Fruit tree patch/Patches

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Fruit tree patches[edit | edit source]

Location Gardener Closest teleport Image
Tree Gnome Stronghold Bolongo Bolongo location.png
East of Catherby Ellena Ellena location.png
West of Tree Gnome maze Gileth Gileth location.png
North of Brimhaven
Warning: You are likely to get attacked by level 44 Jungle spiders if your combat is under 89.

Note: You can also use the Charter ships from various locations to Brimhaven for a fee. There is a ship relatively close to the Catherby patch. This option is convenient for players not on the Standard spellbook.

Garth location.png
Lletya Liliwen Teleport crystal Liliwen location.png
Farming Guild

Note: Requires level 85 Farming to enter north wing of the Farming Guild to use

Nikkie Farming Guild Fruit Tree Patch location.png