Grace's Graceful Clothing

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Grace's Graceful Clothing
Grace's Graceful Clothing.png
Released5 December 2013 (Update)
Minimap iconClothes shop icon.png
LocationRogues' Den (Burthorpe)
SpecialtyClothes shop

Grace's Graceful Clothing is a clothing store owned by Grace, who lives in the Rogues' Den under The Toad and Chicken Inn in Burthorpe. It is the only store that sells graceful outfits, which are bought with marks of grace. Wearing the complete outfit will reduce one's weight by 25 kilograms, as well as increasing one's run energy recharge rate by 30%. The full set costs 260 marks of grace.

The store also sells packs of amylase crystals which are used in Herblore to create stamina potions.

Players may recolour their graceful outfits to one of five different colours by talking to Osten in Shayzien after getting 100% favour in any city in Great Kourend. Each piece of the outfit costs 15 marks of grace, requiring 90 marks of grace to fully recolour an outfit.

Stock[edit | edit source]

Sells at: 100.0% • Buys at: 80.0% • Change per: 0.0%
in stock
sold at
bought at
Run energy
restoration rate
(kg/Mark of grace)
(%/Mark of grace)
Graceful hood.pngGraceful hood1000.6sMark of grace.png 35Mark of grace.png 28-3 kg+3%-0.0860.086
Graceful top.pngGraceful top1000.6sMark of grace.png 55Mark of grace.png 44-5 kg+4%-0.0910.073
Graceful legs.pngGraceful legs1000.6sMark of grace.png 60Mark of grace.png 48-6 kg+4%-0.1000.067
Graceful gloves.pngGraceful gloves1000.6sMark of grace.png 30Mark of grace.png 24-3 kg+3%-0.1000.100
Graceful boots.pngGraceful boots1000.6sMark of grace.png 40Mark of grace.png 32-4 kg+3%-0.1000.075
Graceful cape.pngGraceful cape1000.6sMark of grace.png 40Mark of grace.png 32-4 kg+3%-0.1000.075
Amylase pack.pngAmylase pack10000.6sMark of grace.png 10Mark of grace.png 8N/AN/AN/AN/A

Efficiency[edit | edit source]

As boots of lightness are free to obtain and provide a greater weight reduction than graceful boots, it is recommended that you use those until you own every other piece of graceful. Additionally, the spotted cape or spottier cape can be viable alternatives for the graceful cape, providing the player has the required hunter level and the penance gloves are a glove alternative, even providing a higher weight reduction (-4.5 kg) as compared to the graceful gloves (-3 kg). First buy the legs, hood and top, and then buy the cape, boots and gloves.