Frog (Kiss the frog)

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Frog (Kiss the frog, pointy hat) chathead.png
Frog (Kiss the frog, top hat) chathead.png
Frog (Kiss the frog, crown) chathead.png
Frog (Kiss the frog) chathead.png

Frogs come into contact with players through the occurence of the Kiss the frog random event. When spoken to, they simply make a Ribbit sound in contrast to the Frog prince and princess. This NPC only appears when the random event takes place and not outside of it.

Kiss the frog.gif

If the player chooses to kiss the frog with a crown, that frog will turn into a Frog prince (if the player is a female), or a Frog princess (if the player is a male), and the player will receive a Frog token as a reward.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
4 July 2006

The frogs now all wear hats, their colour is slightly brighter.