Goutweedy lump

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Goutweedy lump
Goutweedy lump.png
Released23 October 2006 (Update)
Quest itemMy Arm's Big Adventure
DestroyThere's probably another one in the cooking pot on Death Plateau.
ExamineA lump that might at some point have been a gout tuber.
Value5 coins
High alch3 coins
Low alch2 coins
Weight0.1 kg
Advanced data
Item ID9901
Goutweedy lump detail.png

The goutweedy lump is a quest item found during the My Arm's Big Adventure quest. At the start of the quest, My Arm the troll asks the player to obtain it from the cauldron at Death Plateau so that he can grow fresh supplies of the herb at the Troll Stronghold.

According to My Arm, a man was cooked by the troll cooks on Death Plateau, Ash and Dung. While searching his trousers they found something that had similar properties to goutweed, but was not goutweed (gout tuber) so they threw it into the cooking pot along with their captive. When he finished cooking and they ate him they discovered that he was flavoured like Goutweed.