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This article is about the Lumbridge farmer. For the Jagex Moderator, see Jagex Moderator. For the bear cub, see Bear Cub (Prifddinas).
Gee chathead.png

Gee, along with another farmer Donie, can be found wandering all over Lumbridge, and gives help to new players when asked, such as where to find or start quests and where to train Cooking and combat.

Gee has a very large wander radius, which covers the entire town of Lumbridge, which can make him difficult to locate.

Players can annoy Gee by telling him that his shoelace is untied when it isn't. Players can also ask if they can buy his stick, he claims it is a staff, but then he admits that it is a stick. He says that he is saving up for a powerful staff to buy from Zaff in Varrock. If you are wielding an enchanted staff (fire, air, magic, etc.) you can't ask about his stick.

Should a player ask him how he is, he will comment on the weather, and the player will act confused.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]