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The statue of Glarial, found within Baxtorian Falls.

Queen Glarial was a legendary elven queen of the Fourth Age. She was the wife of King Baxtorian, mother of Eirlys and grandmother of Islwyn. She is mentioned in the Waterfall Quest and Roving Elves quest.

Her tomb is located near the Baxtorian Falls.

History[edit | edit source]

Glarial was the wife of Baxtorian, leader of the Cadarn Clan. When Seren decided to shatter herself at the end of the God Wars to avoid being banished by the Edicts of Guthix, Seren chose Glarial and Baxtorian to lead the elves in the time following her shattering. With Seren gone, Glarial and Baxtorian fulfilled their duty as queen and king of the elves until the elven society had stabilised. Having decided that the elves should no longer live apart from the other races of Gielinor, Baxtorian led some of the elves through the Arandar, where they established a kingdom.

The new elven kingdom prospered under Glarial's and Baxtorian's rule until all communications to Prifddinas in Tirannwn were lost in the late Fourth Age. Baxtorian sent a scouting team of five, but only one returned and could report that Lord Iorwerth had taken over the elven capital. Baxtorian gathered an army and marched back to Tirannwn, leaving Glarial behind to rule. Baxtorian's campaign in Tirannwn was only partially succesful and in the end he had to retreat.

When Baxtorian returned he found his kingdom in ruins and his beloved Glarial kidnapped by unknown enemies. In pure desperation he sent all his soldiers on a mission to rescue her, but his soldiers were lured into a trap and the losses were massive. Assuming the worst a heartbroken Baxtorian isolated himself within the secret caves of Baxtorian Falls and sealed himself away, forever hoping that he'd one day be reunited with his beloved Glarial.

The remaining elves were eventually able to retrieve the remains of Glarial and her ashes were buried in an elaborate tomb with several Moss guardians protecting it. Approximately two centuries later, an adventurer took the her ashes from her tomb and brought them to Baxtorian's home beneath the waterfall. Unbeknowst to the adventurer, the disturbance of her remains caused Glarial's spirit to become restless, so the adventurer returned and consecrated her new resting place with an enchanted consecration seed, so that Glarial could rest in peace once more.