Glouphrie the Untrusted

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Glouphrie the Untrusted was once one of the greatest gnome wizards of the Fourth Age, specialising in illusions. After killing the spirit tree Argento, he left to found the gnomish city of Arposandra.

Under King Healthorg[edit | edit source]

Glouphrie ascertained victory at the Battle of Atarisundri.

During the reign of King Healthorg, a large area of land south of the Gnome Stronghold was to be claimed by the gnomes. A large tribe of goblins also sought to claim the land, and the two soon met in combat. Using his unique brand of magic, he was able to fool the Goblin army into believing that the Gnome army had several battle tortoises which sent the Goblins into a panic, giving the vastly outnumbered Gnomes an easy victory, and securing his place as one of King Healthorg's advisors, along with Hazelmere and Oaknock the Engineer.

Fall from favour[edit | edit source]

King Healthorg dismisses Glouphrie for covering up Argento's death.

Whilst many gnomes were grateful for Glouphrie's part in the Gnomish victory, Oaknock was still distrustful of him. During the 4th Age, there was a silver spirit tree in the Tree Gnome Stronghold called Argento, who had been befriended by Hazelmere. One day however, Hazelmere noticed that the usually friendly Argento was silent, and his aura had vanished. Hazelmere then went to Oaknock, and together, they constructed a machine that would render illusion magic ineffective. Once activated, the machine revealed that Argento had been murdered. As the only one with enough strength to keep the illusion for so long, it became apparent that Glouphrie had hidden the destruction of Argento. Glouphrie was then banished from the Gnome Stronghold by King Healthorg, and so began the Gnomes' distrust of all magic users.