Glistening tear

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Glistening tear
Glistening tear 1.png Glistening tear 2.png Glistening tear 3.png Glistening tear 4.png Glistening tear 5.png
Released18 January 2018 (Update)
Quest itemNo
DestroyYou will have to gather more tears underwater around Fossil Island.
ExamineIn the darkness of sorrow, even a tear shines with hope.
Value40 coins
High alch24 coins
Low alch16 coins
Weight0 kg
Advanced data
Item ID22207
Glistening tear detail.png

Glistening tears are a form of currency found in the Underwater Agility and Thieving training activity, which is located in the underwater section of Fossil Island. They can be obtained by looting chests and clams in the Underwater Agility and Thieving area. Glistening tears are always obtained alongside a mermaid's tear.

Players can only cash in a maximum of 700 glistening tears at once; if players exchange them for experience with more than 700 glistening tears in the inventory, the excess will be discarded. In addition, they cannot be deposited into a bank.

Glistening tears can be traded to Mairin in exchange for experience in one of three ways, which is scaled based on the player's levels:

  • Agility and Thieving - 176.4 Agility and 646.8 Thieving experience per glistening tear if both skills are level 99. At level 99, the estimated experience per hour is 38,800 Agility and 142,300 Thieving experience per hour.
  • Agility - 264.6 Agility experience at level 99 per glistening tear. At level 99, the estimated experience per hour is 58,200.
  • Thieving - 970.2 Thieving experience at level 99 per glistening tear. At level 99, the estimated experience per hour is 213,400.

When choosing Agility and Thieving, the experience granted by each Glistening Tear is defined by the following equations:[1]

Where EA is agility experience, ET is thieving experience, A is agility level, T is thieving level. The experience granted is rounded down to the nearest tenth place. When receiving experience in only one skill, EA or ET is multiplied by 1.5.

The most efficient way of trading glistening tears is selecting both skills. While it gives less experience in an individual skill, its value is higher than training the two skills independently, due to Agility being proportionally slower to train.

Date Changes
16 May 2019

The XP rates for underwater activities (Thieving and Agility) was reduced by 10%, as the rates given were slightly higher than the content was originally polled at.

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ Jagex. Mod Ash's Twitter account. 14 March 2018. (Archived from the original on 29 May 2020.) Mod Ash: "Assuming I'm reading this correctly... If choosing both, you receive A in Agility and T in Thieving where: A = (3 x (Agility * Agility)) / 150 T = (11 x (Thieving * Thieving)) / 150 If choosing just Agility, you get 1.5 x A. If choosing just Thieving, you get 1.5 x T." Note: The data in this tweet is outdated; the 16 May 2019 update to this content on added a times 0.9 to the formulas.