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Fruit stalls are a type of stall found in the Hosidius farmer's market, near Logava. They can also be found in the Kourend Castle courtyard's south side. In addition, two can be found inside a building just east (with magic trees by its entrance).

In order to steal from the fruit stalls, 15% Hosidius favour and level 25 in Thieving is required. Successfully stealing from the fruit stall grants the player 28.5 Thieving experience and a produce. Strangely, players do not lose Hosidius favour by stealing from fruit stalls.

The fruit stalls (excluding the two found indoors) are guarded by level 44 guard dogs, who will attack the player should they see the player attempting to steal from the stall. This can be avoided by attacking them to lure them between the wooden supports, allowing players to steal safely.

Stealing fruit from a fruit stall is a task in the Easy Kourend & Kebos Diary.

The fruit stall found in front of Logava, with the guard dogs trapped between the wooden supports.

Location[edit | edit source]

Training[edit | edit source]

Fruit Stall (Kourend Castle).png

Stealing from the fruit stalls yields approximately 12,000 Thieving experience per hour, including trips to and from the bank. Utilising baskets to store strawberries, apples, and bananas as well as dropping cheap unwanted fruits (such as redberries, limes, and lemons) will increase experience rates to about 17,000 experience per hour while still banking valuable items. Banking the full baskets, which are common payments for fruit trees, and valuable Golovanova and papaya will make in excess of 350,000 coins per hour profit depending on the current Grand Exchange market prices.

If a player drops all fruits, it is possible to achieve about 34,200 experience per hour. However, if a player loots from both stalls as fast as possible and drops fruit while running between them, you can achieve a rate of 42,750 experience per hour. This is because you can only steal from a single stall once every 5 game ticks, but if you steal from both stalls you will receive XP every 4 game ticks.

Running to the Tool Leprechaun at the allotment farming patch to note your fruits is an alternative. However, Golovanova fruit tops, limes, lemons, and strange fruits cannot be noted so banking is unavoidable.

Note: If you are using Xeric's talisman and charging your own amulets of glory, it may be worth keeping cheaper fruit; banking is extremely fast, and a few fruit will pay for your Lizardman fangs used to charge the talisman. This will decrease your XP per hour slightly but will increase your coins per hour depending on actively traded prices.

Thieving[edit | edit source]

The probabilities in this section are an estimation based on the data of stealing from 1,776 fruit stalls.

A successful looting attempt will gain one the following items:

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Cooking apple.png: Fruit Stall drops Cooking apple with rarity ~38.53% in quantity 1Cooking apple1~38.53%890
Banana.png: Fruit Stall drops Banana with rarity ~16.51% in quantity 1Banana1~16.51%851
Jangerberries.png: Fruit Stall drops Jangerberries with rarity ~9.17% in quantity 1Jangerberries1~9.17%2840
Lemon.png: Fruit Stall drops Lemon with rarity ~8.26% in quantity 1Lemon1~8.26%691
Redberries.png: Fruit Stall drops Redberries with rarity ~7.34% in quantity 1Redberries1~7.34%411
Pineapple.png: Fruit Stall drops Pineapple with rarity ~6.42% in quantity 1Pineapple1~6.42%1421
Lime.png: Fruit Stall drops Lime with rarity ~4.59% in quantity 1Lime1~4.59%341
Strawberry.png: Fruit Stall drops Strawberry with rarity ~3.67% in quantity 1Strawberry1~3.67%19110
Strange fruit.png: Fruit Stall drops Strange fruit with rarity ~2.75% in quantity 1Strange fruit1~2.75%3670
Golovanova fruit top.png: Fruit Stall drops Golovanova fruit top with rarity 2% in quantity 1Golovanova fruit top12%[1]8911
Papaya fruit.png: Fruit Stall drops Papaya fruit with rarity ~0.92% in quantity 1Papaya fruit1~0.92%63738

References[edit | edit source]

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