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Gnome Air is a gnomish airline that is the primary overseer and manager of air travel in Gielinor.[1] It uses gnome gliders, first invented by Oaknock the Engineer and his son Yewnock at the beginning of the Fifth Age.[2] Until the arrest of the misanthropic Glough, Gnome Air would only take gnomes, but now they also fly humans.

Whilst Gnome Air dominates long-distance air travel across the globe, Ali Morrisane’s fleet of magic carpets is the main mode of transportation over shorter distances in the desert.[3] When Ali announced his new venture, a PR executive for Gnome Air replied that 'it [would] never take off.'[4] In fact, the gnomes have filed lawsuits against Ali to the Supreme Rune Court, the result of which is not known.[5]

All the current gnome glider pilots are employed by Gnome Air, except Ninto and Daerkin, who are retired, having tested Yewnock’s original prototypes.

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