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Bolts are the ammunition used by crossbows. Most types of bolts are made using a combination of the Smithing and Fletching skills; the metal component is made with Smithing, and feathers are added with Fletching. Certain special bolts can only be obtained through other methods, such as monster drops or specialist shops.

Different types of bolts can be stored in a bolt pouch to conserve space. Like other Ranged ammunition, bolts can occasionally be left on the ground after firing, able to be picked up by the player.

Types of bolts[edit | edit source]

Normal metal bolts[edit | edit source]

All of the following bolts can be made through the Smithing and Fletching skills, excluding dragon; the unfinished bolts are obtained as a monster drop, and can be finished using feathers. All metal bolts can be poisoned.

Metal Ranged Strength GE Price Members
Bronze bolts inventory image Bronze +10 3 0
Free-to-play icon.png
Blurite bolts inventory image Blurite +28 N/A 1
Member icon.png
Iron bolts inventory image Iron +46 12 1
Member icon.png
Steel bolts inventory image Steel +64 44 1
Member icon.png
Mithril bolts inventory image Mithril +82 46 1
Member icon.png
Adamant bolts inventory image Adamant +100 157 1
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Runite bolts inventory image Runite +115 232 1
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Dragon bolts inventory image Dragon +122 1,540 1
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Gem-tipped and enchanted bolts[edit | edit source]

Metal bolts can be enhanced by adding gem bolt tips, which increases their Ranged Strength bonus. They can be further improved through enchantment, which adds an effect that will occasionally trigger in combat. With the completion of the hard Kandarin Diary, bolts have a 10% increased base chance of activation.

Bolt Ranged Strength GE Price Proc chance Enchantment Other notes
Default Diary
Opal bolts (e) inventory image Opal bolts (e) +14 10 5.0% 5.0% 5.5% 5.5% Lucky Lightning: extra damage.
Jade bolts (e) inventory image Jade bolts (e) +30 N/A 6.0% 6.0% 6.6% 6.6% Earth's fury: chance of knocking the target to the ground. Players with high Agility may resist this.
Pearl bolts (e) inventory image Pearl bolts (e) +48 11 6.0% 6.0% 6.6% 6.6% Sea curse: chance of striking the target with a mighty bolt of water, dealing extra damage. It will deal greater damage against fiery monsters (e.g. Chromatic dragons).
Topaz bolts (e) inventory image Topaz bolts (e) +66 10 4.0% N/A 4.4% N/A Down to earth: chance of lowering the target's Magic level. Only works on another player.
Sapphire bolts (e) inventory image Sapphire bolts (e) +83 31 5.0% Unknown (edit) 5.5% Unknown (edit) Clear mind: chance of lowering the target's Prayer points and giving part of them to the attacker. Only works on other players, or monsters with active prayer shields such as the Phantom Muspah's shielded form.
Emerald bolts (e) inventory image Emerald bolts (e) +85 20 54.0% 55.0%[1] 59.4% 60.5% Magical poison: Chance of poisoning the opponent. Poison damage starts at 5.
Ruby bolts (e) inventory image Ruby bolts (e) +103 181 11.0% 6.0%[1] 12.1% 6.6% Blood forfeit: chance of removing 20% of the target's current Hitpoints, with a cap of 100 damage. This effect costs 10% of the attacker's own current Hitpoints.
Diamond bolts (e) inventory image Diamond bolts (e) +105 250 5.0% 10.0%[1] 5.5% 11.0% Armour piercing: the bolts will negate a sizeable portion of the target's Ranged defence, and the special attack raises the bolts' maximum hit.
Dragonstone bolts (e) Dragonstone bolts (e) +117 447 6.0% 6.0% 6.6% 6.6% Dragon's breath: chance of inflicting a Dragonfire hit against the target. Does not work if the target has protection against dragonfire, or are dragons themselves.
Onyx bolts (e) inventory image Onyx bolts (e) +120 8,701 10.0% 11.0%[1] 11.0% 12.1% Life leech: Chance of doing extra damage and healing the attacker by 25% of the damage dealt. This does not work on the undead, as they have no "life" to leech.

Gem-tipped and enchanted dragon bolts[edit | edit source]

Dragon bolts are the only type of bolt that can accept all available gem bolt tips, excluding amethyst. All variants of enchanted dragon bolts have the same Ranged Strength of +122, but are otherwise identical in function to their inferior enchanted variants.

Bolt Ranged Strength GE Price
Opal dragon bolts (e) inventory image Opal dragon bolts (e) +122 1,741
Jade dragon bolts (e) inventory image Jade dragon bolts (e) +122 987
Pearl dragon bolts (e) inventory image Pearl dragon bolts (e) +122 1,741
Topaz dragon bolts (e) inventory image Topaz dragon bolts (e) +122 1,491
Sapphire dragon bolts (e) inventory image Sapphire dragon bolts (e) +122 1,644
Emerald dragon bolts (e) inventory image Emerald dragon bolts (e) +122 1,175
Ruby dragon bolts (e) inventory image Ruby dragon bolts (e) +122 1,805
Diamond dragon bolts (e) inventory image Diamond dragon bolts (e) +122 1,838
Dragonstone dragon bolts (e) inventory image Dragonstone dragon bolts (e) +122 1,726
Onyx dragon bolts (e) inventory image Onyx dragon bolts (e) +122 9,359

Other player-made bolts[edit | edit source]

Silver bolts are much like other silver items, in that they are crafted using an appropriate mould and a furnace. Silver bolts are the only ranged weapons that can be used effectively against vampyres.

Bolt Ranged Strength GE Price
Silver bolts inventory image Silver +36 7

Kebbit bolts and long kebbit bolts are fletched from kebbit spikes and long kebbit spikes, respectively. They can only be used with the Hunters' crossbow.

Bolt Ranged Strength GE Price
Kebbit bolts inventory image Kebbit +28 198
Long kebbit bolts inventory image Long kebbit +38 1,305

Broad-tipped bolts[edit | edit source]

Unfinished broad bolts can be obtained through Slayer Masters, either via Slayer reward points or with coins. In order to make them usable, the player must have bought the ability to fletch them in the Slayer rewards shop, after which they can add feathers. They are primarily used in the Slayer skill in order to harm creatures such as Turoth and Kurasks, which are resistant to all but a select few weapons that have a certain Slayer requirement. Outside of Slayer, broad bolts are often used as a cheaper alternative to adamant bolts, having the same Ranged Strength.

Bolt Ranged Strength GE Price
Broad bolts inventory image Normal +100 60
Amethyst broad bolts inventory image Amethyst +115 292

Bolts obtained through other means[edit | edit source]

Bolt Ranged Strength GE Price Notes
Barbed bolts inventory image Barbed +12 82 Made from bronze bolts by attaching barb bolttips, purchased in the Ranging Guild using archery tickets.
Bone bolts inventory image Bone +49 7 Bought from Nardok's Bone Weapons shop, are only usable with the Dorgeshuun crossbow.
Bolt rack inventory image Bolt rack +55 59 Obtained from the Barrows minigame or bought from Ak-Haranu, usable only with Karil's crossbow.

Mithril grapple[edit | edit source]

The mithril grapple is used in conjunction with a crossbow to grapple Agility shortcuts and obstacles. They can break when used.

Ammo cost comparison[edit | edit source]

Assumes Rapid Attack Style, with Ava's assembler, attacking continuously.

Bolt Ranged Strength Cost/Hour
Broad bolts inventory image Broad bolts +100 14,400
Runite bolts inventory image Runite bolts +115 55,680
Amethyst broad bolts inventory image Amethyst broad bolts +115 70,080
Diamond bolts (e) inventory image Diamond bolts (e) +105 60,000

References[edit | edit source]

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