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This guide outlines the best methods for training the Woodcutting skill in free-to-play.

To optimise your Woodcutting experience gained, it's usually fastest to drop your logs instead of banking, both in terms of time saved not travelling to the bank but also time saved by not having to compete for resources, as Woodcutting locations far away from banks are usually empty. This depends on your ability to quickly drop an entire inventory of logs versus the travel time to and from the nearest bank. Some players may find that when cutting willows for example, with the very close willows to the bank in Draynor Village, it may be faster and less stressful to bank the logs instead of dropping them.

Training Firemaking alongside Woodcutting may be an appealing choice depending on your situation. For players with a Firemaking level below 45 it's usually an efficient use of your time to burn cut logs; however, once you reach a Firemaking level of 45, it is more time efficient to drop/bank your low level logs from training Woodcutting and use the saved time to build up money for maple logs or yew logs instead.

Axes[edit | edit source]

Axes are required to train Woodcutting; they range in quality from bronze to rune. Each tier up has a higher chance to successfully cut a tree and thus it is recommended to always use the highest tier axe available. If the Attack level requirement is met, save an inventory space by equipping the axe.

Item Woodcutting Attack How to obtain GE Price Weight Multiplier
Bronze axe.png Bronze axe 1 1 Bob's Brilliant Axes: 16 89 1.36 kg 1
Iron axe.png Iron axe 1 1 Bob's Brilliant Axes: 56 102 1.36 kg 1.5
Steel axe.png Steel axe 6 5 Bob's Brilliant Axes: 200 76 1.36 kg 2
Black axe.png Black axe 11 10 Reward casket (beginner) 650 1.36 kg 2.25
Mithril axe.png Mithril axe 21 20 Smithing 51 Smithing 104 1.33 kg 2.5
Adamant axe.png Adamant axe 31 30 Smithing 71 Smithing 492 1.587 kg 3
Rune axe.png Rune axe 41 40 Smithing 86 Smithing 7,193 1.36 kg 3.5

Trees[edit | edit source]

Level Logs Tree Exp per log
1 Logs.png Trees 25
15 Oak logs.png Oak trees 37.5
30 Willow logs.png Willow trees 67.5
45 Maple logs.png Maple trees 100
60 Yew logs.png Yew trees 175

Levels 1-99[edit | edit source]

Levels 1-15 – Trees[edit | edit source]

Tree.png Starting Woodcutting requires cutting trees from level 1 to 15, which grant 25 experience per log.

Trees are found all throughout Gielinor. There are large patches of trees south of the Grand Exchange, west of Lumbridge Castle, or outside Draynor Manor.

  • Starting experience - 0
  • Experience required - 2,411
  • Logs required - 97 (2,425 experience)
  • Profit: 1,455 coins

Levels 15-30/60 – Oak Trees[edit | edit source]

Oak.png At level 15, it is recommended to start cutting oak trees, which grant 37.5 experience per log.

Oak trees are found all throughout Gielinor. There are several oak tree spots: there are trees south-west of Varrock west bank, two behind Lumbridge General Store, some south of Falador's southern gates and near Port Sarim, and more east of Rimmington. If banking the logs, it is recommended to use the trees near Varrock west bank. There is also one oak tree just outside Falador west bank and another oak tree near Draynor Village's bank that are both very convenient for banking logs.

  • Starting experience - 2,425
  • Experience needed for 30 - 10,938
  • Oak logs required for 30 - 292 (10,950 experience)
  • Experience needed for 60 - 271,317
  • Oak logs required for 60 - 9,867 (370,012.5 experience)

Levels 30/60-99 – Willow Trees[edit | edit source]

Willow.png At level 30, players can cut willow trees, which grant 67.5 experience per log.

If dropping logs, oak trees are higher experience rates until level 60, however because willow logs are closer to the bank in Draynor Village compared to the oak trees near Varrock west bank, banking oak and willow logs makes the experience rates equal.

Experience rates are about 35% higher than those achieved when cutting maple trees, however maples are a more AFK method.

The best places to chop willow trees are south-west of the bank in Draynor Village, but beware of aggressive dark wizards. If a bank isn't required, or if you are level 3 and don't want the dark wizard attacking you, there are more trees just east of the Rusty Anchor Inn in Port Sarim, with a nearby bank deposit box just south on the docks next to the monks. There are more trees east of Farmer Fred's house in Lumbridge, south of the Port Sarim jail, south-east of Rimmington, and east of the Champions' Guild.

  • Starting experience at 30 - 13,375
  • Experience required from 30 - 13,021,056
  • Willow logs required from 30 - 192,905 (13,021,087.5 experience)
  • Starting experience at 60 - 372,437.5
  • Experience required from 60 - 12,661,993.5
  • Willow logs required from 60 - 187,586 (12,662,055 experience)

3-tick willows with snow[edit | edit source]

Players who have completed a Christmas event and have unlocked the snow globe can attempt to use snow for tick manipulation; this gives a chance to cut a willow log every 3 ticks instead of the normal delay of 4 ticks between receiving logs, increasing experience rates by 33.3%. Find a secluded area where you can cut from two willow trees without moving from a single spot. Then, choose the snow option on the snow globe to drop a pile of snow underneath you; there is a delay of 7 ticks before the snow appears. To 3-tick with snow, on tick 1 click the snow, on tick 2 shift-click to drop a set of willow logs from your inventory, and on tick 3 click the willow tree, and repeat this 3 tick pattern. Because snow lasts only 24 ticks and there must be an empty tick with no snow between snow drops, you have to remember every 25 ticks to click snow on your snow globe. The ideal tick to operate your snow globe for the next pile of snow is on the 18th tick that the current snow is active. The best way to time operating your snow globe every 25 ticks is to create a custom music track or metronome to listen to that plays a sound every 25th beat at 100 beats per minute.

3-tick willows gives one of the highest possible Woodcutting experience rates in free-to-play, capping out at a maximum of 85,000 experience per hour at level 99 Woodcutting.

Willow.png Level WCing XP W/out 3tick WCing XP W/ 3tick
3020,000–28,000[1] 26,600–37,240
40 28,000–35,000[2] 37,240–46,550
60 34,000–45,000 45,220–59,850
80 45,000–56,000[3][4] 59,850–74,480
  1. ^ This is with an adamant axe.
  2. ^ This is with a rune axe.
  3. ^ These values are based from low to high effort and focus.
  4. ^ These xp rates are also presuming you shift drop the logs rather than banking.

Levels 45-99 – Maple Trees[edit | edit source]

Maple tree.png At level 45, players can cut maple trees, which grant 100 experience per log.

Experience rates are about 35% lower than willow trees (when not using tick manipulation), however maples are easier to afk as they take more time to cut therefore allowing a more relaxed style of grinding. At level 80 Woodcutting, it is possible to obtain 36k xp an hour without tick manipulation.

The only place where free-to-play players can cut maple trees is the Corsair Cove Resource Area which has 4 trees and is very far from a bank. It requires completion of Dragon Slayer I to enter. Players must start The Corsair Curse to access Corsair Cove where the resource area is located.

  • Starting experience - 61,558
  • Experience required - 12,972,873
  • Maple logs required - 129,729 (12,972,900 experience)

Other methods (60-99)[edit | edit source]

Levels 60-99 – Yew Trees[edit | edit source]

Yew.png At level 60, players can cut yew trees, which grant 175 experience per log. While yew logs earn profit, it is recommended to cut willow or maple trees for experience and use the time saved to earn money doing other things.

The best place to chop yew trees is south of Edgeville bank, as there are two trees close to a bank and each other. Banking can also be made even faster by swapping to the PvP world to bank whenever your inventory fills, as the free-to-play PvP world has a bank extremely close to the yews. Note that the yews are in a PvP zone, but the bank in the building is a safe zone, so as long as you swap worlds in the safe zone, there's no risk to doing this. The next best location to cut yews is behind the Varrock Palace east of the Grand Exchange, and there are also 3 trees south of Falador East Bank and another 3 between Lumbridge and Draynor.

For more information, see Money making guide/Cutting yew logs (free-to-play).

  • Starting experience - 273,758
  • Experience needed - 12,760,673
  • Yew logs needed - 72,919 (12,760,825 experience)