Gnomish firelighter

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Gnomish firelighter detail.png

The gnomish firelighter is an item that can be obtained from completing medium clue scrolls. It may be charged with any one colour of gnomish firelighters at a time.

While charged, it can be used with any set of standard logs in the same manner as one would use a tinderbox with any other set of logs to produce the same colour of fire as the firelighters it is charged with. One charge is used up for every coloured fire created.

If another colour is desired, one may simply uncharge the firelighter at any time; this will return any unused firelighters and free the device up to be charged with another style of firelighter.

It should be noted that this item does NOT function as a tinderbox when out of charges, and only standard logs may be used to create coloured fires.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There is a portrait of a gnome child on the lid of the gnome firelighter.