Goblin scribe

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Goblin scribe
Goblin scribe.png
Released20 March 2007 (Update)
QuestAnother Slice of H.A.M.
ExamineGood at shorthand.
Advanced data
NPC ID2302
Goblin scribe chathead.png

The Goblin scribe is a cave goblin located in Dorgesh-Kaan.

The goblin scribe spends much of his time in the Dorgesh-Kaan Council Chamber, studying and documenting the definitive history of the Dorgeshuun. His areas of expertise include the founding of Dorgesh-Kaan, the Cave Goblin Civil War, and the events of recent years. He is very proud of the position he holds.

When talked to, the goblin scribe may sometimes ask you questions about the name of certain gods or other cave goblin-related topics. If you answer these, the city's history may be slightly different when he tells it, although this does not necessarily mean it is correct. For instance, he may ask something such as "What was the ancient cave goblin god?" To this you may give an incorrect answer, such as Saradomin or your username.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • As mentioned, the player can help the scribe by contributing historical "facts" for his Magnum Opus. This has one evident analogue in the real world; the user-editable encyclopedia also known as Wikipedia (or similar sites).