication to add 40 more bank spaces for a total of 440 bank spaces in free-to-play, and additional bank spaces can be purchased from a banker in 40 slots up to 360 extra slots, granting a total of 800 free-to-play bank spaces have but each bank space upgrade is more expensive than the previous. If you have the Construction level to store items in a costume room in your POH or in STASH units, store as many compatible items you can. Drop all useless junk you don't need (see the Wise Old Man in Draynor Village to find junk) and drop/sell/alchemize items that you don't want anymore. Store items into other form of storage (e.g. keys on a steel key ring, fishing and diving equipment in a tackle box, member-only runes in a rune pouch, bolts into a bolt pouch, seeds in the Seed Vault, herbs in a herb sack, etc.).

  • Q: My bank is still overfull, I don't have enough coins to upgrade my bank spaces, and I don't want to get rid of my important member items. What do I do then?
  • A: A method to manage an overfilled bank for free-to-play is to obtain at least one of each free-to-play items you'll be using in free-to-play so they will be bankable in free-to-play, such as coins, ores, metal bars, tools, jewellery, weapons and armour, food and ingredients, etc. Be sure to have two or more of each item before taking one out of the bank and avoid selecting "all" qualities (use "all-but-1" instead). Once all quantities of an item are out of an overfilled bank, they can no longer return to the bank in free-to-play and even if you use placeholders, it will not leave a placeholder for that item while the bank is overfull.
    • As for the items that are difficult to obtain in free-to-play (such as rune axe, kiteshield, scimitar, and the free-to-play items obtainable only in members such as pearl rods), obtain at least two of each item in members so you can freely withdraw and deposit one back in the bank.
    • If you accidentally take all of your coins out an overfilled bank, use the LMS coffer as an alternate coin bank.
  • Q: (Group ironman chat badge.pngHardcore group ironman chat badge.png Group ironmen) Should I use the group storage as an additional bank?
  • A: In addition to their own personal banks, group ironmen have a shared group storage of 80 additional spaces (up to 200 spaces by completing group storage tasks) that they can transfer their items to other teammates. Due to this, use the group storage as a form of an extra bank at your own risk with caution. You must be willing to trust all teammates with the group-banked items that you want to keep, and you must be able to communicate with your team should something go wrong.