Fremennik Fur Trader

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Fremennik Fur Trader is a fur shop owned by the Rellekkan fur trader. It can be accessed by trading the fur trader, who keeps his stock on two stalls in Rellekka marketplace.

Stealing from the stall requires level 35 Thieving and completion of QuestQuest point icon.png The Fremennik Trials to steal from, granting 36 Thieving experience and grey wolf fur. The respawn time is about 10 seconds.

Stock[edit | edit source]

in stock
sold at
bought at
Bear fur.pngBear fur3Coins 5.png 12Coins 5.png 9Coins 100.png 107
Grey wolf fur.pngGrey wolf fur3Coins 25.png 60Coins 25.png 47Coins 5.png 24
Polar kebbit fur.pngPolar kebbit fur0Coins 5.png 12Coins 5.png 9Coins 250.png 501
Common kebbit fur.pngCommon kebbit fur0Coins 5.png 14Coins 5.png 11Coins 250.png 995
Feldip weasel fur.pngFeldip weasel fur0Coins 5.png 16Coins 5.png 13Coins 5.png 5
Desert devil fur.pngDesert devil fur0Coins 5.png 20Coins 5.png 16Coins 250.png 837
Tatty larupia fur.pngTatty larupia fur0Coins 25.png 72Coins 25.png 57Coins 250.png 308
Larupia fur.pngLarupia fur0Coins 25.png 96Coins 25.png 76Coins 250.png 712
Tatty graahk fur.pngTatty graahk fur0Coins 100.png 108Coins 25.png 85Coins 250.png 342
Graahk fur.pngGraahk fur0Coins 100.png 144Coins 100.png 114Coins 250.png 492
Tatty kyatt fur.pngTatty kyatt fur0Coins 100.png 144Coins 100.png 114Coins 250.png 336
Kyatt fur.pngKyatt fur0Coins 100.png 192Coins 100.png 152Coins 1000.png 1,449

Thieving[edit | edit source]

A successful looting attempt will gain the following loot:

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Grey wolf fur.png: Fremennik Fur Trader drops Grey wolf fur with rarity Always in quantity 1Grey wolf fur1Always2430