Garth (Theatre of Blood)

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Garth is an NPC found by the entrance to the Theatre of Blood. Players speak to him to begin the quest A Taste of Hope.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Garth: Hello there.
  • Player: Can you tell me about this castle?
    • Garth: It's called Ver Sinhaza. They say it was once the home of a Saradominist queen. Now it belongs to Verzik Vitur, a vampyre noble.
    • Garth: Beneath the castle you'll find the Theatre of Blood. Every day, citizens of Meiyerditch take on various challenges set up by Verzik, all the provide entertainment for the vampyres.
    • Garth: The citizens don't need to be forced though. Anyone who survives the Theatre is promised freedom from the vampyres. It provides a little bit of hope in this dark place.
  • Player: Do you know anything about the Myreque?
    • Garth: I do. I'd rather not talk about them though. Those kinds of conversations get you in trouble.
    • Garth: Old Man Ral might be willing to talk to you about them though. He lives in sector one of Meiyerditch, directly west of here.
  • Player: Can you tell me about the Sanguinesti region?
    • Garth: Yep, that's where wee are at the moment. The region is split into two cities, Meiyerditch in the south and Darkmeyer in the north.
    • Garth: Meiyerditch is just one large ghetto. The city is split into sectors so that the vampyres can collect blood tithes on a rotational basis. That way they don't kill everyone off in one go.
    • Garth: Darkmeyer is the vampyre capital. Humans aren't allowed there unless they're a personal slave of some lord or lady. They say the vampyres there live very luxurious lifestyles.
  • Player: What do you know about the vampyres?
    • Garth: Not much really. There seems to be three main types, juveniles, juvinates and vyres.
    • Garth: Juveniles seem to be the lowest form of the vampyre. No one around here knows for sure but the general consensus is that they're former humans who've been converted in some way.
    • Garth: Juvinates are initiated juveniles who've had some training and are starting to gain some powers.
    • Garth: Then you have the vyres. Very nasty and very powerful. I wouldn't get on the wrong side of one if I were you.
  • Player: What do you know about Drakan?
    • Garth: Vanescula?
    • Player: Well, I was referring to the main Drakan, you know, the overlord of Morytania.
    • Garth: Hmm, nothing has been seen of him for many years now. You can occasionally see Vanescula flying about, but not too often.