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The Goblin symbol book, or A History of the Goblin Race, is part of The Lost Tribe quest. It has some symbols in it that help in the navigation of the maze of tunnels leading to the Dorgeshuun's mine.

It's found in the Varrock Library, and after doing the quest, the book is re-obtainable from a bookcase in a player-owned house, as well as from the Varrock Library, in the north bookcase on the west wall.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

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Drogokishuun symbol.png -Drogokishuun-
Goblins of the
Fierce Blades
Goblins of the
Strong Spears
Dorgeshuun symbol.png
Huzamogaarb symbol.png -Huzamogaarb-
Live-Flesh Eaters
of the Chaos God
Eaters of
Horogothgar symbol.png
Saragorgak symbol.png -Saragorgak-
Footsoldiers of
Holy Wrath
The Flatulent
Yurkolgokh symbol.png