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This guide outlines the best methods for training the Smithing skill in free-to-play. There are a few ways to profit with Smithing in free-to-play, such as smelting bars or making rune equipment, however it is more beneficial to simply perform the fastest experience methods and use the saved time to make money from alternative methods.

Experience gained is based off the number of bars used, therefore using larger amounts of bars at once yields the highest experience rates, meaning Smithing platebodies is always the fastest experience.

Efficient training[edit | edit source]

Levels 1-29: The Knight's Sword[edit | edit source]

It is highly recommended to complete The Knight's Sword quest immediately for the reward of 12,725 Smithing experience, enough to level Smithing from 1 to 29.

Levels 1-5: Bronze axes[edit | edit source]

Smith bronze axes to level 5 for 12.5 experience each.

  • Starting experience: 0
  • Experience required: 388
  • Ending experience: 400
  • Bronze bars required: 32
  • Input cost: 7,328
  • Profit: −4,640 coins (−145 each)
  • High alchemy (Magic 55 ) profit: −13,088 coins (−409 each)

Levels 5-9: Bronze scimitars[edit | edit source]

Smith bronze scimitars from levels 5 to 9 for 25 experience each.

  • Starting experience: 400
  • Experience required: 569
  • Ending experience: 575
  • Bronze bars required: 46
  • Input cost: 10,534
  • Profit: −8,257 coins (−359 each)
  • High alchemy (Magic 55 ) profit: −14,444 coins (−628 each)

Levels 9-18: Bronze warhammers[edit | edit source]

Smith bronze warhammers from levels 9 to 18 for 37.5 experience each.

  • Starting experience: 975
  • Experience required: 2,548
  • Ending experience: 2,550
  • Bronze bars required: 204
  • Input cost: 46,716
  • Profit: −42,092 coins (−619 each)
  • High alchemy (Magic 55 ) profit: −57,664 coins (−848 each)

Levels 18/29-33: Bronze platebodies[edit | edit source]

Smith bronze platebodies from level 18 (or 29 if The Knight's Sword has been completed) to 33 for 62.5 experience each.

  • Starting experience: 3,525
  • Experience required: 14,722
  • Ending experience: 14,750
  • Bronze bars required: 1,180
  • Input cost: 270,220
  • Profit: −249,924 coins (−1,059 each)
  • High alchemy (Magic 55 ) profit: −292,168 coins (−1,238 each)

Starting at 29:

  • Starting experience: 12,725
  • Experience required: 5,522
  • Ending experience: 5,562.5
  • Bronze bars required: 445 (299 bars if you are smelting the bars yourself)
  • Input cost: 101,905
  • Profit: −94,251 coins (−1,059 each)
  • High alchemy (Magic 55 ) profit: −110,182 coins (−1,238 each)

Level 33-48: Iron platebodies[edit | edit source]

Smith iron platebodies from levels 33 to 48 for 125 experience each.

  • Starting experience: 18,287.5
  • Experience required: 64,726.5
  • Ending experience: 64,750
  • Iron bars required: 2,590 (1,735 bars if you are smelting[1] the bars yourself)
  • Input cost: 481,740
  • Profit: −430,976 coins (−832 each)
  • High alchemy (Magic 55 ) profit: −405,594 coins (−783 each)

Level 48-68: Steel platebodies[edit | edit source]

Smith steel platebodies from level 48 to 68 for 187.5 experience each.

  • Starting experience: 83,037.5
  • Experience required: 521,994.5
  • Ending experience 522,000
  • Steel bars required: 13,920 (9,491 bars if you are smelting the bars yourself)
  • Input cost: 6,194,400
  • Profit: −3,694,368 coins (−1,327 each)
  • High alchemy (Magic 55 ) profit: −3,379,776 coins (−1,214 each)

Level 68-88: Mithril platebodies[edit | edit source]

Smith mithril platebodies from levels 68 to 88 for 250 experience each. This is about 150,000 to 176,000 experience per hour.

  • Starting experience: 605,037.5
  • Experience required: 3,780,738.5
  • Ending experience: 3,780,750
  • Mithril bars required: 75,615
  • Input cost: 53,459,805
  • Profit: −11,947,170 coins (−790 each)
  • High alchemy (Magic 55 ) profit: −9,134,292 coins (−604 each)

Level 88-98: Adamant platebodies[edit | edit source]

Smith adamant platebodies from levels 88 to 98 for 312.5 experience each. This is about 215,000 experience per hour with the use of energy potions.

  • Starting experience: 4,385,787.5
  • Experience required: 7,419,818.5
  • Ending experience: 7,420,000
  • Adamant bars required: 118,720
  • Input cost: 238,033,600
  • Profit: −12,631,808 coins (−532 each)
  • High alchemy (Magic 55 ) profit: −5,461,120 coins (−230 each)

Level 98-99: Rune equipment[edit | edit source]

Smith rune platebodies for the fastest experience at level 98 for 375 experience each by drinking a dwarven stout for a +1 Smithing boost for one minute. Maintain energy with energy potions.

Alternatively, to save money smith with lower experience rates, smith rune platelegs, rune plateskirts, or rune 2h swords to sell or cast High Alchemy on for profit.

Rune platebody:

  • Starting experience: 11,805,787.5
  • Experience required: 1,228,643.5
  • Runite bars required: 16,385
  • Input cost: 203,714,705
  • Profit: −77,576,421 coins (−23,673 each)
  • High alchemy (Magic 55 ) profit: −76,531,058 coins (−23,354 each)

Other rune items:

  • Rune platelegs
    • profit: 2,632,202 coins (482 each)
    • High alchemy (Magic 55 ) profit: 2,916,174 coins (912 each)
  • Rune plateskirt
    • profit: 2,796,032 coins (512 each)
    • High alchemy (Magic 55 ) profit: 2,916,174 coins (912 each)
  • Rune 2h sword
    • profit: 3,019,933 coins (553 each)
    • High alchemy (Magic 55 ) profit: 2,916,174 coins (912 each)

Alternative methods[edit | edit source]

Smithing and alching[edit | edit source]

When smithing mithril platebodies, adamant platebodies, rune 2h swords, rune plateskirts, or rune platelegs, you can cast High Alchemy on them to profit even more than selling them. Equip a staff of fire with nature runes, a hammer, an inventory space for coins and cast the spell while running back to the bank. Two platebodies can be alchemised when running and 3 when walking. This is a click-intensive method, so alternatively after accumulating many of them, it is possible to AFK alchemise them instead. This will lower Smithing experience rates for more profit and some Magic experience. It is never profitable to buy steel bars, smith a steel platebody, and then cast High Level Alchemy on it.

Alternatively, trade them to an alternate account to alchemise while continuing to smith on the main account to avoid lowering experience per hour.

  • Mithril platebody profit with High Alchemy: −604
  • Adamant platebody profit with High Alchemy: −230
  • Rune 2h sword profit with High Alchemy: 912
  • Rune plateskirt profit with High Alchemy: 912
  • Rune platelegs profit with High Alchemy: 912

AFK Methods[edit | edit source]

Smithing Bars[edit | edit source]

As stated at the start of this guide, if you are just looking to make money or train smithing as fast as possible, it is usually better to train smithing using the faster methods above and use the time saved on faster money makers. However, smelting bars can be a good method for players looking for an AFK method that also generates a profit. Be sure to check the GE before making any bars to make sure you will be making a profit instead of a loss. To use this method, it is recommended that you bank a large number of ores ahead of time: either by purchasing them from the GE, or mining them yourself if you don't have any gold or want the mining experience. Then head to the Edgeville Furnace as it is the closest furnace to a bank in f2p.

At the time of writing, the best option for this method that turns a profit is Silver bars because it only requires 1 ore per bar, giving players 01:25 of AFK time per inventory, and generates approximately 10k XP/hr. Iron bars are also a good option, generating higher profits at the cost of some experience rate; however, iron bars are only profitable if wearing a ring of forging which makes this method slightly less AFK compared to silver bars. At lower levels, Bronze bars are also viable; however, since they require 2 ores per bar, they will only have half the total AFK time.

Levels 14-99: Barronite Deposits[edit | edit source]

Barronite deposits can be mined occasionally from Barronite Rocks in the Camdozaal Mines after completing the quest Below Ice Mountain. Using them on the special Barronite Crusher anvil, near Ramarno, with a hammer yields various rewards, including barronite shards, and 30 Smithing experience. This method generates very slow smithing experience since the deposits are untradeable and must be mined before crushing. If you are also trying to AFK train mining in Camdozaal, crushing deposits can be a good way to generate some additional smithing experience, otherwise it is better to use any of the other methods in this guide.

If using this method, the best technique is to keep a hammer and the highest tier pickaxe you can in your inventory and mine the barronite rocks until your inventory is full. If you have a high enough attack level, wielding your pickaxe will give you an extra inventory slot for a deposit, however it is better to carry a higher tier pickaxe in your inventory than wielding a lower tier one. Once your inventory is full of deposits, head to the Barronite Crusher and crush all of the deposits for the smithing experience. You can drop any items you get from the deposits, or bank them at the bank chest east of Ramarno; however, since barronite shards stack, it is easiest just to leave them in your inventory for the entire session and use them to purchase buffs from Ramarno. The mining and boost buffs will increase your experience rates, and the luck buff will increase the odds of finding rare ancient artifacts when crushing deposits.

Smelting Table[edit | edit source]

This table shows which bars are worth making from ores:

Bar Smithing Level Experience Ore
Input cost GE Price Profit
Bronze bar.png Bronze bar 1 6.2 Tin ore.png×1
Copper ore.png×1
145 229 84
Iron bar.png Iron bar 15 12.5 Iron ore.png×1 93
186 0
Silver bar.png Silver bar 20 13.67 Silver ore.png×1 54 86 32
Steel bar.png Steel bar 30 17.5 Iron ore.png×1
415 445 30
Gold bar.png Gold bar 40 22.5 Gold ore.png×1 327 84 −243
Mithril bar.png Mithril bar 50 30 Mithril ore.png×1
774 707 −67
Adamantite bar.png Adamantite bar 70 37.5 Adamantite ore.png×1
2,074 2,005 −69
Runite bar.png Runite bar 85 50 Runite ore.png×1
12,264 12,433 169
  1. ^ 1.0 1.1 1.2 This is based on using the Ring of forging for smelting, guaranteeing successful smelting of iron.