Get the boot

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Get the boot
Get the boot.jpg Get the boot (unlocked).jpg
Released 24 February 2021 (Update)
Task Equip Fancy Boots or Fighting Boots from Stronghold of Security
Members No
Area Stronghold of Security
Reward None
Diary Steam achievements
Diary master None

Get the boot is a Steam achievement task, which requires the player to Equip Fancy Boots or Fighting Boots from Stronghold of Security in order to be completed. Inexperienced players are recommended to train their combat level to at least Combat level 15 Combat level, since the bottom level of the Stronghold of Security contains many high-level Ankous and ghosts. Visit the Stronghold of Security page itself for maps of the different dungeon levels.

Even though this achievement may not be easily completable for low-level players, it is still recommended to visit the Stronghold of Security at a low level, because it rewards players with the Authenticator enabled on their account to receive 2,000 coins from the first level of the stronghold, which contains no aggressive monsters.

The second and third level of the stronghold do contain aggressive monsters, however because all four levels of the stronghold are Single-way combat, only one monster may attack the player at a time. Because of this, players may simply run past all monsters, eating food when taking any damage. This will reward the player with a further 3,000 and 5,000 coins when finishing each floor's centre.

Finally, the bottom floor features monsters with the highest levels. The Shade and Zombie (Sepulchre of Death) found in the first room are not aggressive, but all other monsters are, so be prepared to react quickly when taking damage.

Low-level players may wish to bring jugs of wine to heal them as a cheap food item, considering it heals 11 hitpoints in one go. The attack-debuffing effect of the drink does not affect the players's defences, making this the ideal high-healing food for low-level players not actively fighting using melee.