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Gem Trader. is a gem shop run by the Gem trader in northern Al Kharid. It is a stall, but cannot be stolen from using the Thieving skill, unlike the gem stalls in Keldagrim, Ardougne, and Mor Ul Rek.

Stock[edit | edit source]

Sells at: 100.0% • Buys at: 70.0% • Change per: 3.0%
in stock
sold at
bought at
Uncut sapphire.pngUncut sapphire1Coins 25.png 25Coins 5.png 17Coins 250.png 408
Uncut emerald.pngUncut emerald1Coins 25.png 50Coins 25.png 35Coins 250.png 659
Uncut ruby.pngUncut ruby0Coins 100.png 100Coins 25.png 70Coins 1000.png 1,291
Uncut diamond.pngUncut diamond0Coins 100.png 200Coins 100.png 140Coins 1000.png 2,491
Sapphire.pngSapphire1Coins 250.png 250Coins 100.png 175Coins 250.png 335
Emerald.pngEmerald1Coins 250.png 500Coins 250.png 350Coins 250.png 532
Ruby.pngRuby0Coins 1000.png 1,000Coins 250.png 700Coins 250.png 972
Diamond.pngDiamond0Coins 1000.png 2,000Coins 1000.png 1,400Coins 1000.png 1,878

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