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This article lists and describes all free-to-play transportation methods that allow to quickly travel between available areas.

Teleportation spells[edit | edit source]

The teleportation spells are available through the standard spellbook. They can be used almost anywhere, except for the area beyond the 20th level of the Wilderness. The caster is teleported after clicking on the appropriate spell icon in the spellbook menu.

Name Cost Requirements Destination Description
Lumbridge Home Teleport inventory imageLumbridge Home Teleport 30 minute cooldown Front of the Lumbridge Castle Has the same destination as the Lumbridge Teleport. Suffers a 30 minute delay between casts. Clicking on the spell icon in the spellbook does not immediately teleport the user. Instead, the caster begins the teleportation animation, which takes 22 ticks (or around 13.2 seconds). The casting can be interrupted by combat.
Varrock Teleport inventory imageVarrock Teleport 3Air 1Fire 1Law Magic 25 The Varrock Square The closest free-to-play teleport to the Grand Exchange. Pretty close to the Varrock West Bank. On the PvP worlds, the teleport destination is not a safe area.
Lumbridge Teleport inventory imageLumbridge Teleport 3Air 1Earth 1Law Magic 31 Front of the Lumbridge Castle As opposed to the Lumbridge Home Teleport, this spell allows for instantaneous teleportation to Lumbridge. On regular worlds, both Varrock and Falador teleport destinations are closer to a bank. However, on the PvP worlds, this teleport destination is a safe area with a bank chest nearby.
Falador Teleport inventory imageFalador Teleport 3Air 1Water 1Law Magic 37 A small square in the Falador city Its destination is notable for being very close to the Falador West Bank. The destination seems to be the closest to a bank out of free-to-play Magic teleportation spells on regular worlds. However, on the PvP worlds the teleport destination area is not only not safe, but also multi-combat, which means the caster can be attacked by multiple players at once. There is no bank chest next to the teleport destination on the PvP worlds. While there is one available in the White Knights' Castle, it is not closer to the destination than the West Bank.

Minigame teleportations[edit | edit source]

Players on free-to-play worlds can use the Grouping interface to teleport to most minigames available for all accounts. By selecting a minigame and clicking the Teleport button, players begin an interruptable animation identical to the Lumbridge Home Teleport and transport to the minigame area after 22 ticks (or around 13.2 seconds). There is a 20 minute delay between subsequent minigame teleportations casts. Note that the delay is not shared with the Lumbridge Home Teleport spell, but it is shared among all available minigame teleports. The minigame teleports cannot be used within the Wilderness (with the exception of the Ferox Enclave area), but can be used anywhere else.

Minigame Destination Notable features Description
Castle Wars inventory imageCastle Wars The Castle Wars lobby Bank chest Notable for being the closest teleportation method to a bank chest on non-PvP worlds. The lobby door within the area can be used to exit to the Ferox Enclave.
Clan Wars inventory imageClan Wars,

Last Man Standing inventory imageLast Man Standing

Ferox Enclave Bank chest, altar, Pool of Refreshment Considered to be among the most useful free-to-play teleports, as the destination is very close to the free-for-all portal of Clan Wars and Pool of Refreshment. By entering and exiting the free-for-all area or using the pool players are instantly healed, their run energy and prayer points are restored, and all of their skill buffs and debuffs are removed. Using them is free, and hence much cheaper than healing with food and restoring energy with energy potions.

The Ferox Enclave also has a bank chest and a banker.

Teleport locations for both of these minigames are identical.

Canoes[edit | edit source]

Canoes can be used to transport between a few stations placed along the River Lum. An axe is required to make a canoe, although it can be dropped or given away before using the canoe. While no canoe station is positioned particularly close to a bank, most stations are in distinct locations that otherwise lack quick travel methods.

The first canoe type can be made at 12 Woodcutting level, although higher level canoes allow to travel through more stations at once, and hence allow to transport much faster. 57 Woodcutting is advised for this method of transportation, as Waka canoe allows to travel to every station in a single step, and is the only one that can be used to travel to the Wilderness stations.

Location Requirements Canoe Description
Near goblin hut in north-eastern Lumbridge Woodcutting 12 Any The closest to Lumbridge respawn point and Lumbridge Teleport destination. Has a bronze axe spawn nearby on the chicken farm north of the station.
South of the Champions' Guild and Varrock Woodcutting 12 Any Can be used to quickly get to Varrock without 25 Magic level necessary to cast Varrock Teleport. Close to the chronicle teleport destination.
East of the Barbarian Village Woodcutting 12 Any Among the fastest ways of getting to the Barbarian Village from Lumbridge.
East of Edgeville, west of the Grand Exchange Woodcutting 12 Any Among the fastest ways of getting to Edgeville and the Grand Exchange from Lumbridge.
Ferox Enclave Woodcutting 57 Waka Takes the players to the Ferox Enclave, which is a safe area within the Wilderness. Notable for access to the free-to-play PvP minigames, Pool of Refreshment and a bank.
Central Wilderness Woodcutting 57 Waka Takes the players through an underground tunnel leading to a tiny lake located at the 35th level of the Wilderness. Notable for being next to multiple moss giant spawns and near the Hobgoblin Mine with as many as 8 adamantite rocks.

Note that there is no station nearby, and you cannot return via a canoe: this is a one-way trip. The destination's level of Wilderness is also considerably higher than 20, which prevents the players from using all free-to-play teleportation methods.

Items[edit | edit source]

Item Charges Recharged with Location Destination Description
Chronicle inventory imageChronicle Up to 1000 Teleport card inventory imageTeleport card Anywhere outside of the Wilderness Back of the Champions' Guild Purchased from the Diango's Toy Store for 300 coins and can be equipped into the shield slot. It is recharged via using Teleport cards, also sold by Diango for 150 coins, on it. Each card adds one charge, but the action consumes every card in the inventory.

The destination is notable for being close to the Champions' Guild, a Canoe station, the South-west Varrock mine and the Dark wizard circle south of Varrock. It is also the fastest way to get to Varrock in free-to-play without Magic levels, with 25 to cast Varrock Teleport.

Skull sceptre inventory imageSkull sceptre Up to 10 Bone fragments inventory imageBone fragments Any Barbarian Village, Stronghold of Security entrance Obtained by combining Right skull half with Left skull half into Strange skull, Bottom of sceptre with Top of sceptre into Runed sceptre, and finally Strange skull and Runed sceptre into a Skull sceptre with 10 charges. All sceptre pieces are dropped by various monsters in the Stronghold of Security. Can be equipped into the weapon slot.

The sceptre has to be imbued by Solztun in order to be recharged. The imbued sceptre can be recharged with bone fragments. Regular sceptres are destroyed after using all charges.

Allows to teleport next to the entrance to the Stronghold of Security. The destination is notable for being the centre of Barbarian Village, which is pretty close to Edgeville. The teleportation can be used up to the 20th level of the Wilderness.

Disk of returning inventory imageDisk of returning N/A Dwarven Mine, Mining Guild Blackhole, Dwarven Mine nearby the general store This midsummer event item allows to teleport into and out of the Blackhole from anywhere within the Dwarven Mine. Exiting the Blackhole always teleports the players into the same location in the Dwarven Mine nearby the general store, as well as the Nurmof's Pickaxe Shop and members-only archery shop.

NPCs[edit | edit source]

NPC Location Destination Description
Chathead image of ShantayShantay Shantay Pass, south of Al Kharid Port Sarim Jail After asking Shantay about his place, claiming to be an outlaw and refusing to pay, players will be thrown to the jail in Port Sarim. While this is the only way to teleport directly to Port Sarim on free-to-play worlds, getting to Shantay Pass can be troublesome in the first place.
Chathead image of Captain TobiasCaptain Tobias Port Sarim docks. Musa Point, Karamja Captain Tobias, along with Seaman Lorris and Seaman Thresnor, allow to travel from Port Sarim to the Musa Point in Karamja for 30 coins. It is worth noting that after Pirate's Treasure quest players can quickly travel with right-click menu option that skips the dialogue.
Chathead image of Customs officerCustoms officer Musa Point, Karamja Port Sarim docks You can talk to the Customs officer to return from Karamja to Port Sarim for 30 coins. Will confiscate any Karamjan rum you have got on you. Pirate's Treasure allows to use right-click travel option that skips the dialogue.
Chathead image of Cabin Boy ColinCabin Boy Colin Rimmington

Corsair Cove

Corsair Cove


Allows to travel to Corsair Cove from a dock near Rimmington and back for free after The Corsair Curse quest. Before completion of the quest, Captain Tock is temporarily in his place.
Chathead image of Count CheckCount Check Lumbridge graveyard Barbarian Village, Stronghold of Security entrance Allows to teleport next to the entrance of Stronghold of Security once. Particularly useful for new players wanting to collect the stronghold rewards.
Chathead image of AuburyAubury Aubury's Rune Shop, Varrock Rune essence mine Aubury and Archmage Sedridor can teleport players to rune essence mine after the Rune Mysteries quest. Leaving the mine teleports players back to the NPC location. Note that Aubury is located much closer to a bank.
Chathead image of Archmage SedridorArchmage Sedridor Wizards' Tower basement Rune essence mine Aubury and Archmage Sedridor can teleport players to rune essence mine after the Rune Mysteries quest. Leaving the mine teleports players back to the NPC location.
Chathead image of NedNed South Port Sarim docks Crandor shore During Dragon Slayer I, Ned allows you to travel to Crandor isle. After the quest, the isle can be accessed through the Crandor and Karamja Dungeon.
Chathead image of Saradominist recruiterSaradominist recruiter Games Zone in the south-western corner of the Grand Exchange Saradomin Castle Wars lobby Saradominist recruiter allows to join the Saradomin lobby of the Castle Wars minigame provided that it is not full.
Chathead image of Zamorakian recruiterZamorakian recruiter Games Zone in the south-western corner of the Grand Exchange Zamorak Castle Wars lobby Zamorakian recruiter allows to join the Zamorak lobby of the Castle Wars minigame provided that it is not full.
Chathead image of SorceressSorceress South-east of Al Kharid South-east of Al Kharid Sorceress can teleport players to the front of her house. Not particularly useful.

Death[edit | edit source]

After players lose all hitpoints outside of safe minigames, they die and immediately reappear at their respawn point. This mechanic can be exploited for transportation, although it is much more viable for players with low hitpoints or defence levels due to the time required to actually die.

It should be noted that regular players keep only 3 most valuable items upon regular death. Skulled players lose all of their items. A single extra item can be kept using Protect Item prayer, regardless of the skull status. Since lost items can be recovered from the graves or Death's Office, this can be exploited to avoid banking. This method is especially useful on the PvP worlds, as other accounts can be used to quickly kill the character. See death mechanics before attempting this method.

Respawn point Requirements Notes
Front of the Lumbridge Castle N/A Default respawn point. Unless death drop mechanics are exploited on purpose to temporarily store lost items, Lumbridge Home Teleport and Lumbridge Teleport might provide a faster way to get to Lumbridge.
Abandoned building in the Edgeville Pay 5,000,000 coins to Krystilia Close to a bank. Although costly to unlock, dying with this respawn point is among the fastest ways to get to Edgeville. Extremely useful for player killers wanting to quickly access the low level Wilderness area after death.
Ferox Enclave, near the pub Pay 5,000,000 coins to Ferox Very close to a banker. Although costly to unlock, it is very useful for player killers wanting to quickly access the Wilderness around the Ferox Enclave after death, as it does not follow the same time limitations as the minigame teleports.

Runic altars[edit | edit source]

Talismans and enchanted tiaras allow to teleport to various Runic altars by entering mysterious ruins throughout the map.

Runic altar Talisman Tiara Mysterious ruins location
Air Altar Air Altar Air talisman inventory imageAir talisman Air tiara inventory imageAir tiara South of Falador
Mind Altar Mind Altar Mind talisman inventory imageMind talisman Mind tiara inventory imageMind tiara Between Ice Mountain and Goblin Village
Water Altar Water Altar Water talisman inventory imageWater talisman Water tiara inventory imageWater tiara Lumbridge Swamp
Earth Altar Earth Altar Earth talisman inventory imageEarth talisman Earth tiara inventory imageEarth tiara North-east of Varrock
Fire Altar Fire Altar Fire talisman inventory imageFire talisman Fire tiara inventory imageFire tiara North of Al Kharid, west of Emir's Arena
Body Altar Body Altar Body talisman inventory imageBody talisman Body tiara inventory imageBody tiara South of the Edgeville Monastery

Stronghold of Security shortcuts[edit | edit source]

Stronghold of Security contains shortcuts that allow the players to advance to the reward rooms, as well as multiple ladders that allow to return to the entry rooms or exit the dungeon altogether.

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

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