Giant Dwarf (statue)

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Giant Dwarf
Giant Dwarf (King Alvis).png
Released31 May 2005 (Update)
QuestThe Giant Dwarf
ExamineA fine piece of sculpting.
Advanced data
Object ID6173,6174,6175,7032

The Giant Dwarf is a giant statue found just outside Keldagrim. It resides on the River Kelda, just before the Keldagrim Palace. It originally depicts King Alvis, but during The Giant Dwarf, a boatman destroys it under the orders of The Red Axe, and it is rebuilt with the head of a Consortium mining company director of the player's choice.

After The Giant Dwarf quest, players may build a portrait of the original statue in their player-owned house's quest hall with a keldagrim portrait purchased from Sir Renitee.