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A gardening trowel is used in the members only skill Farming. It is used both to fill a plant pot with earth from a weeded patch, and to plant a tree seed into that plant pot to begin the process of growing a tree.

These can be bought from Farming shops, or obtained by trading other players.

Players can withdraw unlimited amounts of gardening trowels from the tool store 5.

The tool leprechaun can store one of these tools for you.

Store locations[edit | edit source]

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in stock
sold at
bought at
Vanessa's Farming shop.Catherby500Coins 5.png 12Coins 5.png 8P2P icon.png
Allanna's Farming ShopFarming Guild3Coins 5.png 12Coins 5.png 7P2P icon.png
Vannah's Farming StallHosidius3Coins 5.png 12Coins 5.png 8P2P icon.png
Branwen's Farming ShopPrifddinas500Coins 5.png 12Coins 5.png 8P2P icon.png
Richard's Farming shop.Hemenster500Coins 5.png 12Coins 5.png 8P2P icon.png
Alice's Farming shop.Farm west of Port Phasmatys500Coins 5.png 12Coins 5.png 8P2P icon.png
Sarah's Farming shop.Farm south of Falador500Coins 5.png 12Coins 5.png 8P2P icon.png
Farming shopsMost farming patchesCoins 5.png 15N/AP2P icon.png
Leprechaun Larry's Farming Supplies.Troll Stronghold2Coins 5.png 15Coins 4.png 4P2P icon.png