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A gold rock is a rock containing gold ore. A Mining level of 40 or higher is required to mine gold ore from rocks. Mining grants 65 Mining experience for each ore mined. After being mined, a gold rock takes about a minute to respawn.

The Arzinian Mine and Crafting Guild are a couple of ideal places to mine gold.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Agility Pyramid mine5
Al Kharid mine2
Crafting Guild mine7
Dondakan's mine146
Dwarven Mine2
Evil Chicken's Lair mine4
Grand Tree mine4
Karamja Volcano mine4
Keldagrim south-west mine1
Lunar Isle mine7
Mynydd mine10
North Brimhaven mine10
North Crandor mine3
North Mor Ul Rek mine3
Resource Area4
Rimmington mine2
South Brimhaven mine6
South Mor Ul Rek mine7
Trahaearn mine14