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Details[edit | edit source]

Start pointMinimap icon Talk to Velorina in Port Phasmatys. Can use a charter ship for a little over 1k gp in Port Sarim talking to Trader Stan on the southern-most dock. Show on map
Official difficultyIntermediate
DescriptionEast of Canifis is a ghost port. Not meaning that it's deserted. It's full of ghosts! For some reason, they're stuck in Gielinor, but some aren't happy with that. Can you help?
Official lengthMedium
Items required
Enemies to defeat
Ironman concerns
Ultimate ironman chat badge.png Nettle tea and bucket of milk can be combined before the quest starts to save inventory space

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Beginning the quest[edit | edit source]

Items required: ghostspeak amulet, 31 ecto-tokens or buckets, pots, and bones to get them. (**Full completion of The Restless Ghost is required to start the quest**)

Tip: Nettle tea can be made in advance to save time later on.

  • Pray at the Ectofuntus 7 or more times and talk to the Ghost disciple to get enough ecto-tokens for the quest.
    • Bring 8 worth of bones/buckets/pots instead of 7 so you have enough ecto tokens to get back into the city. Otherwise you have to go through Port Phasmatys again.
  • Talk to Velorina inside Port Phasmatys in the house just east of the gates to begin the quest. (Chat 111)
  • Talk to Necrovarus back at the Ectofuntus.
  • Talk to Velorina again. (Chat 1)

Tip: if you need a bowl, buy one from the charter ship before leaving. There is a water source south-east of Fenkenstrain's Castle.

The old crone and some nettle tea[edit | edit source]

Items required: a bucket of milk and nettle tea or the items to make it: A tinderbox, logs, gloves (must be closed-fingered), and a bowl of water (bring extra just in case the water boils over too much).

  • A few steps east of slayer master Mazchna in Canifis is a patch of nettles. Wear your gloves and pick at least five: the nettle water can easily boil over, especially at low cooking levels.
  • Combine the nettle with the bowl of water, and cook it over a fire (there is a dead tree just south-east of the slayer tower). Do not drink the tea.
  • Head north-west to the old crone's house by the water, just east of the Slayer Tower.
  • Talk to the old crone east next to the slayer tower with nettle tea in your inventory. (Chat 1)
  • Put the tea in the porcelain cup and add your bucket of milk to the tea, then talk to the old crone again. (Chat 11)

The book of Haricanto[edit | edit source]

Items required: ghostspeak amulet, model ship, silk, a needle, thread, a knife, three of each primary coloured dye, a spade, ecto-tokens, and food/combat gear to defeat a Giant lobster (level 32)

  • Repair the model ship by using the needle on it. This will use up the silk and a thread.
  • Head to the wrecked ship on the coast north-west of the Ectofuntus and directly north of the farming allotment.
  • Climb up a ladder to the ship deck. Then, climb another ladder to get to the ship quarterdeck.
  • Wait for the wind speed to drop to low, and search the mast multiple times to find out what colour the three components of the flag are.
  • Dye the model ship's flag the right colours, mixing dyes as needed (use the dye on the toy ship and select which part to dye).
  • Head down one level to the ship deck, talk to the Old man. (Chat 3)
  • Use the key on the closed chest inside the captain's quarters to receive the first map scrap.
  • Climb down to the lowest level of the ship and get ready to fight. Search the chests until you are attacked by a giant lobster (level 32). Kill it, then search the chest it came out of to get the second map scrap.
  • Climb back up the ladder and proceed to the north-west side of deck where there is a gangplank you can walk out onto some rocks.
  • Jump along the path of rocks. At the end, there will be another chest with the final map scrap. (Save some run energy as some rocks take 5% energy)
  • Fit all the map pieces together to get a completed treasure map.
The approximate location of the book.
Important: Make sure you have a spade and treasure map in your inventory, or you will not be able to complete the next part and will waste your 25 ecto-tokens.
  • Head back inside Port Phasmatys again, and go south-east onto the docks. Take the small rowing boat to Dragontooth Island which is south-east at the docks.
  • Once there, use the map to find the treasure starting at the statue (or use the image on the right to find it). Dig with your spade, and you will find the book of haricanto.

The translation manual[edit | edit source]

Items required: around 400 coins and an oak longbow.

  • Return to Port Phasmatys.
  • Talk to Ak-Haranu around the docks. (Chat 1)
  • Talk to Robin in the inn. He'll challenge you to a game of Rune-Draw. Beat him four times (in total, does not need to be consecutive) so he owes you 100 coins.
  • He'll give you the signed oak bow to repay the debt.
  • Take it back to Ak-Haranu for the translation manual.

The robes[edit | edit source]

Items required: ghostspeak amulet, bucket of slime (can be purchased during quest)

  • Ask the ghost innkeeper if he has any jobs for you. He'll give you a bedsheet. (Chat 41)
  • Use bucket of slime on the bedsheet to dye it (can be bought from trader crewmembers at the docks to the east) and Wear it.
  • Talk to Gravingas, the ghost activist protesting just inside the town's gate. He'll ask you for 10 signatures. (Chat 1)
  • Ask ghost villagers around town for signatures with the bedsheet equipped. You can alternate between just two ghosts for all the signatures. If one asks you for ecto-tokens, you can ignore them and ask the other, or you can pay if you have tokens to spare.
  • With all 10 signatures, show the petition to Necrovarus.
  • Take the key Necrovarus drops and head upstairs. Use the key on the door and enter the room. Take his robes from the coffin.

Using the spell[edit | edit source]

Items required: mystical robes, book of haricanto, translation manual, and a ghostspeak amulet.

  • Return to the old crone. (Chat 1)
  • Head back to the ectofuntus and talk to Necrovarus. (Chat 1) Once you've spoken to Necrovarus, you will be able to enter Port Phasmatys freely.
  • Enter Port Phasmatys one last time and talk to Velorina.
  • Congratulations, quest complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Ghosts Ahoy reward scroll.png

Required for completing[edit | edit source]