Gilbert's Colours

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One of the rainbows a player may find while searching for Rainbow strands.

Gilbert's Colours was an event that took place in Old School RuneScape as a promotion of LGBT inclusivity.

Players started the event by speaking to Gilbert, a leprechaun found in the Lumbridge Castle courtyard. Gilbert asked the player to gather six strands of colours from rainbows found throughout Gielinor. Each colour represents a specific meaning based on the rainbow flag in real-life.

Once the player gave Gilbert all six strands, he rewarded players with the rainbow scarf.


Each of the clues refers to the meaning of one of the stripes on the rainbow flag.

Colour Riddle Location Colour meaning
Red rainbow strand.pngRed "South of my magical location, I see life! New adventurers and baldness rife." South of the Wizards' Tower. Life
Orange rainbow strand.pngOrange "Beside me now, a person of healing. Those who test their luck, find this place appealing." East of the Duel Arena bank. Healing
Yellow rainbow strand.pngYellow "On my face; shining sunlight. South of a dwarf whom redberries delight." The southern point of Mudskipper Point. Sunlight
Green rainbow strand.pngGreen "Lush natures and trees are to the east. The Green strand... no orange! No, blue! No, red! Green! Argh! There's so much bickering in this area it's hard to pinpoint its location..." The entrance of the Goblin Village. Nature
Blue rainbow strand.pngBlue "In this area, there's a silent and artistic harmony... Ironically, north-west, wizards kill newcomers effortlessly." In the rams' pen, south of Varrock. Serenity
Purple rainbow strand.pngPurple "The knights in this area, are full of Saradomin's spirit. On the top of this fortress, when I yell - all hear it!" On the top floor of the White Knights' Castle, just upstairs of Sir Amik Varze. Spirit


Gilbert's Colours was an extremely controversial event which received mixed opinions from the Old School RuneScape community. Criticism from dissenting players claimed it was too overtly political and thus out of place and "irrelevant" to the world of Old School RuneScape.[1] Upon announcement of the event on Mod Wolf's Twitter account,[2] it received significant backlash, culminating in offensive and inflammatory in-game protests (dubbed "riots") against the event which received outside media coverage.[3]