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Magic is a useful skill in RuneScape, and especially in free to play, because there is no access to magic tablets, so many teleports are only available by levelling Magic.

Before you begin training[edit | edit source]

Before you can begin training Magic, you'll need what every great mage requires, runes! Every spell requires at least one type of rune, and many spells require three and sometimes even four different types of runes to cast.

At level 1 Magic, you'll only be able to cast Wind Strike, which requires one air rune and one mind rune. With a staff of air equipped, you have access to unlimited air runes, so that you don't need air runes. There are staves for every basic type of rune, these staves are referred to as elemental staves, and will help assist in training Magic and give you unlimited runes for that element.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Some quests give Magic experience on completion.

  • Completion of the Imp Catcher quest will reward the player 875 Magic experience
  • Completion of Witch's Potion will reward 325 Magic experience.

Obtaining runes[edit | edit source]

There are a few ways in which you can get your hands on runes, each method has its perks, though some methods will make gathering them faster.

Crafting runes[edit | edit source]

You may choose to craft your own runes at any of the various runic altars, which is possibly the fastest way aside from buying from another player or from one of the magic shops. Doing so requires rune essence or pure essence, and either a talisman or tiara that is compatible with the specific altar (for example, you may not use a fire talisman or fire tiara on the Air Altar to gain entry into the Air Altar and create air runes, instead you would need an air talisman or air tiara).

Buying from a shop or another player[edit | edit source]

The advantage in this method is that you can generally obtain a large stock of runes much faster than you could by crafting them, though buying runes generally results in spending more gold, and needing more gold to begin training.

Killing monsters[edit | edit source]

Some monsters drop a decent supply of runes, although this method won't be likely to supply enough runes, experience is obtained along the way, and the additional runes should save some money in the long run.

At first it may seem difficult to obtain runes, but with a bit of perseverance you'll be casting powerful spells in no time.

How to train Magic efficiently[edit | edit source]

Level 1–17[edit | edit source]

It's highly recommended to use a staff if possible, because you can cast much more easily by going into combat options, clicking on the spell button, and choosing the spell you wish to autocast, instead of manually clicking the spell each time.

The following equipment is useful for training Magic:

Casting Wind Strike on the cows around Lumbridge is a good way to get a few levels quickly, and also profit from the cowhides that they drop. You can either sell the hides, or tan them at Ellis, the tanner in Al Kharid, and then sell for even more profit, or even use the leather that you obtain from tanning for use in the Crafting skill. A few shrimps or jugs of wine is all you need for healing while you kill cows and collect cowhides. As you level, you will gain access to more spells like Water Strike at level 5, Earth Strike at level 9, and Fire Strike at level 13, which you can use instead of Wind Strike to maximise experience gains.

Alternatively, you can choose to kill something else with a similar combat level, such as goblins, chickens, rats, spiders, or ducks.

Furthermore, if you complete the Imp Catcher quest you can gain 875 magic exp which is enough to go from level 1 to level 8

It's also possible to cast non-offensive spells that do not give Hitpoints experience, like confuse or curse, depending on what sort of account you wish to build.

Level 17+[edit | edit source]

At level 17, you can begin using Wind Bolt, increasing the amount of damage you can do, and may use stronger bolt spells at their respective levels.

Options for further training include:

Level 33+[edit | edit source]

At level 33, you can begin using Telekinetic Grab, allowing you to profit whilst training magic and opens lots of options for magic combat, ranged + magic, and passive training.

  • Hobgoblins can easily be safespotted from the cow field behind the crafting guild. Telegrab the limpwurt roots and nature runes.
  • Wine of zamorak
  • Nature runes in the Wilderness (south-east of the Demonic Ruins). (This is in the wilderness so do not take anything that you cannot replace / are not willing to lose. ) Recommended Method: Take 200 law runes, 200 earth runes, 200 water runes, 200 Chaos runes, 2 nature runes, the rest of inventory fill with jugs of wine, wield air staff, wear wizard hat and robes, monk of zamorak skirt wooden/training or anti-dragon shield and magic amulet. Telegrab both piles of nature runes from the small peninsula then switch worlds, if you are attacked by a player cast bind, then earth bolt, (have wind bolt as your auto attack), then fight or run away and drink wines as needed.
  • Greater demons can be safespotted from near the nature rune spawn, and there are several spots in the Demonic Ruins. Greater Demons drop several Rune and Adamant items. (This is in the wilderness so do not take anything that you cannot replace / are not willing to lose.) Use a similar method to the one above for nature runes but also take 2000+ mind runes and have wind strike as auto attack.
  • The Lesser demon in the Wizards' Tower
  • Coins / Gold bar / Gold Ore / necklaces, beneath the bank in west Varrock. For players buying runes on the Grand Exchange, this is the easiest method for generating a profit from magic training until Level 55, as the Gold Ore can be sold for more than the cost of the runes used for casting. Players can either grab all the items for the fastest exp, or only grab the Gold Ore for the most profit. (Switching Worlds is recommended to avoid waiting out the long respawn time of the items in the vault.)

Stronger yet more rewarding monsters to kill for experience[edit | edit source]

Previous training spots are great for awhile, but you'll maybe want somewhere else to train eventually. There are a few notable places in free to play, that you can kill monsters for experience.

Alternative training methods[edit | edit source]

Cheap methods[edit | edit source]

Splashing Curse[edit | edit source]

Starting at level 19, one could repeatedly splash Curse to gain Magic experience. Casting curse yields 29 experience; approximately 34,000 experience per hour, and a gp/xp of −0.48 when using a staff of earth.

Note: if Curse lands on an enemy, it cannot be cast again on that enemy until the effects wear off. Splashing bypasses this timer, as the spell never landed on the enemy in the first place.

Recommended equipment:

Some monster options for this type of training include:

The locations above are often in use, so it could be worthwhile finding somewhere else that works best for you.

High level Alchemy method[edit | edit source]

At level 55 Magic you can cast High Level Alchemy on various items for 65 magic experience per cast, achieving at most 78,000 experience per hour with nonstop alching. Items that are consistently profitable include green d'hide bodies, mithril platebodies, adamant equipment, rune equipment, and more. Players can always make a profit when high alching by checking a spreadsheet or Grand Exchange Market Watch/Alchemy to see which items currently offer a profit. Keep in mind that some items have a more restrictive limit as to how many you can buy per 4 hours when purchasing them from the Grand Exchange.

Enchanting amulets[edit | edit source]

From level 7 onwards, amulets can be enchanted using enchantment spells, a click intensive training method which gives great experience per hour rates and can also generate profit. By manually clicking the spell and each amulet in the player's inventory, an amulet can be enchanted every 3 ticks, whereas a player using the spell on an amulet once and waiting will automatically enchant all amulets in their inventory much slower, at a rate of one every 7 ticks. When manually clicking, around 1885 or more amulets can be enchanted every hour. Elemental staves can be used to decrease cost when enchanting.

Item Materials Required Material Cost Amulet value Profit / Loss Experience Xp/Hour Gp/Xp
Sapphire amulet.png Sapphire amulet > Amulet of magic 1Cosmic Sapphire amulet.png + staff of water 616 663 47 17.5 33,000 2.69
Emerald amulet.png Emerald amulet > Amulet of defence 1Cosmic Emerald amulet.png + staff of air 858 884 26 37 70,000 0.7
Ruby amulet.png Ruby amulet > Amulet of strength 1Cosmic Ruby amulet.png + staff of fire 1,296 1,325 29 59 111,000 0.49
Diamond amulet.png Diamond amulet > Amulet of power 1Cosmic Diamond amulet.png + staff of earth 2,181 2,059 −122 67 126,000 −1.82

Expensive methods[edit | edit source]

Teleporting[edit | edit source]

Casting teleport spells can be a good way to gain some experience, though it can quickly become expensive. If you do choose this method, start with Varrock Teleport at level 25, move on to Lumbridge Teleport at level 31, and then cast Falador Teleport at level 37. A staff of air is recommended as these teleports all require 3 air runes each cast.

Teleport Leveling
Icon Spell Runes + Staff Suggested Material Cost Experience Xp/Hour Gp/Hour Gp/Xp
Varrock Teleport.png Varrock Teleport 1Fire 1Law + staff of air 147 35 52,500 −220,500 −4.2
Lumbridge Teleport.png Lumbridge Teleport 1Earth 1Law + staff of air 146 41 61,500 −219,000 −3.56
Falador Teleport.png Falador Teleport 1Water 1Law + staff of air 147 48 72,000 −220,500 −3.06

Teleport alchemy[edit | edit source]

Another method involves alchemy and teleportation. To do this method, you will need to cast high alchemy on an item, teleport immediately afterwards, click the high alchemy spell while you are waiting to arrive in the teleport location, and then click the item again as soon as you arrive. This makes sure that you do not lose any potential experience. The recommended teleport location is Falador, which grants the most experience because Falador teleport gives the most experience of any free to play teleport spells.

AFK methods[edit | edit source]

-65 magic attack bonus will allow for you to splash these spells for approximately 20 minutes while being AFK.

AFK Splashing
Icon Spell Runes + Staff Suggested Material Cost Experience Xp/Hour Gp/Hour Gp/Xp
Fire Strike.png Fire Strike 2Air 1Mind + staff of fire 12 11.5 13,700 −14,295.6 −1.04
Fire Bolt.png Fire Bolt 3Air 1Chaos + staff of fire 88 22.5 26,800 −104,834.4 −3.91
Fire Blast.png Fire Blast 4Air 1Death + staff of fire 206 34.5 41,100 −245,407.8 −5.97